This report takes a look at the prospect who participates in the Hoop Review evaluation/workout on Wednesday November 18th at Slam Academy in Hayward.

6’5 PF/SF Isaiah Gomez of Vanden HS (2020)

Gomez is a versatile combo forward who score in a lot of different ways.

He can handle the ball some and can pull up in the half court, and he can break down the defender on the one-bounce drive.

Gomez shoots it ok in the mid-range and he has a nice jump hook on the block. He also passes it fairly well and can find the open man.

He is a solid rebounder who owns it if he get his hands on it.

He is a solid prospect who belongs on the 2022 radar for coaches to check out.

5’9 PG Eric Green of Alvarez HS (2022)

Green is a very athletic one-man who can really get out and go on the break. Up tempo is the name of his game.

He’s a solid ball handler who has a nice pull-up game in the half court. He’s an excellent driver with a real nice first step who gets to the hoop consistently. He does need to hit his perimeter shot to force the defender to come out and guard him (and then go by him with his quickness).

Green impressively finds ways to come up with rebounds even though he lacks size. And he does make a lot of hustle plays. As a point guard he does need to be vocal.

This is a player who will be very attractive to college coaches when they watch him play.

5’10 PG Simon Minami of Palo Alto HS (2021)

Minami is a most impressive point guard with a great approach in teams of effort and understanding of the game. Simply, he knows how to play and he works at it.

He has good ball handling and passing skills and the ability to make plays for himself and others, both in transition and in the half court.

Minami is a confident shooter with long range and he takes good shots. He is also a solid driver who can get to the hoop and finish.

He can defend on the ball and will make things difficult for the opponent.

Minami WILL get the attention of college coaches when they watch him and will be a good fit for any team.

6’3 G/W Yaqub Mir of Granite Bay HS (2023)

Mir is an energetic guard/wing who can really score and is a tough matchup for the opponent. He will attack you on every possession.

He’s a capable ball handler who can push the break himself. And he can get out and run the floor as well.

Mir shoots the ball well with 3-point range and he has a lot of confidence in his shot. He’s an outstanding driver who goes to the hoop very aggressively. And he has a very effective floater.

His task is to attack on the defensive end (on a consistent basis) like he does on the offensive end. This will maximize his potential.

Mir is a basketball junkie and a definite Division I prospect who belong firmly on the 2023 radar.

6’4 PF Michael Moreno of Christian Brothers HS (2021)

Moreno is an intelligent and hard-working four man who has a high IQ and some versatility at the offensive end.

He shows a solid post-up game with a nice drop-step move and a turnaround shot on the block. He also has a face-up drive from the mid-range area.

Moreno moves ok without the ball and is a good passer who is unselfish.

He is a capable rebounder who will go after the ball. And he is an excellent help defender who really understands positioning and has good ball awareness.

Moreno brings a lot to the table that any coach will see when they check him out.

5’9 PG Cooper Rapton of Christian Brothers HS (2022)

Rapton is a competitive one man who finds ways to get a lot of things done. He won’t back down to anyone and will meet the challenge head on.

He can handle the ball and he has a sneaky first step and is able to get by defenders consistently. He shoots the ball fairly well with 3-range and he has a real nice floater. He passes it well and find the open man.

Rapton has a pretty good understanding of help defense but needs to be more aggressive as an on-ball defender. And he needs to be more vocal on the court.

But put this kid on the class of 2022 radar. He is going to be heard from.

6’1 SG Andre Vespieren of Christian Brothers HS (2022)

Vespieren is a hard-working two guard who knows how to play. He has a high IQ and his ability to talk on the court is most unique and valuable.

He’s a real good passer who is unselfish and does a nice job finding the open man. He moves well without the ball and he does an ok job of getting to the basket on the drive. He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Verspieren does work hard at the defensive end and he is a capable rebounder from the guard position. He could help himself by increasing his athleticism.

His smarts and his effort are things that ANY coach will value and appreciate.