This report takes a look at the prospects who participated in the Hoop Review evaluation workout on Tuesday October 27th at Slam Academy in Hayward. The session was a matchup between Team Different and the Santa Clara All-Stars.

Team Different

6’3 PG Harlan Banks of St. Francis (2022)

Banks is an athletic one man with nice burst and a solid skill set. He’s a solid ball handler who makes good decisions in transition. He pulls up well in the half court and he can score a lot of different ways.

Banks shoots it well with 3 range and he has an ok floater in the lane. He has a nice first step on the drive and also shows some ability to dribble operate on the block and post-up.

He’s a solid on-ball defender and a capable rebounder as well.

Banks is an impressive prospect who clearly belongs on the 2022 radar for college coaches.

6’2 CG Isaiah Kerr of St. Francis HS (2022)

Kerr is an athletic combo guard who is effective making plays in transition and in the half court. He is comfortable and capable playing on or off the ball. And he does a nice job of playing in attack mode.

He has an impressive mid-range pull-up game and nice hesitation move on the drive

Kerr is a good passer who can drop dimes and find the open man quite efficiently.

He pursues rebounds fairly well which is a little unusual for a guard.

Kerr will play division I basketball. The only question is what level he ends up at.

6’7 PF Garrett Keyhani of Serra HS (2022)

Keyhani is a versatile four-man with long arms who can do damage in a lot of different ways.

He can handle the ball and get to the basket on the face-up drive. He is a solid post-up player with a nice turnaround shot and a drop step move. And he shoots it ok with 3 range which stretches the defense.

Keyhani is a solid rebounder who does go after the ball. He is a willing defender as well.

He is a bona-fide prospect in the class of 2022 and coaches will like what they see when they watch him play.

6’3 SG Aston Korth of Home School (2022)

Korth was very impressive in the session. He is a strong and athletic shooting guard with burst. He has big feet (size 17) and will continue growing for a while.

He can score every way possible including showing some ability to post up. He is real effective in transition-he can pull up and he can go all the way and finish.

Korth is a good 3-point shooter (who is effective at catch and shoot) and he goes very hard to the hoop on the drive. And he does have a nice hesitation move.

He’s a decent defender and rebounder who can make somewhat of an impact in those areas.

Korth is a definite Division I prospect with a promising future.

6’4 SF Emmer Nichols of Sacred Heart Prep (2022)

Nichols is a competitive three-man who is aggressive and runs the floor hard on every possession and has a bit of burst.

He does a nice job dribble operating on the block and making a turnaround shot. He can shoot the ball with long range and he goes very hard on the drive to the basket.

Nichols hedges the ball screen well defensively and he is a solid rebounder

But his best asset is his ability to compete on a consistent basis at both ends. Any college coach will be attracted to this.

Santa Clara All-Stars

5’10 PG Vincent Burkes of Wilcox HS (2021)

Burkes is an athletic one- man who has burst and runs the floor very well.

He’s a confident ball handler who rarely turns it over. He has a real good first step and breaks down defenders on the drive pretty well. And he also has a nice hesitation move.

Burkes has a solid pull-up game in the mid-range. He probably does need to prove himself more as a perimeter shooter.

He is quite impressive at the defensive end. He’s a solid on-ball defender and he has a real understanding of help defense.

Burkes will get coaches attention when they watch him play.

6’4 PF/SF Gabe Gallman of Archbishop Mitty HS (2021)

Gallman is a hard-working combo forward who gives his best effort at both ends of the floor consistently. He does run the floor hard on every possession.

He is a competent ball handler who has a decent pull-up game and is an ok driver who finds his way to the hoop. He’s also a decent (set) shooter with 3-range.

The best thing about Gallman is the effort he gives at the defensive end-he works very hard at it! He is also a capable rebounder.

Gallman is a team guy all the way and does a nice job fitting in. Any coach can appreciate this.

5’11 SG Solomon Gebre of Wilcox HS (2021)

Gebre is an energetic two guard who runs well and never stops running. He has a consistent motor that is always on.

He handles it fairly well and is a pretty good decision maker. He is confident shooter from long range and he’s pretty good either off the dribble or at catch and shoot.

Gebre is in constant motion without the ball and will bury you if you fall asleep on him.

He finds a way to come up with some rebounds and he is a willing on-ball defender.

Gebre is worth checking out and belongs on the class of 2021 radar.

6’6 SF Zach Grandberry of Archbishop Mitty HS (2021)

Grandberry is a three-man who is a high-level marksman. He shoots it with a ton of confidence and has picture-perfect form.

He is a set shooter and the release is a little slow but he can drill it. And he has long range and is very effective at catch and shoot.

Grandberry can bounce it and is an ok driver and he moves fairly well without the ball.

He rebounds it ok but needs to show more at the defensive end.

Grandberry is a prospect for the next level for sure that coaches need to check out.

6’0 CG Isaiah Frazier of Wilcox HS (2021)

Frazier had an impressive all-around performance at this session. He continues to prove his legitimacy…

He’s an athletic combo guard who impacts the game in a lot of different ways.

He makes plays in transition (nice pull-up) and has a versatile arsenal in the half court.

Frazier pulls up very well mid-range and he consistently breaks down defenders one on one on the drive. And he has a clever hesitation move.

He is a streaky shooter but he can knock them down when it counts. And he has a very nice floater.

Frazier is a good defender who can pressure the ball and harass the opponent and he’s a solid rebounder.

He is a very nice prospect for the next level.. Get on him coaches!

6’3 PF Pace Nelson of Wilcox HS (2022)

Kurt Rambis would be proud of this young fella. He is a physical and aggressive four man who will fight you every step of the way. He is very aggressive and a hustler who defines the meaning of effort.

Nelson sets a real MEAN screen on ball. You want to run a pick and roll? This is your guy for sure to get the ball handler open.

He is a solid rebounder in his area and he works very hard on defense. He thrives on the “dirty work”

Nelson is the type of player that every team needs.