The Nor Cal Underclass Showcase was held Sunday August 8th, 2021 at Soldiertown in Oakland. Here is a report on the prospects who caught our attention at the event.

Top Prospects

6’9 C/PF Graham Eikenberry of Central Catholic HS (OR) 2023 (Black Team #1)

Eikenberry is a versatile postman who works hard and makes contribution in a lot of different ways. He posts up a little and shows a decent no-jump hook. He likes the face-up short drive from the mid range and can shoot it ok with 3-point range. He does a nice job seeing the floor and passing out of the post area. If he can increase his athleticism some, Eikenberry is a promising prospect.


6’2 CG Austin Ito of Woodcreek HS 2023 (Burgundy Team #4)

Ito turned in a splendid performance at this event in a “poor man’s Steph Curry” fashion. He shot the lights out from downtown and was big-time pulling up in transition. He plays with a lot of confidence and has a good feel. And he is capable on or off the ball. The purpose of this event was to put some underclassmen on the radar. Folks, this kid is on the 2023 radar.


6’0 CG Mateo Jackson of Castro Valley HS 2023 (Royal Team #5)

Jackson is a fairly athletic combo guard with a pretty solid all-around game. He can handle and pass is a capable playmaker in transition. He’s an ok 3-point shooter (but his shot selection is shaky at times) and he is also a solid driver. And he does show some ability as an on-the ball defender. Jackson is a solid prospect but he does a little too much “yapping” and needs to eliminate that.


6’0 G Sirvate Jones of Pittsburg HS 2024 (Charcoal Team #7)

Jones is an athletic and energetic guard who really impacts the game. He consistently attacks in transition and does a nice job finishing. He passes it well and can find the open man. And he is a solid defender and rebounder. Jones does need to develop more feel for the game but he has very promising potential for the next level. A bright prospect in the 2024 class for sure.


6’2 CG Ahjani Lewis of Jesuit HS 2024 (Green Team #6)

Lewis is an athletic combo guard with solid skills who is emerging in the class of 2024. He plays with poise and confidence and does a nice job pushing the envelope on the fast break. He has a nice first step on the drive and gets to the hoop well. He does need to develop more consistency on his outside shot and be more aggressive at the defensive end. He is learning to be more vocal on the court which is a plus. Lewis is a legit prospect in the class of 2024.


5’11 CG Shea Mattox of Valley Christian HS 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16U)

When evaluating players certain things can be obvious and stand out in any given prospect. The one thing that stands out with Shea Mattox is blatantly obvious: MOTOR. This kid is relentless in his effort at both ends. He is a competitor who finds ways to get things done. His outside shot needs a little development but he is a solid all-around scorer. And he will harass you as an on-ball defender. Mattox is not a fun guy to play against.





6’1 CG Yaqub Mir of Granite Bay HS 2023 (PHPS)

Mir is a  certified basketball junkie who lives in the gym (but also finds a way to be an elite student). He’s a competitive combo guard who works hard at the game. He has the skill set to play on or off the ball (but he could show a little more as a facilitator). Most importantly, Mir has a motor that is always running. He is  receiving considerable Division I interest.


6’8 PF/SF Trevor Morris of Vanden HS 2024 (Burgundy Team #4)

Morris is an athletic combo forward who attracted a lot of attention at this event. He is physically impressive and certainly does not look like just an incoming sophomore. He has solid ball handling and passing skills and likes to bring it up on the break. He does need to be more willing play inside. Morris has a tendency to take plays off-if he stops doing this and his effort become consistent the sky is the limit for him.


5’9 CG Darrien Russell of John Swett HS 2023 (Red Team #2)

Russell is an athletic combo guard with a pretty solid all-around game. He’s a confident ball handler with some burst who can get by defenders on the drive. He shoots it ok with 3-range and has a competent floater. He is also a capable defender. Russell has more of a scoring mind-set at this point and does need to show more in terms of running the team.


6’0 CG Kayden Vixon-Wyatt of Cornerstone Christian MS 2026 (Nor Cal Prep)

We are not in the business of evaluating grade school players because it is way too early in the process. But every once in a while we come across one who we know will be a promising prospect moving forward. Such is the case with Vixon-Wyatt. He’s an athletic combo guard with an unusual skill set at such a young age. He can score from all three levels an a consistent basis. He would serve himself well to be as aggressive on defense as he is an offense. And he does need to eliminate the “yapping”. But Vixon-Wyatt has a very bright future if he continues to work hard at it.


6’6 PF Kodey  Weary of Edison HS 2023 (Navy Team #3)

Weary is a fairly athletic four man who shows real possibilities. He’s a decent ball handler who can get to the hoop on the face-up drive. He can post up some and has a very solid turnaround shot. He can also block shots and is a capable rebounder at the other end. The issue for Weary is that he needs to learn to play hard all the time. If that happens, he has a promising future.


6’0 SG Jaylen Wheeler of Salesian HS 2024 (Charcoal Team #7)

Wheeler will get your attention when you watch him play with what be brings to the table. He is an athletic shooting guard who makes plays in transition and in the half court pretty consistently. He is an all-around scorer but his outside shot could use a little polish and he needs to show more defensively. But put his name in CAPITAL letters in the 2024 class.


Other Prospects To Consider:

6’7 PF Micah Allen of Oakland Tech HS 2023 (Red Team #3)

Athletic, can run, passes it well, capable rebounder, can block a shot.


5’11 SG Jacob Annab of Valley Christian HS 2024 (South Bay Snipers 15 Black)

Fair athlete, runs well, can handle it, pulls up ok half court, moves well without the ball, has a solid floater, can rebound.

6’4 PF David Balogun of Cornerstone Christian HS 2025 (Nor Cal Prep)

Ok athlete, man-child physically, moves ok without the ball, can dribble operate on the block, rebounds in his box.


5’9 Yaphet Demissie of Wilcox HS 2024 ( South Bay Snipers 15 Black)

Fairly good athlete, handles it well, can pass, shoots it well with 3 range, has a floater.


6’3 SG Colton Dukes of Atwater HS 2024 (PHPS)

Average athlete, can handle it, pulls up well half court, fairly good shooter with3 range, posts up a little, does compete.


6’0 PG Enoch Duplechan of Folsom HS 2023 (PHPS)

Good athlete, handles and passes it well, makes plays in transition, can run a team.


5’11 PG Jermaine Haliburton of Inderkum HS, 2013 (PHPS)

Athletic, handles fairly well, good passer, effective penetrator/driver.


6’2 CG Darius Jackson of Castro Valley HS 2023 (Navy Team #3)

Fairly athletic, handles it well, fairly good shooter with 3 range, can rebound.


5’7 PG Troy Jordan of Liberty HS 2024 (Navy Team #3)

Has athleticism, solid handler, shoots it ok with 3 range, has a hesitation move.


5’10 PG Mikey Macalintal of Bellarmine Prep 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16)

Fair athlete, runs well, solid ball handler, good passer, finishes in transition, can pull up half court, can drive, has a floater.


6’0 CG Donovan Mc Swain of Freedom HS 2024 (Green Team #6)

Fairly good athlete, can run, can handle it, ok driver, shaky shot selection.


6’0 SG Jalen Mhoon of Kings Academy 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16)

Athletic, runs well, can handle it, decent finishes in transition, shoots it fairly well, has a floater.


6’7 PF/C Logan Steuben of Inderkum HS 2023 (PHPS)

Ok/fairly good athlete, strong, can post up some, has a solid turnaround shot on the block, capable rebounder.


5’9 PG Apollo Sun of Santa Clara HS 2024 (South Bay Snipers 15 White)

Fair athlete, solid handler, real nice passer, moves well without the ball, can drive, has a floater.


6’3 SG Tariq Weiser of Bellarmine Prep 2023 (Royal Team #5)

Average/fair athlete, handles it, ok shooter with 3 range, can drive, ok rebounder.


6’0 CG Titus White of Capital Christian HS 2025 (Charcoal Team #7)

Fairly athletic, handles it well, can pass, capable playmaker in transition, can drive, does attack.


6’4 SF/SF Zach Wilhelm of San Marin HS 2023 (Charcoal Team #7)

Average athlete, ok ball handler, moves fairly well without the ball, decent driver, decent rebounder

5’3 CG Matthew Wilson of AIMS MS 2025 (Green Team #6)

Has some athleticism, passes it well, moves ok without the ball, can defend.



Names to Note:

5’9 PG Nohea Apalla of Silver Creek HS 2024 (Black Team #1)

5’10 CG Jayden Doty of Dougherty Valley HS 2025 (Navy Team #3)

5’7 PG Cyril Garcia of St. Francis HS 2024 (South  Bay Snipers 15 Black)

6’0 SG Kamel Johnson of Cornerstone Christian HS 2025 (Nor Cal Prep)

6’1 SG Donnie Jones Jr of Tracy HS 2023 (Red Team #2)

5’9 PG Casey Lazo of St. Francis HS 2025 (South Bay Snipers 15 White)

5’11 SG Vince Ledesma of St. Francis HS 2024 (South Bay Snipers 15 White)

6’2 SG Noah Lizardo of Mater Dei HS 2024 (Burgundy Team #4)

5’10 PG Soham Nighojkar of Cupertino HS 2024 (South Bay Snipers 15 Black)

5’9 PG Liem Nguyen of Leland HS 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16U)

6’2 SG Patrick O’Leary of Archbishop Mitty HS 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16U)

5’9 G Coldin Parker of Mountain House HS 2025 (Nor Cal Prep)

5’9 PG Joey Rabitz of Los Gatos HS 2024 (South Bay Snipers 15 Black)

5’7 PG Shudhit Sooch of Cornerstone  Christian HS 2024 (Black Team #1)

6’2 G/W Anjuan Tennathur of St. Francis HS 2023 (South Bay Snipers 16U)

5’7 PG Jalen Woodard of College Park HS 2023 (Charcoal Team #7)