Here is a look at the prospects who participated in the Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout at Slam Academy in Hayward on Tuesday, September 8th.



6’4 G/W Courtney Anderson of Dublin HS (2023)

Anderson is a real athletic guard/wing with a very impressive ability to score.


He has an EXCEPTIONAL pull-up game in the half court. He pulls up like a pro.


He handles and passes the ball well and he is a very solid driver with a nice first step. Anderson has a great-looking shot and puts it up very confidently (with 3 range). He also has a pretty clever floater. He does need to move more without the ball.


Anderson is a capable defender but could be more aggressive at that end of the floor.


This kid is a high-level talent who will play basketball after college in some capacity. Note to high majors – get on him!



6’1 SG Donovan Cooks of Dublin High (2023)

Cooks is a fairly athletic two guard with a pretty skilled all-around offensive game. He has a lot of different weapons.


He is a good passer who does play unselfishly. He moves well without the ball and is in constant motion.


Cooks is a good 3-point shooter who takes good shots. And he can get to the basket on the drive.


He is a capable rebounder but does need to show more consistency as an on-ball defender.


Cooks is a definite prospect and he for sure belongs on the class of 2023 radar.



6’3 G/W Dom D’Augusta of Los Altos HS (2021)

D’Augusta is a competitive guard/wing who plays with purpose and effort on a consistent basis. He brings a whole lot of tools to the game.


He does a nice job finishing in transition and he has a solid mid-range pull up in the half court. He runs the floor very hard and very consistently.


D’Augusta is a good passer who finds the open man well. He shoots it pretty well with 3-range and he is an aggressive driver.


He is both a solid on-ball defender and a guy who understands team/help defense well.


D’Augusta is a solid prospect and will make some college coach very happy.



6’4 GW Nico D’Augusta of Los Altos HS (2022)

D’Augusta (brother of Dom) is a hard-working guard/wing who has a complete all-around game. Selling popcorn is about the only thing he does not do.


He has a pull-up game, both on the break and in the half court. He is a good shooter with 3 range who can nail it under pressure and does a nice job of catch and shoot.


D’Augusta is a solid driver and he has a nice floater shot. And he does play in attack mode.


He is a capable on-ball defender who works at it and a good rebounder who outlets the ball well.


D’Augusta is a very versatile player who is a real nice prospect in the 2022 class.




6’1 CG Brandon Gottlieb of Los Altos HS (2021)

Gottlieb is an aggressive combo guard with a lot of hustle to his game.


He has a pretty high IQ and understands how to play. He is fundamentally sound and seems to have a knack for making the right play at the right time.


Gottlieb is comfortable playing on or off the ball and he makes a lot of plays in transition.


He has a sneaky first step and he finds his way to the hoop on the drive by attacking hard. He is in constant motion without the ball.


Gottlieb is a tough-minded defender who gets in stance and will “guard hard.”


This guy is a good one to have on your side and college coaches will figure that out when they watch him play.



5’8 PG Keoni Hurskin of Dougherty Valley HS (2022)

Hurskin is an athletic one-man who is a basketball junkie/gym rat kind of guy. He loves to play and equally important, he is willing to work at the game to get better.


He’s a confident ball handler who pushes the break well. He will also get out and run the floor when he is off the ball.


Hurskin can finish in transition and also has a pull-up game in the half court.


He passes it well and can shoot it with range (but his shot has a tendency to fall short when he is tired).


He is a capable on-ball defender who could be more aggressive at that end.


Hurskin is a 2022 prospect that college coaches definitely need to check out.


5’10 SG  Savion Thompson of Lincoln HS (2023)

Thompson is a hard working two guard who plays with a lot of heart and determination. He really does a nice job of fitting into a team.


He is fundamentally sound and a smart player who understands the game well.


Thompson can handle and pass it ok and is an unselfish player. His best asset is his ability to pull up in the half court.


He works very hard at the defensive end and has a clear concept of team/help defense.


He could help himself to increase his athleticism some more.


Thompson is out to prove that he belongs on the 2023 radar.