On The Radar From The Nor Cal Summer Preview

The Nor Cal Summer Preview was held Saturday and Sunday July 1-2 at Chabot College in Hayward. This report takes a look at some players in the event who put themselves firmly on the radar with their performance and some who etched in stone their already-existing place.


6’2 SG Trevor Cadigan of Menlo-Atherton HS 2025 (West Valley Basketball Club)

Cadigan is an intelligent and productive two-guard. He plays within himself and is a nice “fit guy.” He can shoot the ball with confidence (has some range) and does not force it. He runs the floor well and knows how to play without the ball.


5’8 PG Andrew Camello of St. Mary’s HS (Stockton) 2026 (Port City 16)

Camello was another one of those “who is that guy” performers from this event. He got a ton of things done and showed a very diverse set of skills. He is very effective in transition and has the ability to score from all three levels in the half-court.


6’6 PF Nick Corbett of Bellarmine Prep 2024 (College Park 17)

Corbett is a strong and powerful four-man with a motor and some skills. He looks like a football player but thankfully for his basketball development, he is not one. He moves well without the ball and is a very confident shooter with range. He pursues rebounds well at both ends. Best of all, he is a hard worker who will battle the whole way.


6’2 G/W Vincent Crisp of St. Ignatius Prep 2025 (Bay City Warriors 16 PC)

Crisp came to play and got a lot of things done at this event. He has sneaky athleticism/lift and runs the floor real well. He does a nice job finishing in transition. He can score in different ways, shooting it ok with 3 range (release is a little slow), posting up some, and getting to the bucket on the drive. He’s also a capable rebounder. Crisp is a pretty consistent performer who brings it all the time.


6’4 G/W Luke George of College Prep Academy 2023 (Nor Cal Ducks)

The man with the hot hand is Luke. This kid shot the lights out and hit some big buckets in money time. He also showed a nice ability to post up smaller players. He plays with a lot of poise and confidence and is another 2023 prospect who needs to be checked out.


6’6 PF/SF Jacob Gilchrist of 12 Bridges HS 2024 (PHPS 17 Hamilton)

Gilchrist was outstanding in this event and clearly proved he is a legit D 1 prospect. If there is such a thing as a sleeper nowadays he would be classified as one. It’s a real mystery why he does not have more interest. He’s a combo forward who is deceptively athletic and has a very impressive pull-up game in the half-court. He moves without it and he is a good shooter with range who takes good shots. Word to the wise- DO NOT sleep on Jacob Gilchrist.


6’6 Taylen Goodmam of Inderkum HS 2025 (PHPS 16 Childs and PHPS 17 Hamilton)

Goodman is a long and athletic four-man with the ability to score facing up. He handles it ok and has a solid first step and he can finish with contact. He can dribble and operate on the block and is also a capable rebounder. Goodman has an upside and looks to have a promising future.


6’2 SG Amari Gray of California HS 2023 (Sacred Hoops)

If you are a college coach looking for a guard be sure to watch the Baller TV live stream from this event. Gray was impressive and showed an elite level of athleticism. He has a nice first step with a good burst and gets by defenders on the drive consistently. He has the ability to finish with contact. He shoots it fairly well from 3 range and does a really nice job finishing on the break. Gray looks to be somewhat over-looked and is definitely a 2023 prospect worth checking out.


6’0 SG Kainoa Maraso of Rocklin HS 2024 (Count The Bucket x GU 17)

Marasco is someone you would ask “Who is that guy?” if you watched him in this event and did not know who he was. He plays with energy and is a really nice athlete. He has an impressive pull-up game- both in transition and in the half-court. And he makes plays for himself and others consistently by non-stop attacking.


5’8 PG Jaiden Miller of Liberty HS 2027 (Nor Cal Preps)

This youngster has just arrived on the scene and showed he belongs with his play. He has an impressive combination of skills and athleticism. He handles and passes it well and has an impressive mid-range pull-up game. He moves well without it, can shoot it ok with some range, and is an effective penetrator. If he can control his emotions, he shows some real promise moving forward.


6’3 SG Christian Truclair of Bethel HS 2025 (707 Premier)

Truclair is a fairly athletic two-guard who is a difficult matchup with his ability to score in different ways. About the only thing he did not show in this event was the ability to post up. He can finish in transition, pull up in the mid-range, get to the bucket on the drive, shoot it ok and he has a nice floater. Truclair is “hard to guard” as they say.


5’10 CG Wyatt Von Blanco of University HS 2026 (Bay City Warriors 15 MD)

Von Blacno showed a solid all-around skill set and an aggressive approach to the game. He is a solid ball handler who attacks in transition and does a very capable job-making plays. He sees the floor and is able to find the open man. He shoots the ball well with 3-point and he finds ways to come up with rebounds from the guard position.


6’6 PF/SF Jaden Washington of Justin-Siena HS 2024 (707 Premier)

Washington is a combo forward who shows the ability to score outside and inside. He can handle and pass it and can get to the hoop on the face-up drive. He shoots it fairly well with 3 range and has a solid turnaround shot on the block. And best of all he keeps coming at you non-stop.