Report on USA-UK Showcase

The USA-UK showcase was held August 15-20 in London and Brighton, England under the direction of former Division I head coach Joe Callero and Tom Ward of BTM Tours.

A USA 18U Team (3-1) and a 16U team (4-0) participated, coached by Chase Young from the Seattle Select AAU program.


This report covers the sixteen USA players who played in the event against various English teams.


18U Prospects:

6’8 PF/C Luke Allison of Gig Harbor HS (WA) 2024

Allison is an active combo post man with some strength who is a presence inside. He struggled from foul trouble at times which was mainly due to being (over) aggressive.


He is active on the glass and does a solid job rebounding the ball in his area. He made a significant contribution in this regard.


Alison shows some ability to handle the ball and face-up drive from the higher post area. He moves fairly well without the ball and he has a nice post-up skills on the block. He showed a mini jump hook, an ok spin move and a clever up and under move.


His greatest need at this point would be to increase his athleticism.


6’2 G/W Braxton Gruenich of Kentridge HS, (WA) 2024

Gruenich is a hard-working guard/wing who is the ultimate team guy. His greatest strength is his greatest weakness. He never says anything-he just goes out there and gives his best from start to finish. (Yes he needs to be more vocal but at the same time he is always focused and always willing to do whatever the team needs).


He can shoot the ball ok with 3-point range and he takes good shots. He never forces anything and plays very well within the framework of the team offense. He does need to work on getting his shot off quicker.


Gruenich moves well without the ball and will hurt you if you fall asleep on him. He is comfortable handling and passing the ball and is very unselfish.


He needs to look to go to the basket on the drive more and developing more physical strength would help his cause as well.


6’2 CG Evan Lucas of Athenian HS (CA) 2024

Lucas is a fairly athletic combo guard who can run the floor. He is a long-range marksman who shoots it fairly well with a lot of confidence. He is a very effective at catch and shoot and won’t hesitate to take a shot when the team needs a big bucket.


He is a solid ball handler and a really nice passer who can makes plays for his teammates on a consistent basis.


Lucus has the ability to pull up, both in transition and in a half-court setting. He needs to work on driving more with a quick first step and moving more without the ball. And he needs to be more vocal, especially as a guy who does play some point guard.


He has a pretty good understanding of how to play and his ability to play on or off the ball will be an asset to any team.


5’10 PG Neil Mc Carthy of Post Falls HS (ID) 2024

Mc Carthy is an energetic one-man with a big-time motor. He is coming at you very hard on every play.


He earned the nickname “big shot Neil” because he took and made a ton of big shots in this event. When the money is on the line he wants the ball in his hands. He has a gunslinger mentality and he shoots it (with 3-point range) with a ton of confidence.


Mc Carthy is a good ball handler and passer who sees the floor very well in transition. He pushes the break very aggressively on every possession.


In the half court he has a nice mid-range pull-up and he also shows some ability to drive it and he has an ok floater shot.


He may not be big in height, but he plays VERY big with a lot of heart.


6’7 Ryan Mc Ferran of Jackson HS (WA) 2024

Mc Ferran is a four man with long arms and versatile skill set. He showed a lot of different ways he can impact the game at this event.


He is a decent ball handler and a fairly good passer who is most comfortable playing on the perimeter. He can make plays for himself and his teammates as well.


Mc Ferran is an ok (set) shooter who has 3-point range which stretches the defense (and creates opportunities for cuts in the lane by others). He does show some ability to play inside and is clever around the basket. He probably needs to develop a “go to” move on the block.


He is active on the glass and does a capable job rebounding. He is also a fair shot blocker with his impressive length.


Mc Ferran biggest need is to develop more bulk/strength. This will allow him to play more effectively inside and will help prepare him for the next level.


6’3 CG Ryan Pettis of Serra HS (CA) 2024

Pettis is an athletic combo guard who has a solid all-around performance at this event.


He plays in attack mode and consistently creates opportunities for himself and others, both on the break and in the half court.


Pettis is a solid ball handler and an excellent passer in transition. He has a unique ability to find the open man on the run with “money” passes. He excels in up-tempo and puts a lot of pressure on the defense to convert or pay the penalty. Occasionally he may force it but only because he’s aggressively trying to make a play.


In the half court he has a nice floater drive and an effective pull up shot. He shoots the ball well and has long range.


On the other end he understands help defense and has some ability to make steals. He can rebound the ball as a guard and can go coast to coast if the defense does not stop him.


Pettis has multiple Division I offers and plans to sign in the early period in November.


6’7 Evan Stinson of Cheney HS (WA) 2024

Stinson is a skilled and competitive three man who showed why he has been coveted by many D1 schools. He has a “smorgasbord” of ways he contributes to the team and is not a fun guy to play against.


His offensive skills are most impressive. Other than posting up, he demonstrated higher-level talent in every way on the offensive end. He is a very confident ball handler who goes to the hoop with authority and can finish with contact on the drive.


Stinson shoots the ball well with deep range. He has a lot of confidence and will take the big shot. He does have a tendency to fade at times leaving his shot a little short.


He is very effective in transition, essentially doing it all. He goes very hard on the break and can pull-up or finish equally well as the situation dictates. Most significantly, he is a good passer who sees the floor well and can get teammates the ball.


Stinson is a very good rebounder who will get the board and lead the break consistently well.


He does need to increase his athleticism to help prepare him for the next level. And if he is able to impact the game on defense, he will be a very complete player.


Washington State appears to be the winner of the Evan Stinson sweepstakes (beating numerous

other DI schools).


6’5 CF Aengus Sutherland of Lake Oswego HS (OR) 2024

Sutherland is a highly competitive combo forward who brings a ton of energy to the game. He keeps coming at you on every play and never stops.


By far his best asset is his ability to drive the ball to the basket. He showed that he can finish in transition but he was highly effective in the half court setting breaking down defenders one on one.


Sutherland could use a little polish on his perimeter shot. This will force the defense to come all the way out on him which will give him more and better chances to put it down and go.


He is a capable  rebounder at both ends who is active on the glass. He does a nice job keeping the ball alive on the offensive end for second shot opportunities.


The greatest need for Sutherland is to understand the concept of next play. He has a tendency to let a play that did not go his way affect the next one (instead of moving on).





16U Prospects:

6’6 PF Nate Christy of Gonzaga Prep (WA) 2025

Christy is a long-armed four man (who has a big feet which means he is still growing) with a solid skill set who comes to play and gets a lot of things done.


He is comfortable and capable playing inside or outside and can score from either area. He  is a decent ball handler who can beat the defender on the face-up drive. He shoots it pretty well in the mid-range and ok from downtown. And he is a good passer who is unselfish.


Christy is highly effective in post-up situations. He dribbles operates well on the block and has a nice “hard to guard” jump hook that he uses regularly. And he is a lefty who can use his right hand inside competently.


He moves well without the ball and is able to get scoring opportunities cutting through the paint.


He is active on the glass at both ends and makes significant contributions in this area.


Christy does need to develop some bulk/strength to help him become more physical. This will also impact the attention he receives from coaches at the next level.



6’2 SG Jason Feddema of Enumclaw HS (WA) 2026

Feddema is an active two guard who can really run the floor (and never stops running).


He handles and passes it ok and he has a solid pull-up in the mid-range. He can shoot it ok with range but he has more of a mind set to put it down and go to the hoop.


Feddema does a very nice job of moving without the ball in a half court setting. He plays within himself and never tries to force it. He will seldom make mistakes and is a pretty efficient player.


He makes contributions on the other as a defender and rebounder and is willing to do the “dirty work.” He is a real team guy all the way.


Feddema does needs to be more vocal and also realize he does not need to take a back seat to anyone.


5’11 CG Hudson Floyd of Gonzaga Prep (WA) 2025

Floyd is a very competitive combo guard who was nothing short of spectacular at this event. He was selected as the most valuable player for the 16U division and was most deserving of the award. He also moved up and played for the 18U team (due to foul trouble and injuries) at times and did well in those stints.


He is a real  hustler who makes a ton of effort plays. He is very productive on a consistent basis and maximizes what he has. And he plays with a lot of confidence.


Floyd shoots the ball very well with long range and can hit the big shot when it is winning time.


He is an impressive ball handler and a real good passer who finds the open man consistently. He attacks in transition very aggressively.


In the half court he is an effective penetrator who gets in the lane and makes plays. He has the ability to play on or off the ball effectively.


Floyd has a rare and unique ability to make those around him better. If you look up winner in the dictionary you will likely sees his picture.


6’2 SG Bryant Medford of Rogers HS (WA) 2025

Medford is a two guard who makes contributions to the team  in different ways.


He is a confident shooter who has three-point range. He just needs to develop a quicker release on his shot. But he is not afraid to put it up anytime from anywhere.


He is a good passer who sees the court well. He can find the open man and get him the ball.


Medford works hard on the defensive end. He just needs to avoid the silly foul and stay out of foul trouble. Impressively, he knows and understands help defense and puts himself in the proper position to give help when it is necessary.


His biggest need at this point is to increase his overall athleticism (through a strength and conditioning program).


6’6 CF Austin Palmer of Seaside HS (OR) 2025

Palmer is a combo forward with long arms who does a lot of different things to help the team.


He can and will pass the ball and is very happy to get the assist as a real team guy. He can shoot it some (with range) but just needs to develop a quicker release. And he finds a way to get to the hoop on the drive. He does a nice job moving without the ball as well.


Palmer does a good job coming up with rebounds with his length and his ability to pursue the ball. And he is able to block a shot from time to time (using his length).


He does need to be more vocal on the court. But the most important thing for him is to get his body bigger and stronger and increase his stamina.


6’4 SG Kenyon Simmons of Timberline HS (WA) 2025

Simmons is an athletic and energetic two guard who (with some strength) who had a solid and productive performance.


He has a nice all-around skill set and is a relatively complete player. He does just about  everything a player can do.


He is a uniquely effective rebounder from the guard position. He finds ways to come up with the rebound time after time.


Simmons offensive arsenal was on full display at this event. He can handle the ball and is a good passer. He does a nice job finishing in transition. He moves well without it, shoots it ok with range (his shot could use a little polish) and he has a solid floater. He is aggressive driving to the hoop as well.


Impressively, he also showed the ability to post up. He is able to use size against a smaller player and nail a turnaround shot on the block.


Simmons needs to show more on the defensive end and attack opponents like he does on offense.


He does have a bright future if he continues to push himself and maximize his ability.


6’7 PF Mateen Usui of Murphy HS (WA) 2025

Usui is a long and athletic four man who has the ability to play inside and outside and get a lot of things done.


He can handle the ball and is a very solid face-up driver who gets by defenders consistently and finishes effectively. He shoots the ball pretty well in the mid-range and ok from 3-point land. He’s a good passer who makes the right pass at the right time.


Usui has a diverse set of post up skills. He can dribble operate effectively and he has a solid drop step, a nice spin move and an impressive jump hook.


He is a good rebounder who has the length and athleticism to go get the ball pretty consistently.


He has a clever ability to change shots at the defensive end when the opponent gets in the lane and he comes to help.


Usui needs to be more vocal and develop more strength. But he definitely shows promise looking ahead to the next level.


5’8 PG Caden Young of Roosevelt HS (WA)  2025

Young is a hard-nosed and tough-minded one man who brings it on every play. He is a bona fide hustler.


He is a true point guard but showed some diversity by playing off the ball regularly and effectively in this event.


His ball handling and passing skills are supreme and he is a leader who can run a team. Assists are a big part of his arsenal. And he sees the floor real well in transition.


Young has a unique ability to get wide open and he shoots the ball consistently well with long range. He is very confident and will take and make the big shot.


He is not afraid to attack the basket on the drive despite his lack of size.


He has a high IQ and understands how to play and what a coach wants done.


Any coach would be happy to have Caden Young on his side.