Report on 2018 Bay Area Competition Clinic

The 15th annual Bay Area Competition Clinic was held Saturday September 8th at Nor Cal Courts in Martinez. Approximately 160 players participated. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects: (*Indicates Highest Consideration)


*6’0 CG Sean Akers of Union Mine HS 2020 (Independent 2)

Consistent competitor who makes things happen. Pushes the break hard and makes plays in transition. Handles and passes it, shoots it ok with 3 range, has a floater. Plays in attack mode.


6’6 CF Julius Alcantara of Serraa HS 2020 (The Club)

Long and athletic. Can get to the basket on the drive, has a nice jump hook. Real good passer.


5’8 PG Cole Arabian of Concord HS 2019 (Independent 1)

HIGHLY competitive one-man with a big-time motor. In perpetual motion getting things done. Solid ball handling and passing skills. Runs a team and makes good decisions.


6’2 CG Gabe Bansuelo of Bishop Manogue HS 2019 (YBA Elite 2019)

Competitive combo guard who is a little under the radar. Very good shooting stroke (has 3 range). Real nice passer.


*6’0 PG Mark Barerof Archbishop Riordan HS 2020 (Bay City 15s)

A very skilled shooter who displays excellent change of speed both on and off of the ball. Does a great job of patiently waiting for plays to develop.


5’10 Daron Benson of Piedmont HS 2020 (Scots Hoops)

Can affect the game in many ways, savvy ball handler who can create. Has a real nice hesitation drive, can shoot it some with 3 range. Capable defender.


6’4 PF Ignacio Bettinelli of Sobrato HS 2021 (West Coast Extreme)

A High I.Q. Passer who can also drill midrange jumpers. A strong high post threat.


5’10 SG Jalen Brown of Washington MS 2023 (Seaside’s Finest Black)

Has a pretty decent offensive skill set. Has a good understanding of the game.


6’5 SF Jordon Bryant of Del Campo HS 2019 (YBA Elite 2019)

Athletic wing with a nice ethic. Solid rebounder and defender.


*6’5 SG Nigel Burris of Stuart Hall HS 2021 (Bay City 16/17 Select)

Real good shooter who can score at will anywhere on the floor. Physical frame allows him to handle contact well on drives. Efficient player who makes the most of his opportunities, rebounds well. Bright prospect!


*6’2 SG Jorge Cedanoof Manteca HS 2019 (Port City 17s)

A three-point sniper who uses his high I.Q. to run off of screens effectively and also display very good passing ability, can postup some. He competes defensively by using his length well.


6’4 SF Kaleb Drake of Laguna Creek HS 2020 (Independent 2)

Fairly athletic wing/guard with some size. Can take defender off the dribble into nice pull up. Shoots it fairly well with 3 range. Coachable player who “gets it.”

6’4 W Eric Donaldson of Antioch HS 2019 (Rivertown Basketball Club)

Overall solid contributor. Can handle and pass it, has a middle game, shoots it mid to long range, can finish at the rim.


5’10 PG Jacob Ebert of Cornerstone Christian HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity 17’s)

Strong footwork makes him a tough cover off of the dribble. Skilled passer who competes at a high level. Plays with a lot of confidence. Shoots it well with 3-point range. Shows some ability to rebound from the guard position.


6’8 PF Bryce Fitzgerald of Monterey Trail HS 2019 (YBA Elite2019)

Has the ability to score inside and outside the box. Capable passer. Solid rebounder in his box. Need consistent effort.


5’11 CG Caden Flowers of Capital Christian HS 2021 (CC)

Solid ball handler with the ability to penetrate and create and also finish. High motor and great communicator.


6’5 PF/C John Frazier of St Francis HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

Moves ok without the ball. Has some length to block/change a shot.A high I.Q. player who has above average passing ability to go with his three-point shooting stroke. A little clever around the basket. Needs to improve athleticism and lateral movement.


6’4 SG Mahmoud Fofana of Santa Teresa HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

A fluid athlete who plays above the rim. His length allows him to get by defenders with ease to finish at the cup. A very good passer who can knock down jumpers from deep. Also a very strong cutter in space. Makes good decisions. Needs consistent efforts.


*6’6 SF Manson Freisch of Cardinal Newman HS 2019 (Arsenal Varsity 17s)

Competitive wing with solid skills who has a nice lift. Shot has a funny rotation but he knocks them down. Very good driver who finishes well.


*6’5 PG Kolton Frugoli of Bishop Manogue HS 2019 (YBA Elite 2019)

Plays with great patience and footwork. Very high I.Q./feel for the game especially as a passer. Very good shooter, explosive and able to finish at the rim, tough minded. Good one to have on your side!


6’1 SG Joe Garelloof Carmel HS 2019 (Independent 2)

Shooter who is able to score well from midrange. He loves contact when attacking the basket and competes hard all game long. Understand how to play, has some toughness.


6’3 G Preston Hall of Capital Christian HS 2019 (CC)

Can finish in transition, moves fairly well without the ball. Goes hard on the drive, fairly good shooter with 3-point range. Team leader.


*5’10 PG Luke Harris of Piedmont HS 2021(Scots Hoops)

Very quick off of the dribble matched only by his court vision. A good shooter who is vocal and competes on defense. Hard working and efficient-knows how to play.


*6’3 PG David Hector of Moreau Catholic HS 2019 (Independent 1)

Very powerful driver who loves contact. Very strong finisher at the rim. Loves to post smaller guards and has strong passing ability. Able to dominate a game without scoring. Good rebounder, will defend.


*6’3 PG Jay Henry-Ryan of Stuart Hall HS 2020 (Bay City 16/17 Select)

An elite passer who sees the game before it happens. Plays with a unique tempo off the dribble which makes him difficult to defend. An intense competitor who maintains poised regardless of the situation. Plays hard!


6’0 PG Drew Hooks of Sobrato HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

Does a good job running the offense.Makes plays in transition. Can shootfrom or finish with a move to the basket.


5’11 Miles Hudson of Palo Alto HS 2021 (Arsenal Jr HS)

Solid ball handler who has some burst of speed. Shows a nice pull-up in the half court.


6’6 PF Jordan Hunt of Piedmont HS 2020 (Scots Hoops)

Long arms with the ability to affect a shot, has a mid-range shot and an ok one bounce drive. Still a bit raw but is one to watch.


*5’10 PG KJ Jasper of Stuart Hall HS 2020 (Independent 1)

A High I.Q.player who displays vocal leadership abilities.Elite shooter with deep range. Decent handler who gets to the rim some.


*5’10 PG Nate Jean Pierre of Palma HS 2022 (Seaside’s Finest Black)

Lockdown defender who competes hard all game. A nightmare in transition who excels at finishing at the basket. Sees the floor well. Has a high IQ.


5’10 PG Dante Jean-Pierre of Palma HS 2019 (Seaside’s Finest Red)

A leader who can run a team. Has the ability to finish at the rim. Defensive minded-can pressure the ball.


6’5 SF Jevon Jesus of Serra HS 2020 (The Club)

Fairly athletic wing, solid pull-up game mid range. Excellent passer. Can finish in traffic. Has a feel for the game.


*6’7 SF Bryce Johnson of St.Mary’s (Stockton) HS 2019 (Port City 17’s)

A matchup nightmare who excels at slashing to the basket.  He also has the ability to post and find teammates with timely passes. He has a relentless motor that he uses to seemingly sprint CONSTANTLY. A good charge taker as well.


*6’4 Evan Johnson of Capital Christian HS 2020 (CC)

Has a pretty complete all-around game. Versatile skill set offensively and is a solid defender.


6’0 PG Spencer Lin of Menlo Atherton HS 2021 (Arsenal JV 16’s)

Confident ball handler and passer who sees the floor well. Makes plays for his teammates consistently.


6’3 PG Sione Lose of Christian Capital HS 2021 (CC)

Real good ball handling and passing skills. Has a high IQ. Solid mid-range pull up game.


6’0 PG Brandon Lum of St. Ignatius Prep 2022 (Bay City 15’s)

A true floor general who constantly organizes his teammates and puts them in positions to be successful. Strong footwork and patience allow him to get into the paint to create for others or himself. Also a solid shooter and a good defender.


*6’2 SG Gabriel Patrickof American Canyon HS 2021 (Arsenal Varsity 17’s)

Lightning quick off of the dribble. Uses his length and speed to create space to shoot or get to the basket at will. Has a solid hesitation move and an ok floater shot. Pulls up in the half court and is  a capable rebounder and defender.


*6’3 CG Zyon Pullin of College Park HS 2019 (Arsenal Varsity 17s)

Skilled and athletic combo guard who is a nice all-around scorer. Has a nice hesitation move and he shoots it ok with 3 range. His best asset is his ability to pull up in the half court.Ok defender.


6’4 SG Jaylin Reed of Lodi HS 2019 (Port City 17U)

Athletic wing with deep catch and shoot range. He uses his length and high motor to create havoc on defense. A very strong cutter and finisher at the rim. Good rebounder.


6’3 SG Austin Ronzone of Bishop O’Dowd HS 2020 (Independent 1)

Handles and passes it well. Can make plays in transition. High IQ and plays with confidence/effort.


*6’8 PF Jonah Rothof Rio Americano HS 2019 (Independent 2)

Very versatile player who is “Positionless”. A gifted passer who is able to shoot the three and attack closeouts with ease. He competes defensively inside and out while showing solid footwork guarding on the perimeter. Very good feel for the game.Has length and some athleticism. Can bounce it some and get to the basket on the short drive. Can step outside and hit the 3. Need to develop a consistent postup game. One to follow…


6’0 PG AJ Saldana of Salinas HS 2019 (Seaside’s Finest Red)

Competitor who makes things happen. Confident ball handler who can create for himself and others.


*6’2 PG Dante Sawyer of Antioch HS 2021 (Rivertown Basketball Club)

Balancing patience and aggression, he slashes to the basket at will where he can show his athletic ability. He shows excellent court vision and uses it to find passing angles with ease. Nice all- around shooter.


*6’1 PG Carson Simi of St.Mary’s (Stockton) HS 2019(Port City 17s)

The epitome of a floor general and elite thinker of the game who can see the game develop multiple steps ahead on both ends of the floor. He leverages this ability with excellent passing ability and anticipating steals or charges off of the ball. Tough minded and able to finish in contact.


6’3 G/W Jacob Skaggs of Los Altos HS 2020 (Metro Mirage)

Handles and passes it ok and can make a play on the break. Can put it down in the half and get to the basket. Decent shooter with 3 range. Can defend positions 1-4. Needs to develop physical strength.


5’10 PG Vishal Srinivasan of St. Francis HS 2022 (Metro Mirage)

Pretty solid ball handler. Finds ways to get by the defender into the lane. Decent shooter with 3 range, has an ok floater.


5’10 PG Nick Tripaldi of Menlo-Atherton HS 2020 (The Club)

Confident ball handler, real nice passer. Sees the floor in transition. Shoots it well with 3 range.


6’5 SF Justice Turner of Riordan HS 2019 (The Club)

Athletic wing with a good feel for the game. Can shoot it from outside. Can defend 1-3 positions. Does compete and is coachable.


6’1 G Evan Wallis of Archbishop Riordan HS 2022 (Bay City 15)

A nice all-around scorer. Can shoot it with 3 range, has a nice floater shot and is very crafty on drives to the basket.


5’7 PGD’Montay Warner of Antioch HS 2020 (Rivertown Basketball Club)

Incredibly tough-minded player who competes hard. Lightning quick off of the dribble and cannot be pressed in the backcourt. Solid finisher at the rim.


6’4 CG Noah Yang of Willow Glen HS 2020 (West Coast Xtreme)

Steady combo guard who plays with a lot of poise. Finishes well under contact and excels at changing directions to keep defenders at bay. Can knock down the open pull up jumper.