Report on 2019 Southern California Senior Showcase

The tenth annual Southern California Senior Showcase was held Sunday, March 24th at Cerritos College. Approximately 280 players participated. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)


*6’10 PF/C Jay Allen-Tovar of Valley Christian HS 2019 (Lakeshow #1)

– Big-bodied combo post with a solid skill set. Can score inside and outside fairly consistently. Pretty good rebounder. Needs to play with more consistent effort… LM+/M-


6’2” CG Miles Amos of Stuart Hall HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

– Bigger guard that was looking to get downhill and attack the rim on most offensive sequences.  Lakeshow ran quite a few isolations for him where he was able to get to the rim with his explosiveness and finish through contact. Pushes the break consistently…NAIA/D2


*6’3 PG Jordan Archie of Bishop Montgomery HS 2019 (Independent #2)

– Sees the floor well in transition. Can shoot the 3 and has a knockdown mid-range shot. Good coming off screens. Can defend both on and off the ball… D2+


6’5 SG Quincy Arms of Hollywood HS 2019 (Independent #2)

– Athletic two guard with a nice all-around game. Handles the ball well and has nice transition pull up. Fairly good shooter with 3 range and a decent defender… D2


6’6 SF Chase Bowsher of Redondo Union HS 2019 (Independent #2)

– Deceptive athlete that can elevate and finish. Plays with a lot of energy and it real active. Has a solid middle game… D2


6’2 PG Julian Bryant of Albany HS 2019 (Oakland Soldiers/Independent #1)

– Athletic with very nice burst. Solid ball handler and passer, playmaker in transition, fairly good driver… D2/D3


6’5 PF Adam Campos of Saint Joseph Notre Dame HS 2019 (Oakland Soldiers)

– Hard-working high IQ four-man. Can shoot it from the perimeter and can post up. Knows how to play… D2


6’5 W George Carter of Brookville Christian HS 2019 (Lions Truth)

– Athletic slasher who is hard to guard. Can finish in transition. Nice mid-range shooter… D2/D3


*6’8 F/C Trey Chapman of Healdsburg HS 2019 (Oakland Soldiers)

– Active combo postman with long arms. Moves well without the ball. Has a nice mid-range shot, a solid post-up game and can finish at the rim with authority… Solid D2


*6’5 W Yvan Cheviot of ASI Prep Academy 2019 (ASI Prep Academy)

– Wing with some strength, athleticism and long arms. Pretty consistent driver whose first instinct is to put it down and go. Needs to demonstrate a perimeter shot. Capable rebounder and defender… D1


6’2” CG Max Cheylov of Calabasas HS 2019 (BTI #1)                                                                               

 – Crafty scorer that does a pretty nice job of controlling tempo and making good decisions, but is not someone you’re going to want to rely on to be a point guard in terms of breaking down the defense.  Has a smooth shooting stroke and is able to make contested shots on-th- money passer. Solid D2.


6’8 C Jefferson Colby of Buckeye HS, AZ 2019 (Aim High)

– Five man with strength and fairly long arms. Has solid skills (can pass it, dribble operates on the block, shoots it ok with 3-point range) and is a capable rebounder. Not afraid to mix it up… NAIA/D2


6’9” PF Quinn Collins of Golden State Prep 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

Extremely skilled big.  Can put it on the floor, pick and pop, play off both shoulders with back to the basket, has nice touch around the rim, and has good basketball IQ.  Will need to work on his body to improve his physicality and ability to rebound at a higher rate…. D2/LM


6’1” CG Myles Corey of Diamond Bar HS 2019 (Prodigy)

Love his toughness and grit! Played both ends and provided energy.  Explosive driver that kept defense on their heels and finished with physicality at the rim. Would have liked to see him look for his opportunities a bit more…. NAIA/D2


5’10 PG Jayden Couch of Crenshaw HS 2019 (Independent #1)

– Pushes the tempo consistently and makes plays in the open floor. Really good driver, solid on-ball defender. Plays with confidence… D2


6’5 G/W Jonah Crumpton-Murray of Ascending Life Prep 2019 (Ascending Life)

– Creative versatile scorer from all levels. Needs to do more without the ball to free himself. Does a solid job making plays in transition… Solid D2


5’10” PG Miles D’Agostin of Burbank HS 2019 (Burbank Bulldogs)

 – Ball of energy that is hunting his shot and is not afraid to pull the trigger in any circumstance.  Was second team All-CIF after averaging 26 PPG (according to the coach) at Burbank HS.  A bit on the skinny and small side, but converted on some tough baskets and made some nice passes. Has deep shooting range and a high motor… D3/NAIA


*5’10” PG Jonathan Daniels of Alemany HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

Plays with great pace and feel for the game.  Deceptively quick guard that can rock you to sleep then get by you with an explosive burst. More a facilitator than he is scorer, but can shoot and score if the game calls for it.  Defends well too, plays hard…. D2


6’8 Chol Deng of Cottonwood HS 2019 (Salt Lake Rebels)

– Five man that has some ability to score inside. Can dribble operate and has a jump hook. Ok rebounder in his box… D2


6’6” SF Cameron Denson of Compton HS 2019 (The Truth)

– Has improved his game considerably.  Longer wing that has a solid handle, first step, ability to finish at the rim, and physicality.  May be best suited in prep school or JUCO situation with the talent he has…. NAIA


*6’3” SG Noah Fernando of Heritage Christian HS 2019 (BTI #1/)

– Love his quick and high release that he knocks down at a reliable rate.  Primarily a catch and shoot guy that spaces the floor, but like him a lot in this role with him being as good a shooter as he is and his shot selection. Can bounce it some and finish in transition…. NAIA/D2.





6’3” SG Dennis Flowers of St. Francis HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #2)

– Can really score it in bunches.  Smooth wing with a nice stroke.  Needs to improve his motor and his ball handling could use a touch up to make him even more dynamic.  Makes questionable decisions at times…. NAIA


5’9 PG Demarjae Gilmore of Lawndale HS 2019 (The Truth)

– Athletic one-man that has a versatile skill set. Handles and passes it well, can pull up in transition, shoots it ok with 3 range and has an ok floater… D2


6’3” SG William Grant of Knight HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

Tough and gritty defender.  Provides energy on both ends.  Physical wing that wants to get downhill offensively and finish with contact.  More of an athlete than a basketball player right now…. NAIA


*6’5 WF Gary Harris of Middlebrooks Academy 2019 (Middlebrooks Academy)

– Impressive physically: athletic, long armed, fairly good strength, finishes well – both in transition and in the half court… D1


6’1 CG James Hodge-Green of Arcadia HS 2019 (Aim High)

– Athletic combo guard that has solid ball-handling skills. Capable playmaker in transition with the ability to find the open man. Shoots it ok with 3-point range, can run a team… D2/D3


6’3 SG Malcolm Jackson of Deer Valley HS 2019 (California Bulldogs)

– Good athlete with nice burst. Capable ball handler and passer. Makes plays in transition (can pull up and finish)… D2/D3


*6’7 PF/SF David Jones of Sacramento Waldorf HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #1)

– Got the attention of scouts in this event. Rebounds well and can guard multiple positions. Has a nice one-bounce drive and can post up some. Skills could use a little polish. Has some upside… LM


6’7 PF/SF Jaden Jones of Lemoore 2019 (Independent #1)

– Great athlete that runs the floor very well. Good timing on blocking shots. Finishes well at the rim. A little thin and needs to develop bulk/strength… D2


6’6” SF/PG Joshua Jones Jr. of Lynwood HS 2019 (The Truth)

– Long wing guard that can affect the game with his above average athleticism.  Questionable decision maker at times. Skilled ball handler who sees the floor well. Undeniable talent with his build and skill set though.  May be best suited in a prep school or JUCO situation…. D2


6’4” SF Richard Kawakami of Valencia HS 2019 (BTI #1/Untouchables)                                                                                

 – Bigger body and tough kid that knows how to play the game and works at it.  A bit of an old school feel to him with the pace he plays and his overall basketball IQ.  Can do an assortment of different things on the basketball court, but unsure of his ability to guard next level athletes that his toughness may or may not make up for. Goes very hard on the drive, solid shooter…. NAIA/D2


5’9” PG Shaden Knight of Rancho Cucamonga HS 2019 (Prodigy)

– He’s small, but has jet speed and is quick as lightning.  Knows how to play fast and still be under control.  Has a confident swagger about his game and the way he controls tempo. Nice first step, ok shooter within the 3 range.  Will be a nice college player at the right level…. D2/D3





6’8” PF Sam Kramer of La Costa Canyon 2019 (Gamepoint)

– Physical big with a bigger frame.  Didn’t get a chance to see him shoot, but he had a nice drive to the basket at one point that showed he has at least a little bit of skill to go along with his physicality and frame.  Attacked the glass well and tries to muscle through guys in the low post… NAIA/D3


*6’3 CG Imani Lopez of Ascending Life HS 2019 (Ascending Life)

– Another sleeper who made a name for himself with his performance. Very athletic combo guard who finishes with authority. Shoots it fairly well with 3-point range… LM


6’6” SF Mason Machado of Corona Centennial HS 2019 (Prodigy)

Longer wing with the ability to go inside/outside with his skill set.  Will need to add weight to do this consistently at the college level.  Foot speed is an issue too as I’m not sure he can guard a 3 at certain levels…. NAIA/D2


*6’6” SF Nick Manor Hall of Chino Hills HS 2019 (Prodigy)

– Bulldozer inside/outside player that is a big-time physical presence with his build and athleticism.  Wants to get downhill and clean up the glass. Will be a nice asset in college at a school that continues to develop his skills… D2


6’8” PF Kameron Mayhan of Gardena HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

Has grown considerably in the past year.  Mayhan has a unique skill set with his ability to do a little bit of everything on both ends.  Can switch 2-4 and possibly more, has good length and athleticism, can hit shots out past the arc, can put on the floor, finish around the rim, and crash the glass.  May be best suited in a prep school or JUCO situation with his unique talent that is just scratching the surface. D2


*5’9 PG Jaden McClanahan of Salesian College Prep 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #1)

– Has a motor that is always running. Very skilled in transition. Solid on-ball defender… D2/LM


*5’9 PG Jovon McClanahan of Salesian College Prep 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #1)

– Hard-nosed one man. Defends the whole court. Nice balance between scoring and distributing. Pushes the envelope on every possession… D2/LM


6’1 DeAnthony McGowan of Etiwanda HS 2019 (Salt Lake Rebels)

– High energy athlete with nice burst that excels in transition. Confident ball handler that really pushes to envelope. Very nice pull up into transition, has a nice hesitation drive. Defends on ball well… D2


*6’1 PG Kendall McHugh of Santa Margarita HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

– Effective playmaker on the break and in the half court. Plays with a purpose and has the tools to get things done. Handles it, sees the floor, and shoots it… D2/LM


*6’2 CG Chance McMillan of Jessie Bethel HS 2019 (Lakeshow #1)

– Very athletic with nice burst. Makes a ton of plays in transition for himself and others. Good looking shooter (from 3-point range). LM+


*6’3 PG Makiah Morris of Vista HS 2019 (Gamepoint)

– High energy guy who gets a lot done in transition. Plays in attack mode and has a solid motor. Has a high IQ, can shoot it and is a capable defender… D2




6’9” PF Brennen Newsom of Sheldon HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

– Good frame that looks like it will easily explode in weight room.  Newsom welcomed contact, rebounded pretty well in and out of his area, and had a solid foundation of skills….D2


6’3 G/W Elijah Nnanadu of Cooper Academy 2019 (Cooper Academy)

– Plays in attack mode and has a pretty complete game. Finishes nicely in transition and has a solid pull up game in half court. Also a capable rebounder and defender… D2


6’6” SF Ifanye Okeke of Damien HS 2019 (Prodigy)

– After viewing his combination of skill, length, and athleticism, he has a lot of potential on both ends.  He’s still raw offensively, but affective in the right situations.  May be a guy that could benefit from a year of prep or time spent at JUCO…. NAIA/D2


6’1 SG Daniel O’Neil of Grant HS 2019 (Reach & More)

– Competitive true guard who runs the floor hard. BIG TIME shooter with deep range… D2/D3


*5’8” PG AJ Perry of Canyon HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

– Defensive pest that plays with confidence and talks some smack.  Able to fill it up in a hurry with his long-range shooting and a threat to get in the lane and create for his teammates. Does compete…. NAIA/D2


6’5 G/W Carter Plousma of Carlsbad HS 2019 (Gamepoint)

– Runs the floor very well and has solid skills. Finishes above the rim and shoots it fairly well with 3 range. Can defend at a high level… D2


6’8” PF Viktor Rajkovic of Branson HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

– Has a college ready body. Rebounded the ball well, a physical presence. Gets to the basket on the drive… D2/NAIA


*6’8” WF Sebastian Reynoso of Alisal HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

– One of the surprise performances in the event, a sleeper no-more. Good frame that plays with some physicality.  Capable of hitting shots out past the arc and putting the ball on the floor some.  Has a nice skill set that is only going to get better and make him even more of an inside/outside threat. Pursues rebounds aggressively, pretty competitive…D2


*6’5 SF Steven Richardson of Grant HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #1)

– Long and athletic wing that is versatile. Can score from the perimeter and on the drive. Good passer than can find the open man. Solid rebounder… D2/LM


6’8” WF Skylar Robinson of Dublin HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

– Long skinny frame that can put it on the floor some, shoot it from deep, potentially switch 2-4 on defense, and has nice touch around the basket.  Like his upside, but probably not your immediate impact guy…. NAIA/D2


*6’3 SG Isaiah Saams-Hoy of Eastside College Prep 2019 (Ascending Life)

– Somewhat of a sleeper who made a name for himself in this event. Can turn the jets on and get to the basket on the drive consistently. Solid ball-handler that plays in attack mode… Solid D2





*6’4” SF Elijah Seales of Foothill Bakersfield HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

– High major vertical athlete that has improved quite in bit in the past year. Has a bigger body that allows him to guard 2-4 at the right level and go inside/outside on the offensive end.  More of an athlete right now that is continuing to sharpen his skills…. NAIA


6’7 PF/C Joseph Silveira of Berean Christian HS 2019 (Prime)

– Big-bodied post man. Can dribble operate on the block and has a no-jump hook. Decent shooter with 3 range. Ok rebounder in his box… D3


6’5” SF Travis Snider of Torrey Pines HS 2019 (Gamepoint)

– Better athlete that had a few dunks, including one in traffic. More of an athlete than a basketball player right now, but not far off.  Can defend 2 to 4 at the right level…. NAIA/D3


*6’5” SF Kevin Stone of Santa Clarita Christian HS 2019 (Prodigy)

– Longer wing that lets the game come to him.  Has athleticism that is displayed at the rim and good ball skills that get him looks offensively. Can score at all three levels, moves ok without the ball. Would have liked to see him look for more opportunities…. D2/LM


*6’9 PF/C Luny Tap of Forest Lawn HS 2019 (Planet Athlete Red)

– Long and fairly athletic, thin and needs more bulk/strength. Shoots it ok mid-range, solid rebounder, can block shots. Has a nice upside… D1 (red-shirt is his best option)


*5’10 G Brett Thompson of James Logan HS 2019 (West Coast Fire)

– Very athletic guard that is always on the run. Up tempo in his game. Can shoot it with long range. Plays with no fear, does force it some… High D2


*6’7” WF Jayden Trower of Valencia HS 2019 (BTI #1)                                                                           

 – Long wing that can go inside/outside, but likes to float on the outside primarily.  Can affect the game in multiple ways with his versatility in and fluidity.  Has plenty left in the tank in terms of potential, but needs to have a more of a consistent motor and look for his opportunities to attack more…. LM+


*6’8 C Tsontne Tsartsidze of Modesto Christian HS 2019 (Ascending Life)

– Solid post up player with scoring skills. Pretty active but is a little inconsistent. Good rebounder in his box that does pursue the ball… LM+


6’3 CG Makhi Turner of Eduprise HS 2019 (Lions Truth)

– Very athletic with a burst of speed. All-around scorer that can break down defenders. Can handle the ball comfortably with pressure. A little too fancy at times… D2


*6’1” CG Jael Vaughn of Herriman HS 2019 (Salt Lake Rebels)

– One of the better defenders in the event that also had nice pace on the offensive end.  Shot a good ball and had an explosive first step. Effective in transition. Makes things happen and there’s definitely a useful spot for him at the next level… D2


*6’6 W Alex Villi of Clovis West HS 2019 (California Bulldogs)

– Impressive wing that understands how to play and is a genuine competitor. Confidence ball handler who can score off the bounce consistently. Pull up game in his best onset…  D2


*6’7 PF Khalil Washington of Providence HS 2019 (BTI #1)

– Decent athlete who works hard and gets things done. Very solid post up player with a mid drop step. Pursues rebounds aggressively, has a consistent motor… D2


*5’11” SG Dominique “Diggy” Winbush of Taft HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

Showed tremendous feel, change of direction, change of speed, and craftiness.  More of a playmaker than a scorer, but showed he can do both. Penetrates consistently, can finish at the rim, dish to teammates, float it over bigs, and shoot it from the outside…. D2


6’1 CG Jayden Winfrey of Redondo Union HS 2019 (Independent #2)

– Effective playmaker in transition – has good court vision and finds the open man. Solid floor general who makes pretty good decisions… D2


*6’6 SF/SG Hunter Woods of Golden State Prep 2019 (Independent #1)

– Showed out at this event and was one of the top performers. Impressive long-range shooter (catch and shoot). Physically very mature. Has a pull-up game and can finish. Impacts the game… LM


Names to Note: (*indicates highest consideration)

6’2 CG Julian Alvarez of Ontario Christian HS 2019 (Gamepoint)

*6’10 Breno Antonello of Orangewood Academy 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

6’1 PG Roland Banks of Cathedral HS 2019 (Middlebrooks Academy)

6’5 SF Omar Beard of Huntington Park HS 2019 (Burbank Bulldogs)

6’7 PF Garret Cason of St. Ignatius Prep 2019 (Prime)

5’8 PG Kendall Collins of Inglewood HS 2019 (The Truth)

6’2 G Vincent Cooke of Woodcreek HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #2)

6’4 SG Savion Elohim of Heritage Christian HS 2019 (BTI #2)

5’10 G JT Estes of Las Lomas HS 2019 (Prime)

5’8 PG Anthony French of Zion Benton HS 2019 (Planet Athlete White)

5’11 SG Jamie Gipson of Del Campo HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento #2)

*6’8 PF Eric Grajales of ASI Prep 2019 (BTI #2)

6’1 G David Hector of Moreau Catholic HS 2019 (Lakeshow #1)

6’5 PF Chris Howard of Granado Hills Charter 2019 (Reach & More)

6’11 C Lee’Andre Howard of Cathedral HS 2019 (Middlebrooks Academy)

6’6 PF Jordan Hunt of Piedmont 2019 HS (Lakeshow #2)

7’0 C Dallas James of Inglewood HS 2019 (The Truth)

5’10 PG DJ Leaks of Oakland HS 2019 (Oakland Soldiers)

*6’5 SF Lawrence Long of San Leandro HS 2019 (Oakland Soldiers)

6’7 SF/PF Jihyad Mapp of Canoga Park HS 2019 (Reach & More)

6’3 F Allen Marron of Sylmar HS 2019 (Untouchables)

5’10 PG Claude McKesey of Middlebrooks Academy 2019 (Middlebrooks Academy)

6’1 CG Kian Nader of Viewpoint HS 2019 (BTI #2)

6’1 PG Mike Odom of Fresno HS 2019 (Planet Athlete Red)

6’5 SF Andres Pacheo of Arcadia HS 2019 (Planet Athlete White)

6’4 SG Eli Reynolds of Cottonwood HS 2019 (Salt Lake Rebels)

6’2 CG Mikey Robinson of West Catholic HS 2019 (Planet Athlete Red)

6’6 PF Teiquan Rush of Bullard HS 2019 (Lakeshow #1/California Bulldogs)

5’11 PG Jeumaane Salim of Grant HS 2019 (Reach & More)

6’2 SG Dathan Satchell of Modesto Christian HS 2019 (Lakeshow #1)

6’7 PF Eden Smiercanin of Mesquite HS 2019 (Planet Athlete White)

6’6  PF Travis Snider of Torrey Pines HS 2019 (Gamepoint)

6’5 SG Brody Steinhart of California HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)

*6’6 SF Malcom Steadman of James Logan HS 2019 (West Coast Fire)

6’4 G/W Christ Swardstrom of Crean Lutheran HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

*6’5 PF/SF Connor Terrell of San Luis Obispo HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Marx)

5’11 PG Jaylen Thompson of Murray HS 2019 (Salt Lake Rebels)

6’4 SF Blaise Threatt of Chapparal HS 2019 (Planet Athlete Red)

5’9 PG Myles Threatt of Serra HS 2019 (The Truth)

6’5 SF Leonard Turner of Moreau Catholic HS 2019 (West Coast Fire)

6’6 SF Jordin Udenze of St. Anthony HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

*6’3 G/W Isaiah Victor of Manteca HS 2019 (Lions Truth)

6’3 CG Jeryn Williams of Clayton Valley Charter 2019 (Prime)

5’11 PG Ousmani Williams of Rohnert Park HS 2019 (Lakeshow #2)