Report on 2018 West Coast Elite Unsigned The Bay showcase

The 1stAnnual West Coast Elite Unsigned The Bay showcase for available high school seniors and Junior College players was held April 27-28, 2018 at NB Courts in Livermore.  Here is a report on the event with the top prospects who caught our attention.


Top Prospects:

6’8” PF Samuel Adjei of San Diego Miramar College 2016 (Arizona)                                                                    Good size frame with wide shoulders has capability to score inside and outside to 12-15ft. Capable low post scorer, but needs to improve offensive footwork in post.  D2-NAIA player

6’5” WF Nadav Altit of Valley Torah HS 2018 (Utah State)                                                                                    Good size and length, with fairly good ball handling skills, shoots catch and shoot “3”.  Needs improvement on speed and agility.

6’2” CG Joel Anderson of LA Harbor College 2018 (Utah State)                                                                            Plays at a good speed and tempo, above average passer with decent vision and can bully defenders to basket and score.

6’5” WF Gerard Andrus of Feather River College 2018 (Utah)                                                                                -Athletic with above average motor and can run floor and score over top of defenders and make plays. Decent shooter with range from “3” if gets his feet set and legs under him.  Makes plays on defensive end of floor changing and blocking shots. LM+ player

6’4” WF Austin Armstead of College of the Canyons 2018 (Colorado)                                                                   Lefty, shoots ball from perimeter mostly in transition situations and on the break.  He has a capable handle and can dribble operate and run offense.

6’1” PG Abdul Bah of East LA College 2017 (USC)                              

-Long wiry, with good athleticism, okay handle who can create off the dribble for himself and shoot off the dribble and score. Volume scorer who gets shot off extremely quick!  Good on ball defender. LM-D2 player


6’10” C Colin Bell of East LA College 2018 (Stanford)                                                                                           Big body with physicality and strength, plays with vigor on defensive end of floor.  Much improved offense player in low post and has nice up and under move. Clears space and rebounds in area.  LM-D2 Player

6’2” G Jamal Bogan of Lane CC (OR) 2017 (Stanford)                                                                                                     -Strong and powerful, who plays bigger than size indicates has ability to get to front rim and finish through contact. Capable shooter from 3pt range.  Can guard multiple positions.

6’0” PG Kyree Brown of Berkeley HS 2018 (Arizona)                                                                                            Scorer and knock down shooter from perimeter, can score off the dribble and can get to front rim and use physicality well to score with contact.  Brings energy to game and instills confidence in other players. D2 player

6’4” WF Jonell Burton of San Jose City College 2018 (Utah State)                                                                      Athletic and slender with good burst and explosion, has ability to create off the dribble and get to a spot on the floor and pull-up shoot the ball.  Needs to improve on ball handling and shooting stroke to play at higher level. D2+ player.

6’9” F Jermaine Camacho-Small of East LA College 2019 (Utah State)

-Good length and size with ability to shoot ball from mid-range and score around the basket. **Sleeper**


6’7”  WF Bryce Cheney of Mesa CC (AZ) 2018 (Stanford)                                                                                     Nice length with decent hands and feet, can run the floor and has fair ball handling skill and is above average 3pt shooter. Can guard multiple positions.  Needs to become a more consistent shooter.

6’0” CG Terry Clarendon of Butte College 2018 (Arizona)                                                                                     Solid handle who creates off the dribble and can score in the lane.  Above average on ball defender.

5’9” PG Lamont Couch of Tracy HS 2018 (Oregon State)                                                                                      Small and good with ball in his hands and has good floor vision. Makes positive plays for others and has a good feel for game.  Can create for himself and get in lane and makes floaters. **Sleeper**

6’4” W Akeem Dear of Napa Valley College 2018 (Utah State)                                                                          Good size and physical imposing who has above average ball handling skills and can finish through contact at the basket.

6’7” F Andre Edwards of Arizona Western Junior College 2018 (Washington State)                                                                -Athletic and explosive with nice hands and feet, scores around basket with both hands.  He is a capable rebounder who can rebound above rim.                          

6’0” PG Rob Fuller of East LA College 2018 (Arizona State)                                                                                  Quick floor general who can get to basket and score the ball. Defends on-ball at a high level.  NAIA-D2 player

6’0” CG Tyler Ginyard of Chaffey College 2018 (Washington)                                                                              Shifty with ball and creates and gets in lane and scores.  Volume scorer and can shoot “3” with range. Competitor and the defensive end of floor. NAIA player

6’4” W Chiddy Golden of College of Alameda 2017 (Oregon State)                                                                       Good length with good ball handling skills can make plays off the dribble and scores at the front rim.

5’10” PG Jayden Hampton of Napa Valley College 2016 (Oregon)                                                                        Quick with ball and has ball on string and has ability to turn corner and get to basket and score.  Has good change of pace dribble. NAIA 2

6’6” SF Dayshone Henry of Ventura College 2016 (Arizona State)                                                                         Athletic runner, who makes plays above the rim and is a capable ball handler to make straight line drive plays at the rim. Can shoot over top of defenders and stretch floor to 15ft.  LM player

6’6” PF Billy Hollman Sr of Soledad HS 2018 (Stanford)                                                                                        Nice frame with good shoulders, decent footwork in post and has ability to finish around basket and on open face up plays.  

6’4” W Ezekiel Holman of Lincoln HS 2018 (Arizona State)                                                                                  Slender with good length, runs the floor and has ability to read and come off screens and shoot the ball,  needs added strength to shoot ball at more consistent level.

6’8” F Soloman Hunt of East LA College 2018 (Oregon State)                                                                               Big body with great hands, buries defenders and seals well.  Can score with either hand in post and clears space and rebounds above rim.  MM player

6’3” G Chris Jackson of LA Harbor College 2019 (Colorado)                                                                                   -Lefty, with nice passing and ballhandling skills, plays slow with ball and is effective at making guys around him better.  

6”4” SF Calvin Johnson of Napa Valley College 2020 (Colorado)                                                                          Lefty, undersized with good hands and is a capable ball handler and shooter from 15ft.  Has nice footwork in post and is quick off the floor.

6’7” SF Jaden Jones of Lemoore HS 2019 (Oregon)                                                                                                Runs floor well and is a face-up player on perimeter with quick release on jump shot and reads ball off the rim. D2 player

6’1” CG Michael Kalu of College of the Canyons 2018 (Arizona State)                                                                 Strong, physical and tough. Plays with moxie and can make athletic plays at front rim.  Needs to improve shooting stroke. NAIA-NAIA 2

5’10” PG Dante Nobles of College of Alameda 2018 (Colorado)                                                                             Quick with solid ball handling skills and can create for others and get to front rim off dribble from different spots on floor.    

6’7” F Jared Nyivih of Chaffey College 2018 (Oregon)                                                                                           Length with average athleticism, has ability to handle ball on perimeter and make straight line plays to basket and finish in traffic.   NAIA 2 player

7’0” C Jordan Whitsett of Butte College 2018 (USC)                       –Long with great length and wing span, solid hands and feet and can hold position in the post.  Turn around jump hook in post and does nice job of taking offensive players legs out in post. LM player

5’10” PG Jamel White of Feather River College 2018 (Utah)                                                                                  Strong and physical scorer who can make plays for himself or create for others.  He has an above average motor with the heart of lion. Competes on both sides of ball.  

6’0” PG Brenton Woods of Compton Dominguez HS 2018 (Washington State)                                                     Quick with good handle, turns corner gets in paint and delivers and makes positive plays for teammates.  Shoots ball from “3”.