The twelfth annual West Coast Showcase Camp was held Saturday October 23rd at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia, under the direction of Douglas Head Coach Matt McKay. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’0 PG Elian Alucema of New Westminster Secondary (2025)

Alucema is a skilled one-man who makes a lot of contributions. He wants the ball in his hands and has the handling and passing skills to make the coach trust him. He has a floater and nice drive to the hoop. Alucema probably does need to prove himself as an outside shooter.


5’8 Tyson Bain of North Surrey HS (2024)

Bain is a one-man who is a decent athlete that makes a lot happen with the ball in his hands. He handles it well and is a good passer who can make those around him better. He’s a solid driver with a nice hesitation move as well. Bain will do whatever it takes to help the team.


5’10 CG Eli Ball of Rutland Secondary (2024)

Ball is an impressive combo guard who gets things done in transition and in the half court. He’s a good ball handler and passer who pushes the break effectively. He is comfortable playing either role as a distributor or scorer.


*6’0 SG Jaden Brennan of Salmon Arm Secondary (2023)

Brennan is a pretty solid two guard who impacts the game at both ends. He has capable ball handling and passing skills and can score in different ways. He can shoot it some with 3 range, has a nice floater and is a very good driver. Brennan is a promising prospect in the 2023 class.


*5’6 PG Ethan Chae of Terry Fox HS (2024)

Chae is an energetic one-man with a solid all-around game. He is a real hustler who consistently makes plays. He handles it well and is a good and willing passer who finds the open man. He has a solid pull up in the half court, shoots it ok with 3 range and has a real nice floater. He can also penetrate/drive well. Chae is not big in size but he DOES play big.


5’11 SG Lucas Egitto of Elgin Park Secondary (2022)

Egitto is an energetic two guard with a nice motor who plays in attack mode at both ends. He moves fairly well without the ball and scores in multiple ways (outside shot, floater, pull-up, drive). He works hard defensively and makes things uncomfortable for the opponent. Egitto is a good one to have on your side.





6’3 PF Braiden Grant of New Westminster Secondary (2025)

Grant is a hard-working four man with some strength and a pretty versatile skill set. He shows the ability to bounce it and pass it. He can shoot it ok with long range and is a decent driver. Grant is a solid contributor.


5’4 Darnell Joseph of Archbishop Carney HS (2024)

Joseph is a one-man with skills who plays with a lot of confidence. He’s a solid ball handler who pushes the break consistently. He has a nice hesitation burst and a clever pull up floater. Joseph also has a motor that is always running.


6’3 SG Alexsander Kriznik of Dr. Charles Best Secondary (2023)

Kriznik is a two guard who keeps coming at you and is not fun to play against. He is a solid ball handler and passer and he can score at the rim and on the perimeter. He drives real hard and shoots it well from long range. Kriznik will cause havoc for the opposition.


6’2 PG Gavin Lodermeier of Summerland Secondary (2022)

Lodermeier is a true point guard who can run a team. He takes care of the ball and his pin-point passing can ignite a team. And he can hit the open shot with range. Lodermeier is a leader and find ways to get it done.


5’10 SG Paul McAnerney of Okanagan Mission Secondary (2023)

McAnerney is a skilled and competitive two guard who is a consistent scorer. He is a good shooter (with 3 range) who knows how to get open for good looks. He has a solid mid-range pull up and an ok floater. McAnerney is also a confident ball handler who passes it well.


*6’2 SG Charlie McKay of South Kamloops Secondary (2024)

McKay was impressive and showed himself to be a solid prospect in the 2024 class. He is a strong-bodied two-guard with a versatile all-around skill set. He can handle it and has the ability to finish in transition. He also has a solid mid-range pull up. McKay can shoot it fairly well with 3 range and gets to the basket on the drive consistently.


*6’2 PG Ethan Mesfin of Pacific Academy (2022)

Mesfin is a fairly athletic point guard with some burst who has an impressive all-around package. He handles it well and is a good passer who sees the court. He can pull up in the half court, shoots it ok (3 range) and is a solid driver/penetrator. Mesfin does show promise and belongs on the 2022 radar.


*5’11 PG Temwa Mtawali of Mark R. Isfeld Secondary (2022)

Mtawali was one of the most consistent performers and clearly demonstrated his merit/value. He is a solid point guard with some strength, athleticism and skill. He is a three-level scorer who plays smart and has a good feel for the game. College coaches WILL like what they see in Mtawali.





5’7 PG David Mulleny of Okanagan Mission Secondary (2023)

Mulleny is an aggressive one-man who makes a lot of effort plays. He does a nice job in transition and finishes with a clever floater. He finds his way to the hoop on the drive and he shoots it ok with some range. Mulleny is a coach’s delight who plays in attack mode and can run a team.


6’2 W Cole Pavelich of OKM (2024)

Pavelich is a guard/wing who brings a few different assets to the table. He is a confident ball handler and shooter (3 range). He also finds a way to come up with rebounds from the guard/wing position. Pavelich is an intriguing prospect.


*6’5 CG Adam Olsen of Elgin Park HS (2023)

Olsen is a savvy combo guard who had a solid performance at this event and showed he is a legit 2023 prospect. He is a pretty complete offensive player who can score from all three levels (perimeter, mid-range, at the rim). With a floater, a good outside shot (3 range), a drive and a nice mid-range pull up there is not much missing in his offensive arsenal (did not see a post-up game). Put Olsen on the 2023 radar and keep him there. He belongs.


*6’3 SG Marcus Shankar of Carihi HS (2022)

Shankar “showed out” and proves he belongs on the 2022 radar. He is a difficult matchup and creates problems for the defender in a lot of ways. He’s an ok ball handler who can pass it and he has a unique ability to move without the ball in addition to being a three-level scorer. Shankar is a legit prospect.


6’4 PF/SF Sheridan Sidney-Duhu of Home School (2024)

Sidney-Duhu is an athletic combo guard forward with long arms who fits into any role the team needs. He can be counted on at both ends of the floor to contribute to team success. Any team can use a player like Sidney-Duhu.


6’4 Nate Smith of Kelowna Secondary (2023)

Smith is a guard/wing with a solid skill set who can be a problem matchup. He can handle the ball and finishes ok in transition. He moves without it and can shoot and drive. Smith can be a handful for the defense.


5’10 SG Paul Ude of Pacific Academy (2024)

Ude is an athletic two guard who runs well and brings a versatile all-around game to the table. He can handle it, shoot it ok (3 range) and get to the basket on the drive. Ude does a nice job rebounding from the guard position.


6’2 G/W Ashton Uwamiliya of John Oliver HS (2025)

Uwamiliya is a fairly athletic guard/wing who makes plays for himself and his teammates. His best asset is his passing as he is consistently able to find the open man. He has a solid first stop and can get to the basket on the drive. Uwamiliya is also a capable rebounder.




6’4 SG Joshua Vandevelde of Robert Bateman HS (2022)

Vandevelde is a productive two guard who has a knack for getting things done. He can handle the ball confidently and he can shoot it with some range off the dribble or off catch and shoot. He even shows a jump hook on the block. Vandevelde will catch your attention when you watch him play.


6’4 Moses Weibe of Pacific Academy (2024)

Weibe is a combo forward with long arms who can play inside and outside and makes things happen. He has competent ball skills and finds a way to score. He is also a capable rebounder at both ends.


5’10 PG Jimmy Zaborniak of Burnaby South Secondary (2022)

Zaborniak is a competent point guard who impresses on both ends of the court. He can handle it and he is a good passer who sees the court real well. He pulls up ok mid-range and does a real nice job finding his way to the hoop on the drive. Zaborniak works hard on the defensive end and is a high-quality rebounder as a point guard.


Names to Note: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’6 PF Hamzah Abdullah of Frank Hurt Secondary (2023) – Ok rebounder/shot blocker

6’3 SF Justin Andruchow of Okanagan Mission Secondary (2023) – Can run, pass and shoot

*6’3 G/W Kai Bohmert of Delta Secondary (2022) – Capable in transition, has skills

*5’11 PG Afu Bullock of Heritage Woods Secondary (2025) – Handles, effective penetrator

6’1 SG Christopher Corbett of New Westminster Secondary (2025) – Can defend and rebound

6’1 G/W Harvir Hothi of North Delta HS (2024) – Nice ball handling skills

*6’3 SF Will Hyland of St. George’s HS (2023) – Passer, can finish, ok rebounder

*5’6 Ronald Johnson of Burnaby Central HS (2025) – Can handle, drive and shoot

5’10 SG Mustafa Khan of Tamanawis HS (2026) – Hustler, runs the floor

6’1 SG Jack L’Estrange of Whistler Secondary (2022) – Can run, pass and shoot

5’10 SG Jake Massulo of Charles Best HS (2025) – Ok handler, ok driver

6’1 SG Carter McComb of Holy Cross HS (2023) – Can handle, pass and shoot

*5’10 CG Finn McDougall of Kitsilano Secondary (2023) – Hustler, has skills

6’4 SF/PF Kai Ropata of New Westminster Secondary (2025) – Ok shooter w/ 3 range

6’0 PG Austin Salmon of Burnaby Central HS (2025) – Can shoot it with 3 range

6’3 SF/PF Arman Samra of Tamanawis HS (2026) – Has a floater and a no jump hook

6’9 PG Gurjaap Sandhu of Fleetwood Park Secondary (2022) – Has a drop step and a jump hook

*6’3 Colin Sgelrem of Burnaby South HS (2022) – Can handle, good passer, ok shooter

*6’4 SF/PF Navin Sidhu of Sullivan Heights Secondary (2025) – Has some promise

6’2 F Abhay Singh of Tamanawis Secondary (2026) – Hustler/max effort

6’3 SF Vanshir Singh of New Westminster Secondary (2025) – Can bounce it and drive it

*5’10 SG Marko Slavkovic of WVSS (2024) – Has skills/fundamentals

*6’5 PF Camden Sparkes of Claremont Secondary (2022) – spin move, jump hook, does work

*6’1 CG Ayden Thane of Pitt Meadows Senior Secondary (2022) – Can drive, ok shooter (3 range)

*6’3 CG Kai Tukker of West Point Grey Academy (2022) – hustler, handles, decent rebounder

6’0 PG Mehar Vohra of Tamanawis HS (2026) – Handles and passes it, runs a team

6’4 SF Drew Williams of Mount Boucherie Secondary (2022) – Handles, good passer, ok driver

6’7 PF/SF Reuben Wright of Gulf Islands Secondary (2022) – Decent driver, ok passer