Report On 2019 Nor Cal Middle School Combine

The first annual Nor Cal Middle School Combine was held on Sunday December 22nd, 2019 at Bascom Community Center in San Jose. Here is a report on the event.

Top prospects:

Guard/Wing- Adam Aeed (8th grade)

Aeed is a very steady performer at the guard/wing position. He is a pretty consistent scorer who shoots it well with 3-point range. He has a high IQ and knows how to play.


Shooting Guard- Dylan Amaro (8th grade)

Amaro is a shooting guard who makes things happen. He uses the floor well, handles the ball confidently and has an ok pull up game in the half court. Amaro is also a capable rebounder from the guard position.


Combo Guard- Corban Bixby (7th grade)

Bixby is a combo guard who is a confident ball handler and a good passer. He moves ok without the ball, shoots it fairly well with 3-point range and has a nice floater.


Point Guard- Bryce Clepper (7th grade)

Clepper is an athletic point guard who gets things done at both ends of the court. He’s a confident ball handler and good passer. He’s a fairly good shooter with long range, he has a nice floater shot and he is a solid driver. Clepper is also a capable defender who can create havoc for his opponents.


Small Forward- Jack Glennon (8th grade)

Glennon is a versatile wing who is a complete all-around player. He has a full arsenal on offense, being able to handle it, shoot it fairly well (with 3 range) and pull up in the half court (has a floater shot). He is also a decent defender and rebounder.


Power Forward – Diego Martinez (8th grade)

Martinez is a forward who shows some ability to play inside and outside. He can handle the ball and gets to the basket on the drive. He can also make plays for himself around the basket.


Guard/Wing – Charles Mathis III (8th grade)

Mathis handles and passes the ball well and does a nice job finishing in transition. He has a solid pull-up game in the mid-range and can consistently get to the basket on the drive.


Power Forward – Hush Mehta (8th grade)

Mehta is a four man who plays facing the basket and has solid skills. He’s an ok ball handler and he can shoot the ball with long range.


Guard- Soham Nighojkar (8th grade)

Nighojkar is an athletic guard with the skills to make plays on the fast break. He’s a smooth ball handler and a good passer who can create for himself and for his teammates.


Shooting Guard -Swastik Purathepparambil (8th grade)

Purathepparambil is a solid combo guard who impact the game at both ends of the floor. He can handle and pass it and has the ability to finish in transition. He can shoot it some (with 3-point range) and is a capable driver. Purathepparambil is also a solid on-ball defender who moves well in a stance.



Point Guard- Caleb Rollins (7th grade)

Rollins is an athletic and energetic one man who really impacts the game. His burst of speed is a real asset in transition and in the half court. He can finish on the fast break and he has a very nice hesitation move in the half court. He can score from all three levels (perimeter shooting, pull-up game mid -range, drives to the hoop). He also penetrates into the lane consistently. Rollins is a difficult matchup for the opponent.


Small Forward- Zayne St. Laurent (7th grade)

St. Laurent is a wing who is a nice all-around scorer. He finishes ok in transition, shoots it ok with long range, has a solid floater and is a fairly good driver.


Small Forward- Erik Wang (8th grade)

Wang is a small forward with long arms who is a versatile player. He’s an ok ball handler who can get to the basket on the drive and also can post up. He does a nice job defensively containing his man as an on-ball defender.


Other Prospects to Consider: (* indicates highest consideration for this category)


Guard/Wing- Jacob Applebaum (7th grade)

Fair athlete, confident ball handler, moves well without the ball, shoots it fairly well mid-range.


Shooting Guard- Michael Armeniakos (8th grade)

Handles fairly well, decent shooter with 3-point range, ok driver.


Guard/Wing-Caleb Asante (8th grade)

Good athlete, capable ball handler and passer, ok driver, has a floater.


Center- Chris Chavez (8th grade)

Big body, a presence inside, can defend and rebound, makes the effort.


Combo Forward- Brian Chou (7th grade)

Can play inside and outside, decent ball handler, can pass it ok shooter with 3-point range, capable rebounder.


Small Forward- Ezekiel Dop (8th grade)

Ok athlete, capable ball handler, fairly good shooter


Combo Forward- Max Felden (8th grade)

Plays inside and outside, has a nice shooting touch, good rebounder.


Shooting Guard- Ray Huang (8th grade)

Solid ball handler, real good passer, can make plays in transition, ok driver.


Combo Guard- Robert Ji (8th grade)

Runs the floor well, capable ball handler and passer, can make plays in transition.


*Combo Post- Moses Kim (8th grade)

A presence inside, works hard, capable rebounder, hard worker.


Guard- Saatvik Kommareddi (7th grade)

Ok athlete, can handle and pass it, knows how to play.


Combo Guard- Evan Lee (6th grade)

Ok athlete, handles the ball, plays with energy, can defend.


*Forward- Theo “T-Rock” Mc Dowell (8th grade)

Can play inside/outside, handles fairly well, decent driver.


*Combo Guard – Osha Moloney (7th grade)

Solid ballhandling and passing skills, sees the floor well in transition, finds the open man on the break as well as get to the basket and finish.


Point Guard- Richi Saravanan (7th grade)

Runs fairly well, decent shooter with 3-point range, plays with energy.


Combo Guard- Billy Rosechlein (8th grade)

Can handle the ball, shoots it ok with 3-point range, has a motor.


*Point Guard- Jacob Segura (8th grade)

Capable ball handler, decent driver, can run the team, works hard on defense.


Point Guard- Mykael Thompson (7th grade)

Fairly athletic, capable ball handler, gets to the basket on the drive.


Point Guard – Luke Wilson (8th grade)

Can handle and pass it, ok playmaker in transition, moves well without the ball, has a floater, a real hustler.



All Combine Team:


Corban Bixby (7th grade)

Bryce Clepper (7th grade)

Caleb Rollins (7th grade)

Zayne St. Laurent (7th grade)


Adam Aeed (8th grade)

Dylan Amaro (8th grade)

Jack Glennon (8th grade)

Moses Kim (8th grade)

Diego Martinez (8th grade)

Charles Mathis (8th grade)

Theo McDowell (8th grade)

Hursh Mehta (8th grade)

Soham Nighojkar (8th grade)

Swastik Purathepparambil (8th grade)

Jacob Segura (8th grade)

Erik Wang (8th grade)