The Post Grad Nationals were held January 27-29 at the Jordan Lawley Center in Irvine, hosted by Future College Prep director Les Bean. Here is a report on the event with prospects that caught our attention. (We are only reporting on the teams we saw play.)


Top Prospects:

6’2 PG Kwinten Crenshaw of Cooper International Academy

One man with some strength and athleticism who impacts the game. Confident ball handler who can run a team and make plays for himself and others. Shows the ability to score and to distribute. Also a solid rebounder from the guard position.


6’0 PG Frankie Evans of LA Premier Prep

Athletic point guard who is very effective on the break. Sees the floor and makes the right pass at the right time. Has a pull-up game and gets to the basket on the drive.


6’10 F/C Joseph Grahovac of Future College Prep

Caught the attention of those in attendance with his all-around play. Has the ability to play/score inside and outside. Can dribble operate on the block and has a solid turnaround shot. Has a nice one-bounce drive from the foul-line area. He’s also a decent shot blocker and rebounder. Late bloomer who shows some promise.


6’9 PF Amar Kadic of Cooper International Academy

Caught scouts/coaches attention with his effort and skills. Plays with enthusiasm and effort on a consistent basis. Solid post-up player with a nice mini jump hook. Also has an ok face-up drive.


6’0 CG Laolu Kalejaye of Middlebrooks Academy

Fairly athletic and plays both guard spots with efficiency. Does a nice job on the break finding the open man and pulling up for himself. Moves fairly well without the ball and can shoot it ok with 3 range in the half court. Very good denial defender on the perimeter.


6’1 PG Higgy Katoa of TMG Prep

Decent athlete with solid all-around skills with a motor that is always running. Can handle and pass it, shoot it fairly well and get to the basket on the drive. Has a solid mid-range pull up and even shows a little ability to post up.


6’0 CG Keyani Lee of Frohlich Prep

Very athletic combo guard who runs really well. Does a real good job finishing in transition and has a great first step on the drive in the half court. Must prove himself as a perimeter shooter.


6’6 G/W Garrett Poelman of Future College Prep

Fair athlete with long arms who drives very hard to the hoop and has the ability to finish. Passes it well and has a mid-range pull up. Capable rebounder as well.


6’8 PF Damarion Pouncil of Middlebrooks Academy

Had an impressive performance at both ends of the court in this event. Athletic four-man who likes to play on the perimeter and score with the drive or the outside shot. Good passer who can find the open man. Very nice shot blocker who can also change some shots on the defensive end. Can rebound the ball at both ends.


6’1 CG Brandon Releford of Frohlich Prep

Athletic combo guard who contributes at both ends of the floor. Handles and passes it well and does a nice job finishing in transition. Pulls up well in the mid-range and can beat the defender on the drive in a half-court setting. Works hard defensively and makes things difficult for his opponent.


6’1 PG Justin Robinson of Westlake Prep (FL)

Athletic one man who can turn on the jets. Solid ball handler and a real nice passer who pushes the break consistently. Shoots it ok with 3-point range and does a nice job penetrating into the lane and making plays.


6’6 G Mac West of LA Premier Prep

Athletic guard with a versatile all-around game. Solid ball handler and a real nice passer who is effective in transition. Finishes well- on the break and in the half court. Also has a mid-range pull up. Can defend and rebound.


6’1 G Makaih Williams of Future College Prep

Real athletic guard who gets a ton of things done on the break and in the half court. Plays in attack mode and comes at the opponent on both ends consistently. Williams has committed to Wyoming.


6’2 Robel Zemmo of Desert Valley Prep (NV)

Athletic combo guard who brings it and gets a lot done. Good ball handler and a real nice passer who sees the floor well on the break. He’s a difficult matchup for the opposition with his ability to score at all three levels (perimeter shot, mid-range pull up, at the rim on the drive). Comfortable on or off the ball and does a nice job moving without it.


Other Prospects To Consider:

6’2 SGB Khemani Davis of LA Premier Prep

Fairly athletic two guard who brings a lot to the table offensively. Real nice passer who can drive it and shoot it with 3-point range.


6’9 PF Gordon Deng of Cooper International Academy

Fairly athletic four man with real long arms who can score. Has a nice face-up drive and shoots it fairly well from the mid range area. Also a capable rebounder.


6’8 PF/C Chilaka Godswill of Westlake Prep (FL)

Big body combo post man with long arms who is a load inside. Has a nice drop step move on the block. He can also face-up drive from the mid-range area.


5’8 PG Maiki Jackson of Frohlich Prep

Strong and fairly athletic point guard. Confident ball handler who has a competent pull-up game and is a good shooter with long range.


6’5 G/W Louis-Auburn Mandar of Desert Valley Prep (NV)

Strong and fairly athletic guard/wing with long arms. Can handle it and gets to the hoop on the drive pretty well. Can shoot it ok with 3-range and is a solid rebounder.


6’3 SG Trevor Manning of Middlebrooks Academy

Two guard with some length and some strength. Capable ball handler who can pull up in the half court and shoots it ok with range.



5’11 PG Dylan Martinez of LA Premier Prep

Solid one man with a nice skill set. He can handle and pass it pretty well, has a good pull-up game and shoots it fairly well with long range. Also has a nice floater and he moves well without the ball.


6’6 SF Marial Mayommalek of Cooper International Academy

Athletic wing with long arms who has a solid all-around game. Ok ball handler who can pass it and has a nice mid-range game. Shows some ability on defense and consistently pursues rebounds.


6’3 SG Faaris Mughal of TMG Prep

Two guard who is a fair athlete with some skills. He has nice ball handing and passing ability and he sees the floor very well. He’s a good 3-point shooter and a capable driver. He does a nice job of moving without the ball.


6’6 PF Uchizi Mwale of TMG Prep

Strong four man with a little lift/athleticism. He can get to the hoop on the one-bounce drive and he can do some damage on the block. Solid rebounder who will pursue the ball.


6’3 SG Peter Obodumu of Cooper International Academy

Fairly athletic two guard. Capable ball handler and passer who can shoot it some with range. Finds a way to come up with rebounds from the guard position.


6’6 SF Thomas Tangle of Westlake Prep (FL)

Athletic three man with long arms who can finish with authority! Can get up and throw it down. Also a capable rebounder.


6’1 CG Khamari Taylor of Desert Valley Prep (NV) (sophomore)

Athletic combo guard who shows a lot of promise. Good passer who finds the open man well. Has a nice floater and a good mid-range game.


6’0 CG Greg Walsh of Future College Prep (Senior)

Combo guard who can run and never stops running. High-level ball handler and passer who is also a good 3-point shooter.


6’3 G Christian Watson of Middlebrooks Academy

Long and athletic combo guard with some versatility. Can play on or off the ball. Has some ability to score and to distribute.


6’9 PF Ryan Weber of Future College Prep (Senior)

Fundamentally sound four man with long arms. Has the ability to play/score inside or outside. He’s an ok face-up driver and a fairly good 3-point shooter. He has a nice mini jump hook on the block. Can rebound the ball in his area.