Here is a report on the Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout from Thursday, September 3rd at Slam Academy in Hayward.


5’10 CG Tristan Ali of College Park HS (2022)

Ali is an athletic combo guard with some skills and a good understanding of how to play the game. He really tries to fit into a team and deserves credit for that.


He’s a confident ball handler and a good passer who is willing and able to make good plays for others on the break and he does a nice job pushing the tempo.


Ali is an efficient driver with a good first step who can get by defenders one on one. He moves without the ball fairly well. He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.


He does have potential as an on-ball defender.


Ali will attract the attention of college coaches with his team first approach and the abilities he has.



6’2 SG Will Bain of El Capitan HS (2023)

Bain is an active two guard who can do some damage at both ends of the floor.


His best asset is his ability to shoot the ball. He has 3 range and he takes good shots and does not force it. It’s obvious he wants to fit into a team.


Bain does move fairly well without the ball and he shows some ability to shoot off the dribble or catch and shoot it.


He does work at being an on-ball defender and shows a pretty good understanding of team defense concepts.


Bain is a player who belongs on the radar in the 2023 class.



5’9 PG Jason Cibull of Alameda HS (2021)

Cibull is a very impressive one-man with a nice all-around skill set and a highly competitive approach to the game and real consistent efforts at both ends.


He plays with a ton of confidence. He will want the ball in his hands when the game is on the line.


Cibull is really good at pulling up, both in transition and in the half court. He’s a good 3-point shooter and a strong driver who goes hard to the hoop. He is in constant motion when he does not have the ball.


He’s a capable rebounder for a guy without a lot of size and an aggressive on-ball defender.


College coaches – this kid is legit! Get on him.



6’2 SG Brody Collins of El Capitan HS (2023)

Collins is a shooting guard with a silent assassin mentality. He doesn’t say a lot (yes he needs to be more vocal) but he will stick the dagger in your back any chance he gets.


His jump shot (with 3 range) is a lethal weapon. It’s a good-looking shot and he fires away with a lot of confidence.


Collins can also put it down and get to the basket on the drive. And he moves reasonably well without it.


He does need to show more at the defensive end of the floor.


Collins will be a recruitable guy for any coach who needs a sharp shooter.



6’2 SG Colton Dukes of Atwater HS (2023)

Dukes is an impressive young prospect with a pretty solid all-around game. He can make a difference in a lot of ways.


He can score every way possible and can be a difficult matchup. He shoots it fairly well with 3 range, he has a nice floater and he is a solid driver to the hoop. Dukes can also post up some. 


He’s also a good passer who does play unselfishly.


Dukes works hard at the defensive end and tries to make things difficult for the opponent.


He has a lot of promise as a college prospect and a bright future lies ahead.



5’8 PG Keoni Hurskin of Dougherty Valley HS (2022)

Hurskin is an athletic one-man with a motor and a nice game to go with it.


He has solid ball handling skills and he does a ton of things in transition: he pulls up, he finishes on the drive and he has a floater.


Hurskin sees the floor well and has a keen ability to make the right pass.


He has a pull up game in the half court and he shoots it fairly well with 3 range. He’s always on the move when he does not have it.


Hurskin is a good on-ball defender who has the athleticism and the effort it takes to create havoc for the opponent.


He will impress college coaches if they look at him and that is exactly what they should do.



6’3 SF/PF Calvin Kao of American HS (2022)

Kao is a hard-working combo forward with a high IQ who really understands how to play. He maximizes what he has and plays with a lot of effort consistently. His efficiency is impressive.


Kao is fundamentally sound and does the little things well. He fits into a team concept real well.


Kao is a hard-working defender who understands help defense and a capable rebounder.


Every team needs a player like this and college coaches will figure it out if they watch him play.



5’10 G Kaleb Manuel of James Logan HS (2022)

Manuel is a highly competitive guard who really defines the meaning of the word effort. He brings his best from start to finish.


He is a good 3-point shooter who fires away with a lot of confidence. And his shot selection is pretty good. He can bounce it and will get to the basket on the drive at times.


Manuel is a good defender and rebounder simply because of how hard he works at it.


This is a kid who will provide a spark for a team with his energy and hard work. Coaches, take note.



5’7 PG Khai Nguyen of Atwater HS (2024)

Nguyen is a confident one man who plays with a purpose. He understands how to play and is a good decision maker.


He’s a smooth ball handler who rarely turns it over. He has a knack for making the right pass at the right time. He is very comfortable in the role of floor general.


Nguyen shoots it ok with 3 range and he is able to penetrate into the lane and create opportunities.


He does a nice job pressuring the ball on defense and harassing the opponent.


Nguyen is a young prospect who will attract attention as he moves up the ranks.



6’4 SF Tyler Parr of Atwater HS (2023)

Parr is a three man who “gets it” in terms of knowing how to play and giving a consistent effort. He’s a guy who makes a lot of hustle plays at both ends. He is a good one to have on your side.


Parr is a solid ball handler who goes real hard to the basket on the drive. He passes it well and finds the open man. He also has a clever floater in the lane.


He is a solid rebounder who goes after the ball and is a willing defender.


Parr is a promising 2023 prospect who belongs on the radar for college coaches.



5’10 CG Matthew Villanueva of Moreau Catholic HS (2022)

Villanueva is an active combo guard with an impressive all-around game. He brings a lot to the table.


He can handle and pass it and he’s a playmaker in transition. He pulls up nicely in the half court. He has a little bit of a slow release but he can shoot it with long range.


Villanueva is a solid on-ball defender and a guard who can rebound the ball.


He is a competitor with some tools and college coaches will like what they see in him.