Report on 2019 Bay Area Competition Clinic

The 16th Annual Bay Area Competition Clinic was held Saturday September 7, 2019 at Nor Cal Courts in Martinez. Approximately 200 players participated. Here is a report on the event.

Top Prospects: (*Indicates highest consideration)

*6’8 C/PF Nolan Bessire of Montgomery HS 2022 (NBBA Donnellan)

Bessire certainly attracted attention with his performance in this event. He is a solid post-up player with a variety of moves. He is a good shot blocker with anticipation as a rim protector. He is also a capable rebounder. Bessire clearly belongs high on the class of 2022 radar.


6’0 CG Caden Flowers of Capital Christian HS 2021

Flowers is a tough-minded combo guard with a high motor. He is effective with the ball in his hands in transition. He can get to the basket on the drive and he can knock down the 3-pointer. He has also a high IQ.


6’2 W Maurice Freeman of Oakland HS 2020 (Blueblood Wildcats)

Freeman is an active and athletic wing who makes plays at both ends of the floor. He is a slasher who can be hard to guard. He plays in attack mode and creates havoc for the opponent. He is also adept at playing passing lanes defensively.


5’10 PG Angelo (AJ) Gilbert of Albany HS 2020 (Blueblood Wildcats)

Gilbert is a steady ball hand handler who gets in the lane consistently to make plays for himself and others. He pushes the break and makes pretty good decision. He is effective using a ball screen and making the right read. He’s a good standstill shooter from 3 range and is also a physical defender.


5’8 PG Benjamin Jenkins of Tamalpais HS 2023 (NBBA Turner)

Jenkins pushes the break and is very effective in transition making plays (has a nice pull up). He has a nice skill set- can handle, pass and shoot. He also runs a team effectively.


*6’4 G/W Evan Johnson of Capital Christian HS 2020

Johnson is an athletic guard/wing who impact the game at both ends. He works real hard defensively and does a nice job pressuring the ball one on one. He can knock down the 3-point shot and is very good at getting to the hoop on the drive. Johnson has division 1 potential.


6’3 CG Sion Lose of Capital Christian HS 2021

Lose is a combo guard who really understand how to play the game. He is a smooth player who makes good decisions. He also shows the ability to score from all three levels.


5’8 PG Jayson Mathews of Grant Union HS 2020

Matthew is a bright young prospect with skills and athleticism. He has very nice burst and good ball handling skills. He shoots it ok with 3-point range. Matthews is one to follow in the class of 2022.


6’0 PG AJ Mc Gee of Grant Union HS 2020

Mc Gee is a skilled and athletic one-man ball handling and shooting are his best assets. He has a high IQ. Mc Gee is a division 1 prospect.


*6’5 CF CJ Mc Millan of Capital Christian HS 2022

Mc Millan is a physical and athletic combo forward. He can score inside and does a nice job finishing with contact. He is a solid rebounder who pursues the ball.


6’2 G/W Teryn Morrison of Monterey Trail HS 2020 (YBA SR)

Morrison shoots it fairly well with long range, but his shot selection is a bit shaky. He’s a capable ball handler and passer who is developing point guard skills. He is also an adequate rebounder. He creates havoc on the defensive and making steals.



 PG 5’9 Tyler Oda of Napa HS 2022 (NBBA Donnellan)

Oda is a poised one-man who handles it real well and has great vision as a passer. He is a run-the team floor general and he is developing into a scoring threat as well.


*5’9 PG Nate Jean-Pierre of Palma HS 2022 (Seaside’s Finest)

Jean-Pierre is a true point guard with nice burst. He is a high-energy guy who pushes the break consistently. He attacks the basket and has a nice first step and a clever hesitation move. He has the ability to play full court defense. Jean-Pierre is a division 1 prospect with a bright future.


*6’1 PG Jalen Scott of St Patrick- St Vincent HS 2020 (Green & Gold)

Scott was one of the stand-out players at this event. He pushes the break consistently and is excellent at pulling up on the run. He can also finish in transition well. He is a good shooter with long range and he has a nice pull-up game. Scott is a division 1 prospect.


6’5 WF Kareem Rowe of Mc Queen HS 2020 (Nevada’s Finest)

Rowe is a strong and somewhat athletic combo forward. He attacks the basket aggressively on the drive. He has a nice face-up game and pulls up nicely in the half court. He can also finish in the post.


6’6 CF Jaylen Thompson of St Joseph. Norte Dame HS 2022 (Arsenal Varsity #1)

Thompson has real long arms and he uses his length to block shots. He can elevate and finish over defenders using his superior athleticism. He is a solid driver with a nice first step and a fairly good rebounder. Thompson merits D1 consideration.


*6’7 PF Anthony Williams of Whitney HS 2022 (YBA Elite Collins)

Williams is an athletic four -man who is very active. He’s a decent ball handler who has a nice one-bounce drive. He shoots it ok up to 3-point line (has a funny rotation). He is also a solid rebounder.


*6’1 PG Corey Yerger of Grant Union HS 2021

Yerger is a talented one-man who can hurt you in a lot of ways. He is very athletic with nice burst and up-tempo is his game. He’s a scorer and a distributor in the half court. He has a nice first step on the drive. Yerger is a sure-fire Division 1 player.


6’3 SG Zach Zafran Of Woodside Priory HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity #1)

Zafran is a skilled and athletic two guard. He’s a capable ball handler with a solid pull up game in the half court. He moves well without the ball and in a fairly good shooter with 3-point range.







Other Prospects to Consider: (* indicates highest consideration)


6’0 SG Jaden Adams of Monterey HS 2021 (Seaside’s Finest)

Fairly good athlete, capable ball handler, ok playmaker in transition, pulls up in the half court, has a nice first step.


6’4 CF Adegoke Adeyemi of Deer Valley HS 2020 (Team Select)

Real athletic- runs and jumps, offensive needs some polish, good rebounder who pursues the ball, has

some upside.


5’8 PG Tristan Inda Ali of College Park HS 2022 (Team Independent)

Handles and passes it, sees the floor, can shoot it, tough on-ball defender, has a high IQ


6’3 W Anthony Arnone of St. Francis HS (Metro Mirage)

Hard-working wing, finds ways to get things done, skills could use some polish, can defend all five position.


6’6 F Puneet Bains of River Valley HS 2020 (YBA SR)

Stretch four who can shoot the 3, pick and pop guy. Rebounds and bangs at a high level. Understand the game, very competitive.


5’10 PG Anton Bass of Oakland HS 2020 (Blueblood Wildcats)

Penetrates well and can score or pass in the lane effectively. Good decisions on ball screens. Understands how to play defensively. Unselfish team guy.


5’10 PG Isaiah Baptist of Kimball HS 2022 (Team Independent)

Confident ball handler, sees the floor, can shoot the 3-ball, poise under pressure.


6’5 SF Develle Brown of Grant Union HS 2020

Fairly athletic, capable ball handler, fairly good mid-range shooter, solid driver.


5’9 PG Danzell Bryner of College Park HS 2020 (Arsenal Varsity #2)

Can run a team. Plays with confidence. Makes the right pass at the right time.


6’1 G/W Devin Carson of Deer Valley HS 2022 (Team Select)

Fairly athletic, plays all three perimeter positions, handles and passes it fairly well, reliable 3-point shooter, has a pull up game in the half court, team player.


6’0 PG Cameron Chantha of Piner HS 2021 (Santa Rosa Bear Cubs)

Confident ball handler, high IQ/good feel, makes good decisions, controls the tempo/runs the team, shoots it with 3-range.


5’10 PG Jason Cibull of Alameda HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity #1)

Has strength and athleticism. Confident ball handler, solid driver who consistently gets to the rack. Capable defender.


6’0 CG Omari Davis of Vanden HS 2021 (YBA 17)

Nice-looking shooter who takes good shots, solid ball handler, nice athlete with speed to burn, high IQ.


6’4 PF Ainsworth Fish of Redwood HS 2023 (NBBA Turner)

Solid post moves, can shoot it to 3-point range, can finish inside, pursues rebounds well.


6’4 F John Frazier of St Francis HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

Plays wing/post, can shoot it to 3 range, can be physical, solid rebounder.


*6’0 PG AJ Gbeintor of Rocklin HS 2021 (YBA 17)

Excellent handler, passes it well, finishes in transition, gets in the lane and creates for his teammates, good 3-point shooter off the dribble, knows how to play.


6’2 PG Dominic Girish of Sonoma Valley HS 2022 (NBBA Donnellan)

Average/fair athlete, competent ball handler, ok driver with a hesitation move, can shoot it with 3 range.


6’6 C Milo Goehring of Nevada Union HS 2022 (YBA Elite Collins)

Solid foot works and posts moves, sees the floor well from the block, good mid-range shooter, can rebound, has a high IQ.


6’6 SG Kobe Harris of Kimball HS 2022 (Team Independent)

Deceptively athletic, can handle it, creates his own shot, moves well without the ball, decent rebounder.


6’0 CG Hayden Johnson of Cardinal Newman HS 2021 (Santa Rosa Bear Cubs)

Can score at all three levels, high IQ, aggressive, sees the court, maximizes what he has.


6’1 PG Brian Lambey of Granite Bay HS 2020 (YBA SR)

Athletic, one-man, solid ball handler, finishes in transition, has a pull-up game in the half court.


5’9 PG Keith Maldia of Sobrato HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

Aggressive, competitor, hustler, solid ball handler and passer.


5’10 PG Mekhi Morris of Capital Christian HS 2021

Athletic- runs real well, handles it confidently, capable defender.


6’3 W Blake Murray of Vintage HS 2020 (NBBA Prescott)

Shoots the 3 -fairly well, handles and passes it fairly well, attacks the basket and finishes above the rim, has a pull-up game, solid defender.


6’6 C Harry Nauci of Santa Clara HS 2021 (West Coast Xtreme)

Average athlete, big body, a presence inside, can score on the block, high level rebounder in his box.


*6’1 SG Ramon Neely of Oakland HS 2020 (Blueblood Wildcats)

Plays with energy on both ends. Initiates the break consistently well, can shoot it with 3-range. Can be a little careless at times. Solid rebounder from the guard position, vocal team defender.


*6’6 CF Cameron Niles of Del Campo HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity #1)

Athletic combo-forward. Competent ball handler, finishes well in transition. Has a middle game in the half court. Capable rebounder.


6’1 PG Logan Nothmann of Vintage HS 2021 (NBBA Prescott)

True point guard, handles it well, creates for them, can shoot 3, pull up and finish on the drive, very high IQ.


*5’11 SG Kenechi Onuaguluchi of Capital Christian HS 2021

Solid ball handler, drives it well-has a hesitation move and can finish with a floater, decent defender.


6’5 SF Mike Phillips of Clovis West HS (Everybody Eats)

Capable ball handler, makes plays in transition, attacks the basket on the drive, can rebound.


6’2 CG Jared Saddler of Piner HS 2020 (Santa Rosa Bear Cubs)

Fair athlete, smart, aggressive at both ends, can score at all three levels, good courts vision.


5’8 PG Nigel Scott of Bentley HS 2020 (Team Independent)

Smooth ball handler, creates for others, good driver with a quick first step, tough defender-gets some steals.


5’8 PG Vishal Srinivasan of St. Francis HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

Real solid ball handler, gets in the lane and makes plays, developing as a perimeter shooter


6’4 GW Jovan Thomas of Oakland HS 2020 (Arsenal JV)

Long and athletic guard/wing. Solid ball handling/pursing skills sees the floor. Makes plays in transition.


5’10 CG Felix Tomaneng of St. Ignatius Prep 2022 (Team Independent)

Good ball handler and passer, quick and crafty. Creates for himself and others, solid defender.


*6’4 SF Jonathan Schooley- Tyson of Grant Union HS  2021

Excellent athlete, long arms, fairly good strength, can handle it, gets to the basket on the

drive, real good rebounder.


*6’2 WF L.ejuan Watts of Clovis West HS 2020 (Everybody Eats)

Fairly athletic, has a pull up game half court, shoots it ok 3-range, aggressive in transition, rebounds at both ends.


6’3 G/W Desmond Winn of Victory Christian Academy 2020 (YBA SR)

Very good athlete, lock-down perimeter defender. Can get into the lane and finish, streaky shooter.


5’9 PG Tavion White of Pittsburgh HS 2021 (Team Select)

Smart, hard working solid ball handler, has a middle game half court and a nice floater, pretty complete players.


Names To Note: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’2 SG Vincent Andrea of Heritage HS 2022 (Team Select)

6’5 PF Larry Ballard of Demonte Ranch HS 2020 (Nevada’s Finest)

6’0 SG Jake Beere of Branson HS 2022 (NBBA Donnellan)

6’0 SG Jackson Bingham of Willow Glen HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

5’7 PG Jerrell Blackmon of Liberty Union HS 2020 (Team Select)

6’1 SG Adam Bridge of Folsom HS 2022 (Team Independent)

6’6 PF Cole Capitani of Vintage HS 2022 (NBBA Turner)

5’5 PG Jaren Carr of Clovis West HS 2020 (Metro Mirage)

5’10 PG Mitchell Conway of Damonte Ranch HS 2020 (YBA SR)

6’2 SG Derek Diaz of Salinas HS 2020 (Seaside Finest)

6’1 SG Josh Estrada of Newark Memorial HS 2022 (Team Independent)

6’2 PG Dexter Francis of Mountain House HS 2022 (Arsenal JV)

6’0 SG Brayden Greenlee of NAPA HS 2021 (NBBA Prescott)

*6’5 F Will Heimbrodt of Sir Francis Drake HS 2022 (NBBA Donnellan)

6’1   F Nate Heppberger of St. Francis HS 2023 (Metro Mirage)

5’10 G Jared Johnson of Santa Teresa HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

6’0 SG Josh Kendra of Pioneer HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

*6’5   F Maurice Lattimore of Woodcreek HS 2020 (Arsenal Varsity #2)

5’10 SG Nick Lira of Bella Vista HS 2022 (Team Independent)

6’3 W Caden Maas of Marin Catholic HS 2023 (NBBA Turner)

6’2 SG Varun Madabhushi of Gunn HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

6’3 G/W Michael Mora of Gunn HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

5’9 PG Wilfrid Nado of St Patrick-St Vincent HS 2020 (Green & Gold)

6’5 PF Donat Rexhepi of Salesian HS 2020 (NBBA Prescott)

5’10 G Sterling Rivera of Reed HS 2021 (Nevada’s Finest)

6’3 G/W Michael Setia of San Ramon Valley HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity #2)

5’5 PG Adrian Suniga of Palma HS 2020 (Seaside Finest)

5’9 PG Steven Titus of St Mary’s HS 2023 (Arsenal JV)

*5’10 CG Ryas Vang of Clovis West HS 2021 (Everybody East)

5’10 PG Colin Walsh of Davis HS 2022 (YBA Elite Collins)

6’2 G/W Kosi Warner of Santa Cruz HS 2022 (Arsenal Varsity #2)

5’10 PG Chris White of Kennedy HS 2022 (YBA Elite Collins)

6’4 SF Kwali Williams of Burbank HS 2021 (YBA 17)