This report takes a look at the prospects who participated in the Hoop Review evaluation workout on Tuesday October 20 at Slam Academy in Hayward.

6’4 G/W Vinny Andrea of Heritage HS (2021)

Andrea is a guard/wing who can really shoot it and puts it up with a lot of confidence. He believes every shot is going in and willingly wants to take the big shot when the game is on the line.

He shows some ball handling and passing skills and he has a clever floater. And get to the hoop on the drive.

Andrea must show more at the defensive end but he does belong on the 2021 radar for coaches.

5’9 CG Jayden Doty of Dougherty Valley HS (2024)

Doty is a fairly athletic young combo guard who plays with confidence and won’t back down to anyone. He meets the challenge head on.

He can handle and pass it and shoots it fairly well with 3 range. He’s a solid driver who is not afraid of contact even though he has a slender body.

Doty has a high IQ and a pretty good understanding of how to play. But he must be more vocal on the court.

He does need to be more aggressive at the defensive end and must get stronger moving forward.

But Doty has a real good future and will be heard from as time rolls on.

6’1 CG Brandon Gottlieb of Los Altos HS (2021)

Gottlieb is a highly competitive guard who gets after it at both ends the whole way. He is aggressive and relentless and it does provide a spark for his team.

He has real solid all-around skills offensively and is comfortable and capable of playing on or off the ball as the situation dictates.

Gottlieb does a nice job pressuring the ball on defense and making things tough for the opponent

This is a kid that will motivate a coach to play him if you watch how he approaches the game.

6’3 G/W Isaiah Hinds of Heritage HS (2021)

Hinds is a skilled and athletic guard/wing who has a pretty solid all-around package. He can impact the game quite impressively.

His best asset is his ability to drive the ball to the basket. He can finish nicely.

Hinds has a solid mid-range pull-up and an effective floater. And he does move well without it.

He is a competent on-ball defender as well (but could be more aggressive at that end).

This kid is a bonafide 2021 prospect and college coaches need to get involved with him.

5’9 PG Kayleb Manuel of James Logan HS (2022)

Manuel is a hard-working one man who brings it and understands how to play.

He is a team guy all the way and will do anything the team needs. His approach is one that any coach would want.

Manuel has solid ball handling and passing skills. He can find the open man pretty consistently.

He has a really nice floater and is an effective penetrator/driver. He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Manuel really gets after it defensively and will meet the challenge of guarding a good player head on.

He will attract your attention if you check him out.

6’2 G/W Boden Sirey of Los Altos HS (2023)

Sirey is a hustling guard/wing who plays with a lot of energy. He maxes out everything he has. He runs the floor real hard on every possession.

He is a real good passer who plays unselfishly. He goes to the basket on the drive very hard. And he is in constant motion without the ball.

Sirey does need to work on his perimeter shot to get it to the point where it can be consistent.

He will get after you and harass you at the defensive end.

Nothing fancy from him–just a lot of effort.

6’3 Charles Sirey of Los Altos HS (2021)

Sirey is a competitive wing with a solid all-around game. He does bring a lot to the table and he brings it all with pretty consistent effort.

He is a capable ball handler with a solid pull-up game and a nice one-bounce drive. He can post up some and has a competent turnaround shot on the block.

Sirey moves well without the ball and he is a good passer who finds the open man. His ability to shoot from the perimeter is unknown at this point.

He is a solid rebounder and a willing defender who will do “the dirty work.”

Sirey is a guy who will make a favorable impression when you watch him.

5’11 CG Matthew Villanueva of Moreau Catholic HS (2022)

Villanueva is an energetic combo guard whose motor is always running. He has a nice burst and he does play in attack mode.

He handles it well and he is an excellent passer who drops dimes consistently. He’s effective making plays in transition and finishes nicely.

Villanueva also has a solid mid-range game and he can hit the open perimeter shot.

He finds a way to come up with rebounds despite not having a lot of size.

College coaches – get him on the 2022 radar and check him out.

6’6 W Jaylen Wells of Folsom HS (2021)

Wells is in a word – legit! He’s a long and athletic wing who is a very difficult matchup. He does damage in a lot of ways.

He can score in every way possible including a post-up jump hook. He shoots it fairly well with long range and he is an impressive driver who breaks down defenders consistently.

Wells has a good mid-range pull-up game and he moves well without it.

He is the definition of “hard to guard” in a lot of ways. Not fun to play against.

He is a good rebounder who can go get it and a decent on-ball defender.

Wells is indeed LEGIT. He is a good one to have on your side. Note to college coaches: get on him!