The first annual Phhacility Exposure Camp was held Saturday and Sunday June 20-21 at the Phhacility in Phoenix. A total of 115 players participated. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects:

6’3 CG Devon Arlington of San Marcos HS (CA) 2022

Arlington is a combo guard who is a good ball handler and a pin-point passer. He is most effective with the ball in his hands but can play off the ball as well. He has a nice pull up game, both in transition and the half court. Arlington shoots it ok (with 3 range) but is a little inconsistent. Impressively, he goes hard to the basket on the drive. He projects to be a mid major prospect.

6’1 PG Nathan Calmese of Mesquite HS 2022

Calmese is a solid point guard who gets things done with the ball in his hand. He has an effective pull-up game in the half court and he shoots it well (with 3 range). Calmese is a consistent penetrator who gets in the lane and makes plays and has shown ability as an on-ball defender. He is a division one prospect with the level to be determined.

6’4 SG Dominic Capriotti of PHH Prep 2022

Capriotti is a competitive two guard who understands how to play. He is a lights-out shooter (with range) who can put the dagger in the opponents back. He can bounce it and moves without the ball fairly well. Capriotti is likely a low plus prospect.

6’10 C Matur Dahl of PHH Prep 2021

Dahl is a five man with long arms who is a little on the thin side and could use some bulk/strength. He shows some skill level with the ball in his hand in the paint: He has an ok one-bounce drive, he can dribble operate on the block and has a solid drop step. Dahl hedges the ball screen well and he can block/change shots at the defensive end. He is a mid major prospect worth higher consideration (likely as a red shirt).

5’9 PG Dominique Daniels of TMG Prep (CA) 2021

Daniels is an athletic one man with solid ball handling and passing skills who does a nice job pushing the ball in transition. He can create for himself as well as his teammates. He can shoot it with long range and he is a consistent driver/penetrator. Daniels is a capable on-ball defender. He is a low major prospect.

5’10 CG Orlando Gonzales of St Mary’s HS 2022

Gonzales had an impressive performance in this event. He’s a combo guard with a nice motor and a diverse skill set. He is an accomplish ball handler and passer who pushes the break on every possession (and can finish well). Gonzales is a confident shooter with 3-range and he has a solid floater. He has a sneaky first step and a nice hesitation move and gets by the defender on a consistent basis. He also does a nice job rebounding from the guard position. Gonzales is a division I prospect at some level with mid major potential.

6’9 C Carter Van Hammond of PHH Prep 2021

Van Hammond is an intriguing prospect who had a nice showing in this event. He’s a five man with long arms who has a nice face-up one-bounce drive. He has a capable post up game with a clever jump hook. Van Hammond can rebound the ball and gives a pretty consistent effort. He is a low plus prospect.

6’4 G/W Brett Hardt Jr of PHH Prep 2021

Hardt is a competitive guard/wing who can play anywhere on the perimeter. He has solid ball handling and passing skills and he can push the break and makes things happen. He has a nice pull up game in the half court. Hardt has a sneaky first step and gets to the basket on the drive. He’s also a solid rebounder. He is a low plus prospect worth a high look.

6’3 CG Andrew King of PHH Prep 2022

King is an energetic combo guard who is a nice all-around scorer. He’s a confident ball handler who passes it well. He has an effective middle game in the half court. King is a solid driver who has a nice floater shot. He is a mid minus prospect.

5’11 PG PJ Volz of Mc Clintock HS 2022

Volz is a one-man with solid ball handler and passing skills. He does a nice job making plays in transition and he has a nice pull-up game in the half court. He’s an effective penetrator who gets in the lane and creates. Volz has low major potential.

6’7 C Mason Mich’l of Desert Oasis HS (NV) 2021

Mich’l had a breakout performance at this event and was one the stand-outs. He is an active five-man who has a nice all-around game offensively. He shoots it fairly well mid range, has a nice jump hook on the block and he can beat the defender on the face-up drive. Mich’l is also a good rebounder. He is now clearly on the division I radar and a probable low plus prospect.

5’9 PG Jayden Morris of Sacramento HS (CA) 2022

Morris is an athletic one man with nice burst. He attacks on the fast break and he’s an excellent passer with the ability to find the open man. In the half court, Morris has a real good first step and a nice hesitation move on the drive. He has a real nice floater in the lane. He is also a solid on-ball defender. Morris is a low major prospect at the point.

6’4 W Kiran Oliver of PHH/Prep 2021

Oliver is a fresh athlete on the wing who can really run and jump. His best asset is his ability to get to the basket on the drive with an impressive first step. He also shows some ability to post up with a nice turnaround shot. Oliver is a solid rebounder who can get to the ball. He is a mid to mid plus prospect who needs to develop his overall skills some.

6’10 C Logan Pohl of PHH Prep 2022

Pohl is a hard-working big man who does a nice job rebounding in his area. He moves ok without the ball and shoots it fairly well mid-range and has a decent post-up game. Pohl is likely a low major prospect.

6’5 SF Jake Ten Berge of PHH Prep 2021

Ten Berge is an active and aggressive three man who goes hard consistently. He can handle the ball and he is clever operating around the basket. He is a nice long-range shooter and a capable rebounder. Ten Berge is a low major prospect.

6’3 SG Shane Thomas of Durango HS (NV) 2022

This event was Thomas coming-out party. He had an outstanding performance. He is a two guard who impacts the game at both ends. He is effective finishing in transition. He moves well without the ball and is a good shooter with 3-point range. Thomas has a motor and works hard at the defensive end. He has been a little below the radar, but in this event he showed he is a mid major prospect.

6’4 SG Ty Ty Washington of AZ Compass Prep 2021

Washington is an impressive all-around scorer who can fill it up in bunches. He handles and passes it well and sees the floor in transition, making plays for himself and others. He scores at all three levels: in the half court finishing on the drive, pulling up in the mid range and shooting it from the perimeter. Washington is being recruited at the high major level with numerous offers.

6’4 CG Tru Washington of Mountain Pointe HS 2023

Washington is a talented combo guard with a bright future. He’s athletic (nice burst) with long arms. He can and will pass the ball (well). He is effective making plays on the break. In the half court he pulls up in the lane effectively and he is a real good driver/penetrator. Washington is a high major prospect.

 Other Prospects to Consider: (*indicates highest consideration for this category)

*6’3 W Billy Barnes of TMG Prep (CA) 2020

Athletic, can handle and pass it, effective in transition, solid driver, can rebound, gets things done.

*6’5 PF Vince Barringer of St. Francis HS (CA) 2022

Ok athlete, capable ball handler, pulls up well half court, fairly good shooter with 3-point range, can rebound.

5’11 PG Damion Byrd III of Slam Academy (NV) 2022

Athletic, can handle it, sees the floor (head up), breaks down the defender one on one, penetrates fairly well.

6’6 PF Evan Coates of PHH Prep 2024

Average athlete, decent ball handler, ok/fairly good shooter with 3-point range, capable rebounder.

*6’7 CP Will Coates of PHH Prep 2022

Average athlete, a little thin, decent ball handler, can pass, can short drive, ok shooter with 3-point range, ok rebounder, does work hard on defense.

6’2 SG Donovan Cox of Linfield Christian HS (CA) 2021

Ok athlete, handles it, good passer, does see the floor, pulls up very well in the half court.

6’4 SG Anthony Flores of Casa Grande HS 2022

Confident ball handler, very nice pull up in the half court, can defend, does compete.

*6’0 CG Isaac Kaps of Highland HS 2023

Fairly athletic, runs real well, has some burst, handles and passes it well, capable transition playmaker, good driver, can rebound.

6’1 PG Derick Kaps of Highland HS 2021

Handles and passes it fairly well, does sees the floor, good driver with a nice first step (goes hard to the hoop).

*6’0 PG Jason Kimbrough of Mountain Pointe HS 2021

Handles and passes it well, solid playmaker in transition, can shoot it, has a nice floater, penetrates well, can defend some.

5’10 PG Jayson Matthews of Grant HS (CA) 2022

Athletic, good ball handler and passer (over dribble a little), can drive-has a very nice hesitation move, has a floater, can defend.

*6’2 SF/PF Malachi Murrell of La Quinta HS (CA) 2022

Ok/fairly good athlete, ok ball handler, can drive, very good rebounder (pursues the ball), solid defender. Plays like Draymon Green.

5’11 PG Isaac Monroe of Peoria HS 2020

Fairly athletic, handles it well, good passer, nice shooter with long range, gets to the basket on the drive.

*6’0 CG Mekhi Morris of Capital Christian HS (CA) 2021

Strong and athletic, nice burst, handles it, good passer, solid transition playmaker, good driver.

5’9 PG Leonard Romayor of Brophy Prep 2023

Ok athlete, good ball handler and passer, effective in transition (can finish), can penetrate.

6’2 G/W Damian Ruiz of Murrieta Valley HS (CA) 2022

Decent athlete, solid ball handler and passer, pulls up half court, ok driver, has range on his shot.

6’2 PG Noah Peterson of Highland HS 2023

Average/fair athlete, can handle (over dribbles a little), has a middle game half court, solid driver, does attack.

5’11 PG Ricardo Sarmiento of PHH Prep 2021

Decent athlete, handles it fairly well, pushes the break, pulls up well in transition and in the half court, fairly good driver.

6’3 CG Miles Sulka of Mountain Pointe HS 2020

Average athlete, can handle it, very good passer, unselfish, fairly good shooter with 3-point range.

6’3 PG Croix Sweeney of Horizon HS 2022

Handles fairly well, good passer, sees the floor, pulls up in the half court, can rebound.

*6’2 CF Jordan Talbert of Cesar Chavez HS 2022

Athletic, ok ball handler, can pass it, pulls up fairly well half court, can short drive, decent (set) shooter, has a floater, does pursue the rebound, hustles.

6’1 PG Kemp Van ES of PHH Prep 2022

Fair athlete, handles it well, very good passer, does see the floor, can run a team, high IQ.

*6’3 PG Damajay Washington of TMG Prep (CA) 2020

Active and athletic, handles and passes it, makes plays in transition, gets to the basket on the drive (nice hesitation move).

6’4 SF Tyson Wheeler of Chandler HS 2023

Ok athlete, capable ball handler, can dribble operate on the block, hustler.

6’2 SG Dylan Woodward of TMG Prep (CA) 2022

Can handle it, fundamentally sound, good rebounder-pursues the ball well, does work hard.

 Names To Note: (*indicates highest consideration for this category)

6’8   C      Matthew Buechner of Chaparral HS 2021

6’5   SF    Timothy Cochrane of Williams Field HS 2021

5’9   PG    Aden DeAguero of Liberty HS 2022

5’11 CG    Jack Ferrence of Lake Mead Christian Academy (NV) 2022

5’10 PG    Riley Fornerette of PHH Prep 2021

5’10 SG    Kaden Garber of Horizon Honors HS 2024

6’4   SF     Nathan Henry of Fraser HS 2021

6’4   SG    Jonah Holiday of Page HS 2021

5’9   CG   Mason Hill of Mountain Pointe HS 2022

*6’0 SG   CJ Lobrigo of Paradise Honors HS 2021

6’4   G/W Trenton Mc Laughlin of Basha HS 2021

6’3   SG    Malcolm Smith of Brophy Prep 2023

6’6   CP    Micah Pierce of PHH Prep 2022

6’0   SG    Joey Pupillo of Chandler Prep 2021

6’1   SF    Keon Talgo of Gilbert Christian HS 2024

*6’3 PF    Jaylen Wesley of Mc Clintock HS 2022

6’4   SF    Tyson Wheeler of Chandler HS 2023