Report on Exposure Spotlight Camp

The Exposure Spotlight Camp presented by Jam On It was held Friday April 29th, 2022, at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects:

6’2 SG Jacob Brown of Mid-Pacific Institution (HI) 2023 (Team 1)

Brown is a long-range bomber who can really fill it up from downtown. He also has a nice floater and he can pull up effectively in transition. He moves well without the ball and will let it fly quickly if he has any freedom.

6’3 CG Aaron Claytor of Iolani HS (HI) 2024 (Team 1)

Claytor is a versatile combo guard who makes plays for himself and others consistently-both on the break and in the half court. He’s a solid ball handler and passer who makes good decisions. And he is capable of scoring from all three levels (perimeter, mid-range, at the rim). He just needs to develop more physical strength. Claytor is transferring to Salesian Prep in Richmond, CA for the 2022-2023 school year.

5’9 PG Cole Hata of Kalani HS (HI) 2024 (Team 3)

Hata is a solid all-around point guard. There’s a lot to his game but his best assets are passing, driving and his mid-range pull-up and a nice floater. His sneaky first step allows him to break down defenders on the drive pretty consistently.

6’2 PG Layden Kauka of Kohala MS (HI) 2026 (Team 4)

Kauka has a nice package for a young point guard: size, some athleticism and some skill. His best asset is his ability to get to the hoop on the drive. He’s a promising prospect who belongs on the radar.

6’2 G/W Ethan Kunz of Kailua HS (HI) 2022 (Team 3)

Kunz is a guard/wing who brings a combination of skills and hustle to the table. He can handle, pass and shoot and he has a nice motor. He is on the thin side and needs to develop more bulk/strength.

5’6 PG Isaac Salvador-Libron of Kohala HS (HI) 2025 (Team 3)

Salvador-Libron is a competitive one man who is a real hustler. He is a better athlete than you might think, and he is able to drive/penetrate consistently and make plays for himself and his teammates. He can also pull up in the mid-range. He does need to show that he can shoot it from the perimeter.

6’2 SF Hunter Marumoto of Maryknoll HS (HI) 2024 (Team 2)

Marumoto brings a nice all-around skill set to the table and he plays in attack mode. He can handle and pass it and he does see the floor well on the break. He is a solid 3-point shooter with a nice floater who pulls up fairly well in the mid-range.

6’1 W Maddox Pong of Kailua MS (HI) 2026 (Team 4)

Pung shows a lot of promise as a young wing man with a versatile game. He handles it ok and he can pull-up in transition. He moves well without the ball and he’s an ok 3-point shooter. He can post up some and he’s a capable rebounder. He’s a little thin and does need to develop physically moving forward.

6’3 PF/SF Pupualil Sepulona of St. Louis HS (HI) 2025 (Team 2)

Sepulona is a man child – big and strong well beyond his years. He is an excellent driver who goes to the hole with authority-very hard and aggressive. He can also post up some using his superior physical prowess and he is also a solid rebounder. Sepulona does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter to help keep the defense honest.

5’10 PG Aidan Takeuchi of Punahou HS (HI) 2024 (Team 4)

Takeuchi is a one-man who is a nice playmaker in transition. He’s a good ball handler and passer who makes pretty good decisions with the ball in his hands. He’s a real nice driver and he shoots it ok from 3-point range.

6’2 SF Christian Togiai of Kamehameha HS (HI) 2024 (Team 4)

Togiai is a wing man with an impressive pull-up game in the mid-range. That is his go-to shot. He also has a capable floater shot and he gets to the basket on the drive. And he can rebound the ball.

5’6 PG Mystique Akina-Watson of Kahuka HS (HI) 2025 (Team 2)

Akina-Watson is an aggressive, hustling one man. He’s fairly athletic, runs well and best of all he competes on every play. His sneaky first steps allows him to beat defenders on the drive. He shoots it fairly well with 3-point range. Little man who plays big…

6’1 SG Justin Yap of Maryknoll HS (HI) 2023 (Team 1)

Yap is a skilled two-guard who showed versatile scoring ability at this event. He’s a confident ball handler who does a nice job pulling up on the break. He shoots the ball fairly with 3 range and he has a solid hesitation move on the drive.

Others to Consider:


5’11 G Michael Barcelona of Moanalua HS (HI) 2024 (Team 1)

-Good passer who shoots it ok (3 range) and is a decent driver.

6’3 SF/PF Cody Gardner of Kamehameha Maui HS (HI) 2025 (Team 2)

-Combo forward with long arms and big feet who is active on the glass and can drive the ball.

6’4 SF Sayler Hsiung of Punahou HS (HI) 2025 (Team 4)

-Has a solid mid-range pull-up and shoots it ok with long range.

5’7 PG Dylan Kobayashi of Kalani HS (HI) 2025 (Team 3)

-Good passer who sees the floor, shoots it well with 3 range and is a decent defender.

6’1 SG Jett Mantz of Waiakea HS (HI) 2022 (Team 2)

-Can handle it, pulls up in transition and has a solid floater.

6’2 W/G Nakui Murphey of Kahuka HS (HI) 2024 (Team 3)

-Shoots it ok with long range and is a solid rebounder.

5’7 PG Tiras Perez of Kailua HA (HI) 2026 (Team 1)

-Hustler who sees the floor well and works hard defensively.

6’2 PF/C Jordon Posiulai of St. Louis HS (HI) 2024 (Team 3)

-Big-body combo postman with a drop step on the block who shoots it ok (3 range) and can rebound.

6’2 F Abraham Ogata of Konawaena HS (HI) 2025 (Team 2)

-Decent post-up player who can rebound the ball consistently.

5’10 SG Josiah Shinbara of Castle HS (HI) 2025 (Team 1)

-Solid ball handler, good passer who finishes ok in transition

6’0 SG Elijah Stietzel of Kailua HS (HI) 2023 (Team 2)

-Capable ball handler and passer who moves well without the ball and gets to the basket on the drive.

5’11 SG Kahler Vendiola of Kahuku HS (HI) 20244 (Team 2)

-Solid driver who is a hard-working defender.

5’3 PG Ezekiel Virtudes of Damien HS (HI) 2025 (Team 2)

-Real nice passer who can make plays in transition and is a solid ball defender.

Names to Note:


5’7 PG Kingston Alagao of Damien HS (HI) 2025 (Team 3)

5’9 SG Laakea Kamahele of Le Jardin Academy (HI) 2026 (Team 3)

6’2 SF Laakea Kauka of Kohala HS (HI) 2022 (Team 4)

5’5 PG William Maiava of Kahuka HS (HI) 2023 (Team 4)

5’11 SG Zachary Pratt of Kamehameha Maui HS (HI) 2025 (Team 4)

5’9 CG Shancin Revuelto of St. Louis HS (HI) 2025 (Team 1)

6’3 G/W Jackson Swirsky of Le Jardin Academy (HI) 2024 (Team 1)