Here is a report on the Hoop Review evaluation/workout on Wednesday, November 11 at Slam Academy in Hayward. The session was a matchup between the Central Valley Warriors and Team Different.

Central Valley Warriors

6’1 SG Ryan Borgeson of Sierra HS (2021)

Borgeson is a confident two-guard with a solid all-around offensive game and a good motor that is always running.

He can handle and pass it and he does attack and can finish in transition. He impressively pulls mid-range in the half court.

Borgeson moves well without the ball and he is a solid driver who gets to the hoop consistently. He shoots it ok with 3-point range and he has a solid floater.

He does competes pretty consistently and that is something that will catch the eyes of any coach who watches him play.

5’9 PG Arvin Chohan of Sierra HS (2023)

Chohan is a hard-working one-man with a pretty good understanding of how to play and some skills to go along with it.

 He is a confident ball handler who passes it fairly well and plays unselfish. He has the ability to make plays for himself and others. He can pull up at the end of the break and nail the shot.

Chohan shoots it ok with 3-point range and he has good shot selection. He never tries to force things and plays within himself.

He is a pretty steady performer who does not make many mistakes. Any coach can put a lot of trust in him.

6’2 SG Zachariah Curry of Sierra HS (2021)

Curry is an energetic shooting guard with some burst who is not fun to play against. He has a mentality/approach to jam it down your throat.

He is an EXCELLENT driver who breaks down defenders consistently (almost at will) and gets to the hoop and finishes.

He attacks in transition aggressively and can pull up at the end or finish with a floater.

Curry is in constant motion without it and he is a good passer who can make money passes. He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter. If he does that then he WILL go by the defender who comes out to guard him.

He is an impressive prospect in the 2021 class who college coaches need to get involved with.

6’3 PF Diego Montes of Sierra HS (2022)

Montes is a tough-minded four man who will battle on every possession from start to finish.

He is a team guy all the way who does all the little things that will help his team be successful. And his work ethic is second to none.

Montes is clever around the basket and he has a nice up and under move. He moves ok without the ball and he’s a fair 3-point shooter who can make the defense come out and guard him.

He is an aggressive rebounder at both ends who pursues the ball like it is a million dollars.

There is a place for a player like this on any team…

5’10 SG Joseph Obrochta of Sierra HS (2022)

Obrochta is a shooting guard with a solid all-around game who does different things to impact the game in a positive manner.

He is a capable ball handler and passer who rarely turns it over and does play unselfishly and can find the open man. He is a decent driver who seems to find a way to the hoop. He is also an ok set shooter with 3-point range (with a little slow release).

Obrochta manages to come up with some rebounds even though he is a guard without a lot of size.

He’s a pretty steady performer and any coach who watches him play will see that.

5’9 PG Noah Ramil of Sierra HS (2021)

Ramil is a real solid point guard who makes a positive impact on his team pretty consistently.

He is a major league passer who finds open teammates routinely. Magic or John Stockton would be impressed. He sees the court well and drops dimes over and over.

Ramil handles it confidently and can penetrate into the lane and makes plays. He can run a team and be a “coach on the floor’

He works real hard on defense and does not make it easy for the opponents.

He is a guy any coach can put a lot of trust in and has a lot of value for a team.

6’4 SF Christian Threadgill of Sierra HS (2021)

Threadgill is a versatile three-man who brings a lot of different things to the table.

He handles it ok and he can dribble operate on the block and is an ok one-bounce driver. He is clever around the hoop and has a decent turnaround shot. He does need to prove that he can shoot it from the perimeter.

Threadgill moves pretty well without it and will bury you if you fall asleep on him.

He is a good fit on a team and coaches will figure that out when they watch him.

Team Different

6’6 SF Harrison Carrington of Sacred Heart Prep (2021)

Carrington is an impressive three-man with a nice all-around offensive game. He can score every way possible and he plays in attack mode.

He is a solid ball handler and passer who can finish in transition. In the half court he is in constant motion without the ball.

Carrington shoots it well with long range and he is effective at catch and shoot. He shows some burst and is effective as a driver/penetrator. And he uniquely has some ability to post up.

He has proven that he is a legitimate prospect for the next level with his consistent performance. College coaches need to get on him.

5’9 PG Gino Cresci of Bellarmine Prep (2022)

Cresci is a strong and tough-minded one-man who knows how to play and is a team leader.

He has solid ball handling skills and he can run a team. He can pull up some mid-range and he moves ok without the ball.

Cresci can get to the basket on the drive and he shoots it ok with 3-range. He is pretty efficient and does not make many mistakes.

He does work hard on the defensive end and makes thing difficult for the opponent.

Cresci is a nice fit as a true team guy. Coaches will figure that out when they watch him play.

6’3 G/W Ryan Lykenn of Palo Alto HS (2022)

Lykenn is a guard/wing who has a versatile offensive game and can be a problem matchup for the opponent.

He is a capable ball handler who can pull up in the mid-range and also get to the basket on the drive. He shoots it confidently with long range and takes good shots. He even shows a little ability to post up.

Lykenn needs to show the aggressiveness at the defensive end that he shows at the offensive end.

But do put him on the class of 2022 radar for coaches to check out.

6’2 SG Parker Mc Donald of Serra HS (2020)

Mc Donald is now back on the radar looking for a school after a year off.

He is an athletic and talented two-guard who does play in attack mode. He’s a smooth ball handler who is effective finishing on the fast break. He is also a good and willing passer who finds the open man well.

Mc Donald goes very hard on the drive and also has a nice hesitation move. His perimeter shot is coming back but is not quite there yet…. but it will get there.

He is a solid on-ball defender who can pressure the ball well.

Mc Donald is a very legitimate college prospect who needs to return to the radar for coaches.

6’7 SF Zion Sensley of Riordan HS (2024)

Sensley had a brilliant performance at this session and showed that he has a very bright future.

He is a long and athletic three-man who is a big-time shooter with DEEP range. He shot the lights out from downtown consistently. I’m not saying he is that level but think of a young Klay Thompson. And he is nails at catch and shoot.

Sensley is a solid handler and a good passer who is effective in transition making plays for himself and others. He can get to the basket on the drive and can post-up some-he has a nice jump hook he shoots over the defender.

He does need to get bigger and stronger to prepare for the next level but that will come with age and natural development.

Make no mistake- this kid is a high-level player and the sky is the limit.

6’7 C Jake Tonsfeldt of Menlo Atherton HS (2022)

Tonsfeldt is a versatile five man who has some interesting possibilities.

He can dribble operate on the block and has an ok mid-range shooting touch.

Tonsfeldt is a good passer who is unselfish. He does a nice job setting screens to get teammates opens as well.

He needs to be more active and be willing “to mix it up” and play physical.

But he does have some potential for the next level and is worth checking out.