Here is our report on the Hoop Review evaluation/workout from Tuesday August 11th at Slam Academy in Hayward. This was the best collection of talent at the program since it began.

6’2 CG Broyce Batchen of De Anza HS (2020)

Batchen is an athletic combo guard who is a competitor and a hustler with a solid skill set.

He is a confident ball handler and a good pass who can make plays in transition (he finishes very well). In the half court he has a solid mid-range pull up game and he gets to the basket on drive. He does show promise as long-range shooter. He also has a clever floater shot in the lane.

Batchen works hard at the defensive end and is a good rebounder (who pursues the ball) from the guard position.

This kid brings it all the time and he is a Division I prospect for sure whose stock is on the rise.

6’0 CG Ameere Britton of Elk Grove HS (2022)

Britton is an emerging prospect in the class of 2022 who belongs high on the radar.

He is talented and athletic combo guard with an impressive all-around game. He’s a confident ball handler and a good passer who is very effective finishing in transition.

Britton can score at all three level in the half court. He shoots it ok with 3-point range (but could prove himself a little more in this regards), he has a solid mid-range pull-up game and he does a nice job breaking down defenders and getting to the basket on the drive. He also has a floater shot in his arsenal.

Britton is a capable on-ball defender who will work at it.

He is a sure-fire Division I player and the only question is what level he ends up at.

6’2 PG Miles Daniels of De La Salle HS (2021)

Daniels is an athletic one-man with burst who understands how to play and can run a team.

He handles it well and is a good passer who can thread the needle. He pushes the break and is a solid transition playmaker who can finish himself. And he has a competent pull-up game in the half court.

Daniel moves fairly well without the ball and shoots it well with 3-point range. He has a nice first step and gets to the basket on the drive consistently.

He is a leader and he makes pretty good decisions. He also shows ability as an on-ball defender.

Daniels is a guy a college coach can trust and feel confident in.

6’7 PF/SF Takai Emerson-Hardy of Vanden HS (2022)

Emerson-Hardy is a long and athletic combo forward with an impressive and versatile all-around game at the offensive end.

He can handle the ball and make plays for himself and others in transition. He will make the right pass.

In the half court Emerson-Hardy does just about everything you can do. He moves without it pretty well. He can elevate and finish on the drive. He shoots it fairly well with 3 range. He has a solid post-up game with a nice jump hook and a turnaround shot. He can also turn and face up in the post area.

Emerson-Hardy pursues rebounds well at both ends and he can block/change a shot defensively.

He is a mid-level Division I prospect with a bright future ahead of him.

6’7 PF DJ Johnson of Moreau Catholic HS (2021)

Johnson is a real athletic four man with long arms who has a very impressive upside.

He can bounce it and beat the defender on the face-up drive. He passes it well and does sees the court. He can post up and has a jump hook and an up and under move. Johnson just needs to do a better job finishing in traffic (increasing his strength would help in that regards).

He is a solid rebounder and shot blocker who can impact the game at the defensive end. And he can also play some at the five position.

Johnson is a no-brainer Division I recruit in the mid/mid plus range. The big key with him is CONSISTENTCY. He needs to bring it ALL the time with maximum focus and effort. If that happens the sky is the limit.

6’6 PF/SF Ron Jones of Oakland Tech HS (2022)

Jones is an athletic combo forward who is starting to arrive as a legit prospect in the class of 2022.

Impressively, he is continuing to show that he can shoot the ball from the perimeter. He just needs to make sure every shot he takes is a good shot.

Jones has some ability to post up and has the length to shoot over the defender. He probably needs to develop his ball handling shills a little more to be most effective at the three position.

He is a high-volume rebounder who can go get the ball. He does need to be more aggressive as a defender (and attack the opponent like he does on offense).

Jones is a Division I prospect if he plays with focus and effort at all time. He belongs on the radar in class 2022.

6’3 CG Isaiah Karr of St Francis HS (2022)

Kerr is an athletic combo guard who doesn’t say much and just comes to play. But that is the issue with him- he does need to be more vocal on the court.

He has a nice all-around skill set and is comfortable and capable playing off and on the ball. He can facilitate and play the role of a distributor and he is quite effective playing the role of a scorer. Kerr is a true team guy and will do whatever it takes for the team’s sake.

He can defend and rebound and is able to contribute in those ways as well.

Karr is a definite Division I prospect- time will tell what level he ends up at.

5’10 CG Trey Knight of Moreau Catholic HS (2022)

Knight is a combo guard with a nice all-around skill set and a pretty good understanding of how to play.

(Like Isaiah Kerr) he is able and effective playing on and off the ball. (Also like Isaiah Kerr) he needs to be much more vocal on the court. If you spend any time at the point guard position at all, your voice needs to be heard. He can run a team- he just needs to do it out loud.

Knight has a solid ball handling and passing skills and does play unselfishly. He is a confident 3-point shooter, has a solid floater and he gets to the basket on the drive consistently.

He probably needs to show a little more aggressiveness at the defensive end.

Knight has Division I offers, and it is up in the air how high he will go.

6’0 PG Donjae Lindsey of Weston Ranch HS (2021)

Lindsey is an electrifying athlete with great speed and quickness. He is a nightmare for the opponent in the transition game.

He pushes it aggressively on the break and finishes real well. He will go coast to coast unless you stop him.

He is a nice passer who sees the court and finds the open man full court and half court.

Lindsey has a great first step and breaks down defenders on the drive/penetration routinely.

He can shoot the ball with range which forces the defense to get out and guard him and then he goes by them.

He is a quality rebounder and defender as well. He can defend any perimeter player with superior athleticism.

Lindsey merits serious consideration at the Division I level.

6’8 PF/C Dajon Lott of Elk Grove HS (2022)

Lott is a combo postman with long arms who has a versatile skill set. He has the ability to impact the game playing inside or outside.

He can handle the ball some and get to the basket on the face-up drive. He’s a good and willing passer. Lott shoots the ball fairly well in the mid range. He also has a solid drop step move on the block.

He can rebound the ball but probably needs to show a little more effort defensively. His biggest need at this point is to develop a better level of conditioning.

Lott will be a Division I player at some level.

7’0 C/F Mezziah Oakman of Mt. Diablo HS (2021)

Oakman is a long and athletic combo postman with a monster upside

He’s an ok ball handler who can get to the basket on the face up drive. He has a decent pull up game mid range. Oakman also shoots it ok mid range. He dribbles operates on the block ok. And he has a basically un-guardable mini jump hook.

He is an effective shot blocker who can also change a lot of shots. Oakman can rebound the ball but does need to pursue it more aggressively.

He has high-level potential if he puts the effort in on a daily basis. He belongs high on the class of 2021 radar.

6’2 CG Davion Wright of Franklin HS (2022)

Wright may have had his coming-out party with his very impressive performance at this event. There is no doubt that he is in a word- LEGIT.

He is an elitely athletic combo guard with speed and quickness to burn and burst that won’t quit.

Wright is an opponent’s nightmare with his ability to accelerate in transition. When he turns the jets on it is all over. He sees the floor well and is an effective passer.

In the half court he has a ridiculous first step and he blows by defenders like they are not there. He’s also a pretty good 3-point shooter. He is truly hard to guard.

Wright can guard all three perimeter positions effectively and he is a competent rebounder.

He has high-major potential and is an elite prospect in the 2022 class.