Report on 2019 West Coast Showcase Canada

The 11th Annual West Coast Showcase Camp was held Saturday October 5th at St Thomas Collegiate in Burnaby, British Columbia under the direction of Matt McKay from 94 Feet Basketball/Sands High School. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects:

6’2   SG Joshua Dames of BC Christian 2020

Dames made a name for himself as the best shooter at the event. He has very good-looking form, has 3 range and he takes good shots. His catch and shoot off of a screen is difficult to defend. He also shows some ability to handle the ball and finish on one-bounce drives. Dames is also a capable rebounder.


5’11   CG Wasley Dass of Killarney HS 2020 (Team West)

Dass is a fairly athletic combo guard who runs the floor well. He handles and passes it well and is a solid playmaker in transition with the ability to finish consistently in the half court, he’s a good driver with a nice first step. Dass plays in attack mode from the beginning to the end.


6’10   C   Kong San (Jeff) Ma of BC Christian 2020

Ma is a hard-working five man with long arms and fairly good hands. He finds the open man as a passer on a consistent basis. He can use his left hand inside at times, but he needs to finish better. He is fundamentally sound at the defensive end. Ma understands the importance of blocking out and is a consistent rebounder in his box.


6’1 PG Refuge (Harry) Oghomienor of BC Christian 2021

Oghomienor was arguably the top player in the event. He’s a very confident ball handler who runs a team and make a lot of things happen. He pushes the breaks consistently and find the open man as well as showing the ability to go coast to coast himself. He has a nice first step and beats defenders on the drive regularly. The one thing Oghomienor must do is prove himself as a perimeter shooter.


6’2 CG Kaeden Skelton of Mount Boucherie HS 2020 (Bears)

Skelton is a pretty complete combo guard who was impressive with his all-around performance in this event. He has a variety of skills and shows the ability to score at all three level (perimeter, mid range, at the rim). He’s effective making plays in transition and finishes well. Skelton is also a solid rebounder from the guard position and can defend on the ball.


5’11 PG Jackson Thrackwray of Mac Neill Secondary 2020 (Machoops)

Thrackwray is an impressive one-man with good ball-handling/passing skills. He has good court vision and makes good decisions with the ball in his hands, showing a high IQ. He shoots it ok with 3 range and has a nice floater. He can pull up in the mid-range as well as get to the basket on the drive and finish against contact. Thrackwray has a motor and competes on every play.


Other Prospects to Consider


6’5 SF Nik Babaeff of Claremont HS 2020 (Team West)

Active, fairly long arms, finishes well, can hit the mid-range shot, communicates well.


6’6 PF D’Ante Dean of BC Christian 2021

Active and fairly athletic, has a solid postup game-nice drop step and a jump hook, pursues rebound well.


5’6 CG Tanner Devlin of MacNeil Secondary 2021 (Machoops)

Knows how to play, confident shooter with long range, pushes the break well, penetrates ok, can rebound, competes.


5’6 PG Marco Esteban of MacNeil Secondary 2022 (Machoops)

Athletic one-man, handles it well/good passer, capable playmaker in transition, sees the floor, penetrates effectively, works hard on defense, understands help defense, has a motor.


6’2 SF Owen Labadie of Mount Boucherie 2020 (Bears)

Active wing, has a nice dribble drive-gets to the rim well, also has a pull up middle game.


6’1 SG Caleb Faust of Langley HS 2021 (Team West)

Fairly good spot-up 3-point shooter, can beat defender on the drive, makes the on-the money pass.


5’9 CG Tiernan McDougall of Lord Byng HS 2020 (Team Coast)

Solid ball handler, pushes the break, nice-looking shooter with some range, can penetrate into the lane, plays with confidence.


6’1 G/W Graeme Pratt of South Delta HS 2021 (Team Coast)

Confident shooter with range, good shot selection, moves well without the ball, hustle/intensity is there.


6’1 SG Gyan Sandhu of Sands HS 2021 (94 Feet)

Effective catch and shoot, capable ball handler, can create and finish in transition.


6’0 SG Jimmy Zaborniak of Burnaby South HS 2022 (Team West)

Can handle and pass it, runs the floor, capable playmaker in transition, shoots it ok with 3 range, solid defender.


Names to Note:


6’2       SF   Omar Abumalouh of MacNeil Secondary 2020 (Machoops)

6’         SF   Joben Bhullar of Sands HS 2022 (94 Feet)

6’6      SF   Micah Boone of BC Christian 2021

6’1      SG  Jordan Gidda of Fraser Heights HS 2021 (Team Coast)

6’3      F     Selwyn Munian of Sands HS 2021 (94 Feet)

6’4      F     Ajmair Parmar of Centennial HS 2021 (Team West)

6’0      SG  Hudson Swam of MacNeil Secondary 2020 (Machoops)

6’0      PG  Jude Conlin-Williams of  Elphinstone HS 2022 (Team West)

6’1      SF   Ethan Williams of Mount Boucherie HS 2022 (Bears)