Report On 2018 Nor Cal Fall Showcase  

The 3rd annual Nor Cal Fall showcase was held on Sunday October, 28th at Chabot College in Hayward. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects:  (*indicates highest consideration)


6’2 Jorge Cedano of Manteca HS 2019 (Port City Hitt/Port City Manteca)

Cedano is a combo guard with impressive all-around skills. He can handle the ball (but does need to tighten it up a bit) and is a good passer. He shoots the ball fairly well with 3-point range and has a clever floater shot, He has a nice mid-range pullup game and is a solid driver. Cedano also shows a solid jump hook on the block.


6’0 CG Cameron Dampier of St. Mary’s (Stockton) HS 2021 (Port City Mathews)

Dampier is a fairly athletic combo guard with a versatile all- around game. He can score from all three levels (perimeter shot -3 range, mid-range pull-up game and on the drive). Dampier is also a capable rebounder.


*6’2   PG Geronimo De La Rosa of Brookside Christian HS 2021 (Coaches ExtraordinAIR)

De La Rosa was one of the pleasant surprises of the event with his consistently effective performance. He is an athletic and skilled one man who impacts the game. He’s a solid ball handler who is a gem in transition, showing the ability to pull up and also to finish. He is a fairly good shooter with 3-point range who also gets to the basket on the drive. He is also a capable rebounder from the guard position. De La Rosa is a proven scorer but needs to become more of a distributor in a half-court setting. But he clearly belongs on the 2021 radar!


5’10 SG/PG Jacob Ebert of Cornerstone Christian HS 2021 (Coaches ExtraoridinAir)

Ebert is a combo guard with an excellent motor who is always on the go. He’s a decent athlete with a little burst who can run all day long. He is a solid ball handler and a good passer who sees the floor and makes plays with the ball in his hands. He finishes well in transition and has a nice half court pull up game. Ebert’s best asset is that he is a consistent competitor.


6’1 PG Joe Garello of Carmel HS 2019 (Team Independent)

Garello is a smart and hard-working one man who really “gets it”. He handles the ball well and is a really good passer but most importantly he makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. He sees the court well in transition and finds the open man. He goes aggressively to the hoop on the drive and can finish. He also works hard at the defensive end. Garello is a pretty complete player who any coach would want on his team.


*6’7 CF Bryce Johnson of St. Mary’s HS (Stockton) 2019 (Port City Hitt)

Johnson is a combo forward with some athleticism and strength who “brings it” every time he steps on the court. He makes a lot of effort plays at both ends on the floor. His best skills are passing, very consistent rebounding and his ability to get to the basket on the drive. He needs to develop his perimeter game some. Johnson knows how to play and he maximizes what he has. Simple put he is a good guy to have on your side.


*6’2   G/W Gabriel Patrick of American Canyon HS, 2021 (Arsenal)

Patrick is an athletic guard/wing with some wiry strength and long arms, who is earning his way onto the 2021 radar with his play. He shows the ability to score at all three levels: he shoots it ok with 3-point range even though his shot has a funny rotation, he pulls up well in the mid-range and he has a nice hesitation drive to finish at the rim. Patrick is a bright young prospect with a nice upside.


6’5 SF Manish Peters of San Ramon Valley HS 2019 (Team Steady)

Peters is a three man with solid offensive skills. He handles it well and is a good passer who can get things done in transition. He is a confident shooter with long 3-point range. He also has a pull game half court and a solid one-bounce drive to the basket. Peters needs to improve on the defensive end.


6’0 SG Aden Shoemaker of Monte Vista HS 2019 (Team Steady)

Shoemaker is a real solid two-man who is the definition of tough. He competes non-stop and gets a lot done. He can handle and pass the ball, has a solid pull-up game mid-range and gets to the hoop on the drive. He moves well without the ball creating havoc for the defense. Without a doubt, Shoemaker maximizes what he has.


*6’1 PG/CG   Brett Thompson of James Logan HS 2019 (Arsenal)

Thompson is an athletic combo guard with a motor who never stop running. He is a confident ball handler who pushes the break consistently, making plays for himself and others. His favorite shot is the pull up in transition and he shoots it well with long 3-point range.  Thompson could use a little work defensively.


6’2 W Domonick Victor of Manteca HS 2019 (Port City Manteca)

Victor is a very athletic wing who made a strong impression in this event. He finishes very well, both in transition and in the half court. He can post up some and has a nice turnaround shot on the block. He’s a solid rebounder who can imitate the break himself. The big question for Victor is his outside shot. He must prove himself in this regard.


6’2 G/W Dera Vixon of Deer Valley HS 2019 (Blaze)

Vixon is a bouncy and athletic guard/wing with nice burst. He is a capable ball handler with a nice pull up game in the half court. He has a nice first step and gets to the basket on the drive consistently. Vixon is a little thin and needs to develop some bulk/strength.


6’4 CF Gavin Wilburn of Weston Ranch HS 2020 (Port City Mathews)

Wilburn is a strong and big-body combo forward who gets a lot of things done. He’s a confident ball handler who can gets to the basket on the drive. He can post up some using his physical prowess. He is a solid rebounder who outlets the ball well. The question for Wilburn at this point is his perimeter shooting.


Others to consider:  (*indicates highest consideration)


*5’9 PG Cole Arabian of Concord HS 2019 (Blaze)

Solid ball handler, pulls up well half court, moves well without the ball, catch and shoot, ok driver, competes.


6’0 PG Mison Coilton of Weston Ranch HS 2021 (Port City Matthews)

Fairly athletic, handles it well, does see the floor, has a hesitation drive, can run a team, a bit too fancy at times.


6’0 SG Josh Da Cruz of St Mary’s (Stockton) HS (Port City Matthews)

Average athlete, can handle it, pulls up half court, moves ok without the ball, makes effort plays.


5’10 CG Tobi Falase of Deer Valley HS  2019 (Blaze)

Good athlete, ok ball handler, can pass, ok playmaker in transition, ok driver with a fairly good first step.



6’3 CG Alex Harris of Homestead HS 2020 (Team Independent)

Fairly athletic, thin, solid ball handler, passes fairly well, capable playmaker in transition (pulls up well), shoots it ok.


*5’10 PG Maurice Hunt of Pittsburg HS 2019 (Blaze/Steel City)

Real athletic, nice burst, handles and passes it well, sees the floor, can finish in transition, has a floater, quick hands on defense.


5’10 CG Kyle Jasper of Stuart Hall HS 2020 (Team Independent)

Runs fairly well, a little thin, can handle it, good passer has a pull up game half court, fairly good shooter with 3-point range.


5’10 CG Ian Johns of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep 2021 (SF Celtics)

Fair athlete, thin, ok ball handler, can pull up half court, has a  hesitation move, ok shooter (shot has sideways rotation)


6’4 SF Roman Livingston of Bear Creek HS 2020 (Port City Hitt)

Athletic, thin, real long arms, solid driver, can block shots.


*5’7 PG Alfred Njunge of Pittsburg HS 2019 (Steel City)

Real nice athlete-speed and quickness, handles and passes it well, makes plays in transition (sees the floor), finishes well on the drive, can shoot it, pesky defender, plays hard.


6’4 CF Caleb Onuonga of Mountain View Academy 2020 (Team Independent)

Ok athlete, ok ball handler, decent short drives, has a floater, capable rebounder.


6’7 C Aaron Pouoa of Bear Creek HS 2019 (Port City Hitt)

Ok athlete, decent strength, decent/ok ball handler, can dribble operate on the block, can rebound.


*6’4 PF John Reitenbach of Edison (Stockton) HS 2020 (Coaches ExtraoridinAir)

Athletic, ok strength, long arms, has a nice drop step, good rebounder who pursues the ball, can block shots.


5’7 PG Leander Sese of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep 2021 (SF Celtics)

Fair athlete, ok ball handler, fairly good (set) shooter with 3-point range, works hard on defense.


6’1 SG Sinjin Speer of Clayton Valley HS 2019 (Team Steady)

Decent athlete, runs well, can handle it, moves fairly well without the ball, good shooter with 3-point range.


6’0 CG Trent Stechschulte of Monte Vista HS 2019 (Team Steady)

Fair athlete, strong, confident ball handler, has a solid pull up game, fairly good shooter with 3 range, sneaky first step on the drive, smart.


6’1 G/W Isiah Victor of Manteca HS 2019 (Port City Manteca)

Excellent athlete, runs well, ok strength, can handle, passes it well, capable playmaker in transition, pulls up well in the lane, can rebound.


6’5 PF Alonzo Washington of Pittsburg HS 20221 (Steel City)

Fairly athetic, can handle and pass it some, can score around the basket, improving shooter, pursues the rebound.


6’2 SF Billy Whiting of Lincoln HS 2019 (Port City Hitt)

Good athlete, nice hops, ok ball handler, can pass, can drive, has a pull up jump hook.


6’3 SG Jeryn Williams of Clayton Valley HS 2019 (Team Steady)

Fairly good athlete, handle and passes it well, it, pulls up in the half court, has a hesitation move.


Names to Note:


6’4 SF George Carter of Brookside Christian HS 2019 (Coaches ExtraordinAir)

5’10 PG Braxton Copeland of St Patrick- St. Vincent HS 2020 (Blaze)

6’1 SG Holden Hughes of St. Francis HS 2021 (Team Independent)

5’6 PG Curtis Lee of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep 2022 ( SF Celtics)

6’0 CG Desmond Mac of Oakland Tech HS 2021 (Team Independent)

5’8 PG Ian Malagan of Venture Academy 2022 (Port City Matthews)

6’0 SG Lawrence Panilio of Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep 2021 (SF Celtics)

6’5 PF/C Christian Pitcher of Berean Christian HS 2019 (Team Independent)

6’1 W Dariuss Robertson of Pittsburg HS 2019 (Steel City)

6’3 W Verico Wheeler of Antioch HS 2019 (Blaze)