This is a report on the Hoop Review Evaluation Workout Program that was held Tuesday September 15th at Slam Academy in Hayward.

6’3 G/W Liam App of San Ramon Valley HS (2022)  

App is a guard/wing who runs the floor well and has a pretty good understanding of how to play.

He’s a capable ball handler and a pretty good passer who does play unselfishly. He does a nice job of fitting into team.

App does a good job of moving without the ball. He’s a confident set shooter who has 3-point range. He does a decent job getting to the basket on the drive.

He works hard as a on-ball defender and tries to make it difficult on the opponent.

App will make an impression on college coaches when they watch him play.

5’10 CG Khai Curry of American Canyon HS (2022)

Curry is a VERY athletic combo guard with speed and quickness to burn.

He is a solid ball handler who pushes the break consistently and makes a lot of plays in transition for himself and others.

Curry does move well without it and is in constant motion. He probably needs to prove himself as a perimeter shooter (to force the defense to come out and guard him).

He is a solid defender who works at it and has the athleticism to guard anybody.

Curry is a legit prospect and belongs high on the class of 2022 radar.

6’2 G/W Jorren Edmonds of Washington HS (2021)

Edmonds is a real athletic guard/wing with a versatile all-around game. He makes contributions in a lot of different ways.

He’s a confident ball handler and passer with a very effective pull up game, both in transition and in the half court. He does a nice job getting to the basket on the drive and he uniquely has some ability to post up. Edmonds has an up and under move and a turnaround shot on the block.

He does need to become a more consistent perimeter shooter.

Edmond is a good rebounder who outlets the ball well. And he has a good understanding of help defense concepts.

He’s a solid 2021 prospect for coaches to put on their radar.

5’9 PG/G Keoni Hurskin of Dougherty Valley HS (2022)

Hurskin is an energetic and athletic guard who is always on the run (literally).

He is a smooth ball handler who confidently pulls up on the break and in the half court. He shoots it fairly well with range and he has a nice hesitation move on the drive.

Hurskin also does a pretty good job of moving without the ball and making it difficult for his opponent to stay with him.

He is a capable on-ball defender who just needs to be a little more aggressive and consistent at it.

Hurskin is a college prospect with the level to be determined. He spends a lot of time in the gym so he will continue to make progress.

5’10 SG Brett Jasper of Stuart Hall HS (2023)

Jasper is a confident two guard with a pretty good understanding of how to play the game.

He is a capable ball handler with some ability to pull up in the half court. He can pass it and knows how to find the open man.

Jasper is a confident shooter with long range who takes good shots. He believes every shot he takes is going in. He does need to develop a quicker release.

He does need to prove himself at the defensive end and he needs to develop some bulk/strength as he advances in the game.

But put Jasper on the 2023 radar as a prospect for college coaches to check out.

5’11 SG Sean Kennedy of Half Moon Bay (2021)

Kennedy is a skilled and competitive shooting guard with a lot of hustle to his game. He has some tools and he makes the effort on every play the whole way.

He has the ability to score from all three levels: perimeter shooting (3 range), mid range pull up and on the drive. He also is a constant motion without the ball.

He is a hard-working defender and a good and consistent rebounder from the guard position.

Kennedy is a real competitor who plays with a lot of confidence. He just needs to be more vocal.

This kid is a little below the radar but he definitely belongs on it in the class of 2021.

5’9 PG Joseph Mangonon of Washington HS (2021)

Mangonon is a hard-working one-man who is relentless at both ends of the floor. He competes and plays in attack mode.

He is a good ball handler and passer who can run a team. He also has the ability to play off the ball as well.

Mangonon does shoot it well with 3-range and has some ability to get to the basket on the drive.

He is a very solid defender who works at pressuring the ball as much as possible.

Mangonon is a player that any college coach will appreciate if he watches him play.

5’11 SG Charles Mathis of Weston Ranch HS (2024)

Mathis is an active two guard who plays with a lot of efficiency. He fits in well and does not make a lot of mistakes.

He handles the ball ok and has a nice floater in transition. He can get to the basket on the drive in the half court setting.

Mathis is a capable defender and rebounder who is willing “to do the dirty work”.

He is a team guy and he does work at it. Those are qualities that will serve him well as he continues on in the game.

6’3 W Michael Setiawan of San Ramon Valley HS (2021)

Setiawan is an active wing man who brings a lot to the table. He can cause problems for the opponent in a lot of ways.

He is a solid ball handler and a good passer. He moves well without the ball and he plays with purpose.

Setiawan’s best asset is his ability to get to the basket on the drive. He can elevate and finish very nicely. He also has a capable mid-range pull-up game. He does need to become more of a factor as a perimeter shooter.

He is a solid rebounder who has the lift to get the ball and he is also a willing defender.

Setiawan does show promise as a legit class of 2021 prospect.

6’4 G/W Mehki Thomas of Arroyo HS (2023)

Thomas is a real athletic guard/wing who shows a lot of promise in different ways.

He is very active and moves well without the ball. He has an impressive first step and he breaks down defenders one on one pretty consistently.

Thomas is a decent set shooter from the perimeter. He needs to work on a quicker release and master the catch and shoot technique. He also has a solid floater in the lane.

He is a solid rebounder and a capable defender who can guard anybody on the perimeter.

Thomas does have a bright future and is a very promising 2023 prospect.

5’4 PG Drew Wolf of San Ramon Valley HS (2023)

Wolf is a hustling one-man who brings a lot of energy and effort to the court. He does provide a spark for his team.

He’s a confident ball handler and a good passer who knows how to run a team. He is effective at facilitating the offense and being a floor general.

Wolf can shoot it some with range and only takes good shots. But he is very comfortable with the role of being a distributor.

He works hard on defense and is able to pressure the ball.

This guy has some fight in him and coaches will see that when they watch him.