The first annual Boss of |Ball Elite Showcase was held Friday and Saturday June 26-27 at Northwest Sports Hub in Centralia Washington under the direction of former division I head coach Joe Callero and Emerald City Basketball Academy director Jasen Baskett. 80 players from the Northwest participated. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects:

5’11 SG Asjon Anderson of Mt. Tahoma HS (WA) 2022

Anderson is a fairly athletic shooting guard with Deep range. He plays with confidence and believes every shot is going in. He is more of a move without the ball catch and shoot than a shoot off the dribble player. Anderson has a capable first step and can get to the basket on the drive and also shows the ability to finish in transition. He is a good passer and he has a nice floater. He does need some work at the defensive end. |Anderson is a low major prospect at this point.

6’2 PG Maleek Arington of Auburn HS (WA) 2022

Arington is an effective one man who makes things happen. He has polished ball handling and passing skills. He makes plays on the first break pretty consistently. Arington is a solid driver/penetrator with a fairly good first step. He has the ability to create for himself and others. He is a mid/mid plus range prospect (who has received an offer from Washington State).

5’10 PG Julian Agosto of Nathan Hale HS (WA) 2021

Agosto had a solid performance on the first day but suffered an ankle injury at the end and could not return for the second day. But he proved to be a legit Division I prospect with his play. He’s a strong and athletic one man with solid ball handling and passing skills. He does a nice job pushing the fast break and making plays. Agosto has an impressive pull up game in the half court elevating effectively. He’s a good driver with a nice first step and has a clever hesitation move. He also shoots it fairly well with 3-point range. Stay tuned for his ultimate level but he will be a Division I player.

6’3 CG Isaiah Aferwork of Federal Way HS (WA) 2023

Afework is a promising young prospect with a bright future. He’s a fairly athletic combo guard who showed a consistent ability to make plays with the ball in his hands, both in transition and in the half court. Afework is a solid driver/penetrator who gets in the lane to finish or dish it off for an assist. He has mid major potential and he’s also an outstanding baseball prospect and will ultimately have to chose between the two sports.

6’4 G/W Xavier Bailey of Lindberg HS (WA) 2021

Bailey is an athletic guard/wing with a versatile skill set. He’s a confident ball handler who passes it well. He is a pretty consistent shooter who has range and he has a nice floater shot. Bailey does a nice job breaking down defenders and getting to the basket on the drive. He finds his way to the ball on the glass as well. He is a low major prospect worth a higher look.

6’5 CF Jalen Barbee of Franklin Pierce HS (WA) 2021

Barbee is a fairly athletic combo forward who can score on the break (finish well) and in the half court. He is a difficult matchup for bigger guys playing away from the basket beating them on the drive. Barbee has a bit of a slow release, but he can knock down the perimeter shot. And he is clever operating around the basket. He is a low major prospect.

6’4 SG Tre Blassingame of Auburn HS (WA) 2022

Blassingame showed some real promise at this event, and with natural physical maturity the sky is the limit. (He is a little on the thin side and needs some physical development to prepare for the next level). He has a nice all-around skill set and is a pretty consistent scorer. Blassingame can score from all three levels: he has an impressive pull-up game, he finishes on the drive and he is a legit shooter with 3 range. He is a mid plus prospect (who has been offered by Washington State).

6’9 CP Cameron Andre-Covington of Columbia HS (OR) 2021

Andre-Covington is a fairly athletic combo post man who is very intriguing. He has long arms and pretty good hands. He is a little thin and need bulk/strength. Andre-Covington can step outside and stretch the defense and shoot the three. He has an ok one-bounce drive and a drop step move on the block. He is a capable rebounder who has the length to get to the ball. Andre-Coviington does have some upside and is a Division I prospect with the level to be determined.

6’3 SG Chike Ezeonu of Seattle Prep (WA) 2021

Ezeonu is a real athletic two guard with long arms. He has a very impressive pull up game in the half court and he finishes well on the drive. He is a good passer who sees the floor. Ezeonu can shoot it and he has an effective floater. He is a consistent rebounder from the guard position. He is likely a low plus prospect.

5’11 PG Jerry Hayes of Emerald Ridge HS (WA) 2021

Hayes has been a little below the radar but he had a nice showing at this event to help elevate his status. He’s an athletic one man with long arms who has an impressive set of skills. He handles and passes it quite well and he sees the floor in transition, making plays for himself and others. Hayes has a mid-range pull-up game half court, he finishes well on the drive and he’s fairly good long-range shooter. He does pose a lot of problems for the defense. And he is a decent rebounder in spite of his lack of size. Hayes is a low major prospect.

6’1 SG Garrett Long of Wenatchee HS (WA) 2021

Long is a competitive two guard who had a solid performance and put himself on the radar at this event. He comes to play on every possession and maximizes everything he has. He handles it with confidence and makes pretty good decisions. Long is a good shooter with 3 range who takes good shots. He has a nice floater and an effective hesitation drive and he works hard at the defensive end. He proved he is a Division I prospect.

6’0 CG Noah Ogoli of Tualatin HS (OR) 2022

Ogoli is a fairly athletic combo guard who can be termed a “discovery” after this event. He demonstrated a nice set of all-around skills offensively. He is a solid ball handler and passer who sees the floor. He pulls up well in transition and in the half court. Ogoli is a good shooter with long range. He has a pretty good first step and gets to the basket on the drive. He is relatively unknown but he belongs in the Division I radar.

5’5 PG Earl Riley of Franklin HS (WA) 2022

Don’t be fooled by the (lack of) size, Earl Riley is a legit player. He has a complete all-around game and gets a lot done. He’s a real good ball handler and passer who makes plays on the break for himself and others. Riley pulls up and elevates nicely in the half court. He has a real good first step and gets by defenders into the lane consistently. He is a confident shooter with range. He is a solid on-ball defender and he understands help defense away from the ball. Riley is a low major prospect if you do not mind the size.

6’11 C Brody Rowbury of Meridian HS (ID) 2021

Rowbury is a big-bodied five man with a solid offensive game. He can dribble operate on the block and is hard to guard. He has a drop step and a solid no-jump hook. He can step outside and shoot the 3 with a nice touch. Rowbury can rebound the ball in his area. He sees the court and can pass the ball in traffic. He does need to work on getting his body more athletic but he is a low plus Division I prospect who could be considered as a red shirt at a higher level.

6’4 G/W Bradley Swillie of Life Christian HS (WA) 2022

Swillie made a name for himself at this event with a consistently impressive performance. He has nice athleticism and can play any position on the perimeter. He has big feet (size 14) and is not done growing. He plays on or off the ball effectively. Swillie is a handler, passer, driver, fairly good shooter and has a solid pull up game. He lies somewhere in the mid major range as a prospect.

6’3 CF Jeremiah Wright of Lynden Christian HS (WA) 2024

It is always rewarding when you have a opportunity to “discover” a new prospect. That was the case with Jeremiah Wright at this event. He is a skilled combo forward who looks and plays way

beyond his age. He’s a capable ball handler who has a pull up game in the court. Wright moves ok without the ball and shoots it fairly well in the mid range. He can rebound the ball on a pretty consistent basis. It is very early in the process, but Wright looks to be a mid major prospect.

6’10 CP Jonah Zeller of Catlin-Gable HS (OR) 2021

Zeller is a combo postman who is a bit raw but has some skill level and a nice upside. He has good hands and long arms and runs the floor pretty well. He moves ok without the ball and he can pass it. Impressively, Zeller shows a variety of post-up moves. He can dribble operate on the block and he has a drop step, jump hook and a turnaround shot. He can also step out to the perimeter and shoot the 3-pointer. He does an ok job of pursuing the rebound. Zeller is a probable low major prospect but is worth a higher look.

Others To Consider: (*indicated highest consideration for this category)

*5’9 PG Edward Brown of Emerald Ridge HS (WA) 2021

Athletic, handles and passes it well, solid transition playmaker, pulls up fairly well half court, penetrates well-has a nice first step.

6’2 PG Kyle Carlesimo of Seattle Prep (WA) 2021

Solid ball handler, attacks on the break, pulls up ok in transition and half court, moves well without the ball, fairly good shooter with 3-point range, can run a team.

5’8 PG Braxton Dizon of Fife HS (WA) 2023

Fairly athletic, handles and passes it well, capable driver with a solid hesitation move.

6’5 SF Jackson Dorsey of Wilson HS (WA) 2022

Fairly good athlete, long arms, can handle it, has an ok floater, solid dribble operate jump hook.

6’5 SF Colin Eversole of Kentlake HS (WA) 2022

Average/fair athlete, can handle it, pulls up well half court, fairly good driver, ok floater, has a turn-around jump hook, make things happen.

6’0 PG Kaden Hensen off Auburn HS (WA) 2020

Fair athlete, handles it well, does see the floor, moves fairly well without the ball, clever driver, ok shooter with 3-point range, has a motor.

5’8 PG Mason Panelo of Kentwood HS (WA) 2023

Decent athlete, handles and passes it well, effective in transition, pushes the break, can drive, has a floater, has a motor, hustles.

6’4 CF Marquis Robinson of Emerald Ridge HS (WA) 2023

Athletic, ok ball handler, moves ok without the ball, can drive, capable rebounder, nice upside.

6’3 SG Isaiah Sawyer of Rogers HS (WA) 2022

Fairly athletic, handles it well, pulls up half court, good shooter, can rebound.

6’6 PF Logan Stempniak of Kentwood HS (WA) 2022

Average athlete, can dribble operate on the block, fairly good shooter with 3-point range, can rebound.

*6’7 CP Nathan Voliva of Sumner HS (WA) 2021

Average athlete, pulls up in the half court, ok shooter with 3-point range, nice dribble op jump hook, can rebound.

5’11 CG Cameron Williams of Kentwood HS (WA) 2021

Fair athlete, runs well, can handle and pass it, pulls up well in the half court, fairly good shooter with 3-point range.

Names to Note: (*indicates highest consideration for this category)

*5’5    PG    Parker Androy of Lincoln HS (WA) 2022

6’3     G/W  Murphy Blackburn of Inglemoor HS (WA) 2023

6’5      PF    Zack Caraballo of Fife HS (WA) 2021

5’9     CG    Carson DeBruhl of Seattle Academy (WA) 2023

6’1       G     Connor Drinkwine of Emerald Ridge HS (WA) 2021

6’3      SG    Ja’Von Ervin of Ingraham HS (WA) 2021

5’11    SG    Nicholas Ferencko of Bellermine HS (WA) 2022

 6’2    G/W  Nikolas Fotopoulos of Blanchet HS (WA) 2021

 6’4     CF    Isaiah Gangon of West Seattle HS (WA) 2021

 6’5     PF    Ivan Gonzalez of Fife HS (WA) 2021

 6’6     C      Chae Haynes of Life Christian HS (WA) 2022

6’2     SG     Marcus Johnson of Jesuit HS (OR) 2022

6’5      SF     Spencer Lanier of Newberg HS (OR) 2021

6’3      SF     Max Lee of West Seattle HS (WA) 2021

5’10   CG    Ethan Martin of Arlington HS (WA) 2022

*6’0    SG    Kaleb Martin of Fife HS (WA) 2021

 6’6     PF     Sten Rasmussen of Bellarmine HS (WA) 2022