Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout- Tuesday August 25th

Here is a report on the Hoop Review evaluation/workout on Tuesday August 25th at Slam Academy in Hayward and the prospects involved.

6’4 PF/SF Eric Brown of Archbishop Mitty HS (2023)

Brown is a hard-working combo forward with a solid all-around skill set. He does have a high IQ and a good understanding of how to play.

He is a capable ball handler who scores in different ways. He has a mid-range pull up game in the half court and he can dribble operate on the block. Brown shoots it well with a lot of confident and he has 3 range. He also has a solid floater and moves ok without the ball.

Brown could help himself by working to increase his athleticism a little more. He also could show more at the defensive end.

But do put Brown on the radar in the class of 2023 as a legit college prospect.


6’1 SG Nico D’ Augusta of Los Altos HS (2022)

D’ Augusta is a competitive two guard who maximizes what he has. He has got skills and impressively, he makes a lot of effort plays.

D’ Augusta is a confident ball handler with a sneaky first step who gets to the basket on the drive consistently. He is a good 3-point shooter who takes good shots. He’s also very active without the ball.

He is a capable rebounder and a willing defender who will get after it at that end of the floor.

D’ Augusta has a nice package that would make a lot of college coaches happy.


6’1 CG Dom Girish of Sonoma Valley HS (2022)

Girish is an energetic combo guard who makes the effort on every play. His superior work ethic is the most impressive thing about him.

But he also has a pretty good package offensively. Girish can score at all three levels. He shoots it fairly well from long range. He has a solid pull-up game in the mid range. And he is able to consistently get to the hoop on the drive.

He will work hard at the defensive end and does what he can to make things difficult for the opponent.

Girish biggest need at this point is to be more vocal on the court. He needs to be heard.

He does have some real possibilities for the next level.

6’4 G/W Everett Hunter of Modesto Christian HS (2022)

Hunter is a big guard/wing who does a lot of damage at the offensive end of the floor.

His best asset is his ability to shoot the ball. He has long range and he puts it up with a lot of confidence. He does believe every shot is going in. Hunter can probably work on a quicker release of his shot.

He is a good passer who can find the open man and he bounces it ok.

The biggest need for hunter at this point is at the defensive end. He needs to make strides there.

Put him on the class 2022 radar for college coaches.


5’8 PG Keoni Hurskin of Dougherty Valley HS (2022)

Hurskin is an athletic one-man who never seems to stop running. He plays with high energy and has a solid motor.

He’s a confident ball handler who makes pretty good decisions, both in transition and in the half court. And he does play unselfishly.

He’s got a good first step and he can get by the defender on the drive. Hurskin is a good shooter who has 3-point range.

He is a solid on-ball defender who can pressure the opponent and makes things difficult for him.

Hurskin needs to be more vocal on the court, especially at the point guard position.

But college coaches will like what they see in this guy.

5’10 PG Austin Ito of Woodcreek HS (2023)

Ito is a competent point guard with a nice all-around skill set and some versatility on offense.

He’s a solid ball handler and a good passer who sees the floor well. He pushes the fast break consistently and pulls up well at the end of the break. He also pulls up effectively in the half court.

Ito is a real good shooter with long range who takes good shots. His efficiency is pretty high.

He is a scrappy defender who can harass the opponent into making mistakes.

He is another one-man who must be more vocal on the count-very important for his position.

Ito is young prospect with some real promise for the next level.

6’4 SF Jacobey Lacey of Dougherty Valley (2021)

Lacey is a very athletic wing who can really run and jump. But he is much more than just an athlete.

He is a very good rebounder who really goes after the ball aggressively. He is Rodman-esque in his pursuit of the ball. He can handle it and will go coast to coast and finish if you don’t stop him.

Lacey has a solid mid-range pull up game in the half court. He also has a very nice first step and break down defenders consistently on the drive.

Significantly, he is a decent shooter (with 3 range) which forces the opponent to come out and guard him. Then he has the athleticism to go by the man.

Lacey is a solid defender who can guard positions 1-4.

He has been somewhat below the radar up to this point. But college coaches- don’t sleep on him. He is legit

5’9 PG Shea Mattox of Valley Christian HS (2023)

Mattox is a real athletic one-man who comes to play and brings some nice things to the table.

He’s a smooth ball handler who does not make many mistakes. He is also good passer who is unselfish (almost to a fault).

Mattox can be a facilitator/distributor or a scorer and is effective in either role.

He pulls up well in the mid range and he is a good 3-point shooter.

He is a willing defender and actually can rebound for a guard without a lot of size.

Mattox is a guy colleges need to take note of in the 2023 class.

5’10 PG KJ Stafford of Heritage HS (2022)

Stafford is a real athletic point guard who has solid offensive skills. He can be a problem matchup for the opponent in a lot of ways.

He has solid ball handling and passing skills and a very effective floater in transition.

He does a nice job getting to the hoop on the drive and he shoots it ok with 3 range.

Stafford can defend and is also a capable rebounder from the guard position.

Like a couple other players in this session he needs to be more vocal on the court. Apoint guard must be heard from!

But Stafford is clearly someone who belongs on the radar in 2022.