This report takes a look at the Hoop Review evaluation/workout that was held Wednesday December 16 at Slam Academy in Hayward.

6’3 PF Aden Cury of Santa Cruz HS (2023)

Curry is a warrior who will battle every day in every way. He is strong, tough, physical and aggressive. He can play inside and outside and impact the game quite well. He does a nice job on the face-up drive from the perimeter and shoots it ok with 3 range. Cury can post up and is clever around the basket finding ways to score. He is a rebounding fool who pursues the ball like it is a million dollars. Not sure, but “max effort” might be his middle name.

5’9 PG Khai Curry of American Canyon HS (2022)

Curry is a lightning quick one-man with a whole bunch of ability and a whole bunch of effort. He can really turn on the jets and he is a hustler with a capital H. Speed, quickness, burst are physical gifts he has and uses very well in transition and in the half court. Curry is an excellent driver with a great first step to beat defenders. He shoots it fairly well with long range. And he is a very aggressive on-ball defender who wants to guard the best players on the other team. This kids is going places in this game…

6’2 G/W Chase Durkee of Albany HS (2021)

Durkee is an athletic guard/wing who brings a lot of different things to the table. He has solid ball handling and passing skills and does an outstanding job making plays on the fast break for himself and others. He has a solid half court pull-up game, and he is an excellent driver. Durkee probably needs to prove himself as a perimeter shooter. He is solid rebounder and a capable defender. Good one to have on your side…

6’2 SG Kyle Ericksen of Turloch HS (2022)

Ericksen is a sharp-shooting two guard with a gun-slinger’s mentally. He can really drill it with long range. He loves to pull-up from way downtown on the break. He puts it up with a lot of confidence and believes every shot is going in. He can handle the ball and does on ok job getting to the hoop on the drive but that is not his mind-set. Ericksen does need to show more at the defensive end.

5’9 PG Luke Joseph of Turlock HS (2022)

Joseph is a tough-minded one man who comes to play and is a team guy all the way. He’s a confident ball handler and he can hit the open long-range shot. He works hard at the defensive end and makes it tough for the opponent. He does not make many mistakes and he understand how to play.

6’0 CG Daniel Malagon of Turlock HS (2022)

Malagon is an athletic and skilled combo guard who is nice all-around scorer. He can nail the shot with LONG range and he loves to pull up on the break. He has a very nice floater shot and he is effective finishing in transition. Malagon is a good passer who does a nice job finding the open man.

6’1 SG Charles Mathis of Weston Ranch HS (2024)

Mathis is a confident young prospect at the two-guard spot who shows promise for the future. He can handle it and he has an effective floater on the drive. He shoots it ok with 3-point range and takes good shots. Mathis does make hustle plays and he gives a pretty consistent efforts at both ends. He is willing to get in a stance and defend full force.

5’11 CG Shea Mattox of Valley Christian HS (2023)

Mattox is a fairly athletic combo guard with a pretty good understanding of how to play and a passion for the game. He plays on or off the ball and does whatever the team needs. He does need to become more confident handling the ball against tough pressure. Mattox does make a lot of hustle play and he works hard at the defensive end.

6’1 G/W Anthony Mendoza of Turlock HS (2021)

Mendoza had a very good performance at this session to help put himself on the radar. He has an excellent pull-up game, both on the fast break and in the half court. He has a very good-looking shot that he puts up with a lot of confidence. Mendoza has some burst and a real nice first step and consistently gets by defenders one on one.

5’10 PG Matthew Villanueva of Moreau Catholic HS (2022)

Villanueva is an energetic one-man who pushes the pace and never stops running. He’s a smooth ball handler who makes a lot of plays in transition. He is a good passer who drops dimes regularly. Villanueva pulls up nicely in the mid range and he is a good shooter with long range. He also has a nice floater. Best of all he has a solid motor that is always running.

6’2 SF Josh Weatherbee of Turlock HS (2023)

Weatherbee is a hard-working wing with a high IQ who is a very good fit as a team guy. He fills whatever role the team needs and gives a solid effort at both ends. He seems to have a knock for making the right play at the right time. He is unselfish to a fault and is willing to do the “dirty work.”  And he does not make many mistakes.

6’0 CG Tyson Weatherbee of Turlock HS (2021)

Weatherbee is a competitive combo guard with a solid all-around game. He handles it well and is a good passer. He has a real nice mid-range pull-up game and a sneaky first step on the drive. He has a funny-looking shot with a hitch in it but he can knock them down. Weatherbee has a clever floater and he can even post up a little. And he is in constant motion without the ball.

6’6 PF Kody Weary of Western Ranch HS (2023)

Weary is a long and athletic four man who can score in a lot of different ways. He can play inside or outside but seems to prefer playing face-up. He can handle it some and gets to the basket on the drive regularly. Weary is a solid mid-range shooter. He has a capable post-up game with an impressive jump hook. He is also a high-volume rebounder. If he leans to play hard all the time the sky is the limit for him.

6’3/W Kosi Warren-House of Santa Cruz HS (2022)

Warren-House is an athletic guard/wing with a solid offensive game. And he plays with a lot of confidence. He’s a capable ball handler who has a really nice first step on the drive. He also has an impressive pull-up floater. Warren-House does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter. He is a solid rebounder and a willing defender as well.