Here is a look at the prospects who participated in the Hoop Review evaluation/workout at Slam Academy in Hayward on Thursday September 17th, 2020.

6’2 SG Jalen Brown of Alvarez (2023)

Brown is an athletic two guard with a solid all-around game.

He is a capable ball handler who goes hard to the basket on the drive. He is also pretty good 3-point shooter and he does move well without the ball.

Brown runs the floor and does create opportunity for himself in that regard.

He can rebound the ball and has the athleticism to go get it.

He does need to show more consistency at the defensive end.

Brown is a college prospect who belongs on the 2023 radar.

6’7 C Jack Busenhart of Santa Cruz HS (2021)

Busenhart is a hard-working five man who can do some damage in the paint.

He dribbles operate on the block and he has a solid jump move. He probably does need to finish a little better in traffic.

Bursenhart is a fairly good mid-range shooter as well. He plays within himself and never tries to force things.

He is a solid rebounder in his area and a willing defender.

Busenhart will play college basketball and the only question is what level he ends up.

6’2 SG Luke Buddie of Woodside HS (2022)

Buddie is an energetic shooter guard with a nice motor. He plays with great effort on a consistent basic and gets a lot done.

He is fundamentally sound and has a solid understanding of how to play. He certainly max out his abilities.

Buddie is a real good passer who makes a lot of on the -money pin -point passer. He is in consistent motion without the ball and makes himself hard to guard.

He is deceptively athletic and is able to consistently get to the basket on the drive. He shoots the ball confidently with 3-point range and takes good shots.

Buddie is a real hustler who plays in attack mode at both ends of the floor. Any and every college coach will like his approach to the game.

6’3 SG Damon Chou of Albany HS (2021)

Chou is a solid and consistent two guard who has a pretty high IQ. He comes to play and makes valuable contributions. And there is a lot of hustle to his game.

He is a capable ball handler and a good passer who has a nice pull-up game in the mid- range. He is a fairly good 3-point shooter who takes good shots.

Chou does a pretty good job of moving without the ball.

He is a solid rebounder and he works hard at the defensive team defense.

Chou is a player college coaches will appreciate when they watch him play.

6’2 SG Chase Dukee of Albany HS (2021)

Dukee is an athletic two guard with an impressive all-around offensive game. He can be a difficult matchup for the opponent.

He has the ability to score from all three level. He is a strong driver with a very nice first step. He shoots it fairly well with long range. And he has a solid mid-range pull up.

Dukee can rebound the ball and does show potential as an individual defender. But he needs to play in attack mode on defense like he does on offense.

He is a very promising 2021 prospect. College coaches need to get on him.

6’1 CG Evin Goodwin of Salesian HS (2023)

Goodwin is a very promising young combo guard with athleticism and skills. His offensive abilities are pretty evident when you watch him play.

He’s a competent ball handler with an impressive pull-up game, both in transition and in the half court.

Goodwin shoots it well with long range and a lot of confidence and he has a real nice first step on the drive. And he can get to the basket and finish.

This kid has a bright future and he belongs firmly on the 2023 radar.

5’9 PG Eric Green of Alvarez HS (2022)

Green is an athletic one-manwho uses his abilities effectively to impact the game.

He’s a confident ball handler who does a nice job pushing the break and making things happen.

In the half court he has a variety of weapon and can score from all three levels (perimeter shooting, mid-range pull up and finishing on the drive). Green’s first step is impressive, and he does have the burst to best defenders one on one.

The biggest key for him at this point is to maximize his potential at the defensive end. He needs to use his athleticism to create havoc for his opponents.

Green does show some promise as a prospect in the class of 2022.

6’5 SF Mason Hundall of Dublin HS (2022)

Hundall is a long and athletic three man who can really run the floor.

He can handle the ball and he does a nice job breaking down defenders on the drive. He can shoot it some (with range) but does need to show more consistency.

Hundall can rebound and has the length and athleticism to get to the ball. He has the potential and capability to guard position 1-4.

Two key needs for him would be to be more vocal on the court and to develop some strength and possibly some bulk to prepare for the next level.

Hundall is an intriguing 2022 prospect with a very promising upside.

6’4 G/W Everrett Hunter of Modesto Christian HS (2022)

Hunter is a  versatile guard/wing with a pretty good understanding of how to play.

He’s a capable ball handler and passer who is most effective in a half court setting. (But he will get out and run the floor in transition)

Hunter’s best assets is his ability shoot the ball (with every range). And he has a lot of confidence in his shot.

He does play without it and he can put it down and go to the hoop also.

His two biggest needs at this point to develop more conditioning and be more of a factor at the defensive end.

But do put Hunter on the 2022 radar as a guy to be checked out by college coaches.

6’3 SG Miles Klapper of Serra HS (2022)

Klapper is a shooter guard with a solid all-around game. He does bring a lot of different things to the table.

He can handle the ball and go coast to coast after getting a rebound unless you stop him. And he does have  capable pull-up game in the half court.

Klapper moves ok without the ball, is an ok driver and he shoots the ball fairly well with 3-range.

He is a capable on-ball defender and does make the effort at the end.

Klapper is a guy in the class of 2022 that college coaches should definitely check out.

5’10 PG Connor Seville of Dougherty Valley HS (2023)

Seville is a hard-working one-man who can run all day long (and never stop running)

He is solid ball handler who makes pretty good decision and does take care of the ball.

He is in constant motion without the ball and can shoot it some with 3-point range.

Seville is most impressive at the defensive end. He works hard guarding the ball and has a solid understanding of team/help defense.

He is a guy that brings a lot of energy and effort and a pretty high IQ to the game. Thpse are things that college coaches are always impressed by.

6’3 G/W Nick Tumlin of California HS (2021)

Tumlin is a guard/wing with a good approach to the game in terms of his effort and his basketball smarts. He does “get it” as they say.

He is a versatile scorer at the offensive end. He can get to the hoop on the drive and he has a clever floater shot. And he also shows some ability to post up.

Tumlin is a capable rebounder and he does give the effort at the defensive end.

He is a pretty steady and consistent player who will fit in quiet well as a team guy. College coaches do need to check him out.