Here is a report on the Hoop Review evaluation workout for Thursday, October 8 at Slam Academy in Hayward. The prospects who participated were from Team Superstar in Oakland and American Canyon high school.

American Canyon High School

5’9 PG Khai Curry 2022

Curry is an electrifying one-man with speed to burn who plays in attack mode from start to finish and has a lot of hustle to his game.

He pushes the break very aggressively on every possession and has the ability to go coast to coast if you don’t stop him.

Curry has an impressive pull-up game in the half court and he is an excellent driver with a nice first step. He shoots it well with 3 range and a lot of confidence.

He is a very aggressive defender who works very hard at pressuring the ball. He has a unique ability to rebound despite his lack of size.

Curry is a bona fide Division I prospect in the 2022 class. You will be impressed when you watch him play.

6’0 SF/PF Myton Dailey 2022

Dailey is a strong-body combo forward who will make his presence felt in the paint.

He can handle it some and he is an unselfish passer. He does a nice job fitting into a team concept. And he is not afraid to “mix it up.” And he sets a mean screen in half-court offense.

Dailey will work at it defensively and is a capable rebounder as well.

Coaches value players like this and he is no exception to that idea.

6’1 SF/PF Bishop Evans 2021

Evans is a combo forward who battles aggressively on every play at both ends. He is not fun to play against.

He is a very clever post-up player who finds his way around the hoop. He can dribble operate and use his body for positioning. And he has a nice turnaround shot.

Evans is a good rebounder (in his area). If he gets his hands on it the ball it is his.

Most significantly, he is a hard worker at both ends. Coaches will understand this when they watch him play.

5’10 PG Jordan Nolan 2022

Nolan is an energetic one man who runs very well and never stops running.

He’s a confident ball handler with a solid pull up game in the half court. He has a nice first step on the drive. And he shoots it fairly well with 3 range.

Nolan excels in an up tempo style of play and has the motor to do it.

He will make the effort at the defensive end as well.

Coaches, if you are a fast break type of team this is a guy you need to look at.

5’11 SG Max Parmigiani 2022

Parmigiani is a fairly athletic shooting guard who can impact the game in transition and in the half court offensively.

He handles it confidently and does a nice job pushing the break and can make plays and finish at the end. He has a solid pull up game in the half court. He’s a fairly good long-range shooter who has confidence in his shot. He has an ok first step on the drive.

Parmigiani will make the effort at the defensive end pretty consistently.

This is a player who does belong on the 2022 radar for coaches.

6’3 SG/W Gabe Patrick 2021

Patrick is a skilled and athletic guard/wing who plays in attack mode offensively. He really pushes the envelope on the break on every possession and he finishes very well.

He’s a solid ball handler with a nice pull up game in the mid-range. He’s a very aggressive driver who has an effective floater and a nice first step.

Patrick shoots it fairly well with long range and he is also a competent passer.

He is a capable defender but needs to attack at the end of the floor like he does on offense.

Patrick is a legitimate 2021 prospect who definitely will play at the next level.

6’3 SG Mikey Pierce 2022

Pierce is a fairly athletic and skilled two guard who can score in multiple ways.

He does an ok job finishing in transition and can score at all three levels in the half court. And he moves ok without the ball as well.

Pierce is a fairly good set shooter with 3 range, he has a mid-range pull up game and a solid floater at the rim.

He is on the thin side and needs to develop bulk/strength to prepare for the next level. And he needs to learn to play with force at both ends.

But Pierce has some upside and is a legitimate 2022 prospect for coaches to check out.

Team Superstar

6’4 CG Tejuan Hale of Oakland Technical HS (2021)

Hale is a fairly athletic two guard with a pretty solid skill set.

He’s a confident ball handler and passes it well. He does a nice job making plays in transition.

Hale moves well without the ball in a half court setting. He finishes well on the drive and he is a fairly good set shooter with 3-point range.

He is a capable on-ball defender and a solid rebounder.

Hale is a 2021 prospect worth checking out for college coaches.

6’7 PF/SF Ron Jones of Oakland Technical HS (2022)

Jones is a combo forward who is an impressive all-around scorer. He can be a difficult matchup for the opponent.

He is a capable ball handler who is able to finish at the end of the break. He can get to the basket on the drive in the half court setting.

Jones is an improved shooter who has 3 range who puts it up with confidence. He’s a solid post-up player with a nice-looking turnaround shot.

He’s a good rebounder who has the length and athleticism to get to the ball. He needs to be more consistent defensively.

Jones is a Division I player. It’s just a question of what level he ends up at.

6’4 SF Malik Kaba of Oakland Technical HS (2021)

Kaba is an athletic wing who can make things happen on the break and in the half court. He is athletic and bouncy and can run and jump.

He’s an ok handler who can finish well and has a pretty good first step. He does need to prove himself more as a perimeter shooter.

Kaba can rebound the ball and is a capable on-ball defender.

He does a nice job of fitting into a team. College coaches will appreciate what he brings to the table when they watch him play.

6’0 CG Dean Saleh of Oakland Technical HS (2021)

Saleh is a combo guard with a solid all-around game. He has the ability to impact the game in a number of ways.

He’s a very confident ball handler and a pin-point passer who makes plays for himself and others consistently – both on the break and in the half court.

Saleh sees the floor and finishes well in transition. He has a very nice mid-range pull-up in the half court. He can shoot it fairly well with 3 range and he can get to the hoop on the drive. And he moves well without the ball.

He is an effective penetrator who gets in the lane and creates opportunities.

Saleh is capable and comfortable both as a floor general running a team and/or as a scorer playing off the ball.

He is a legit prospect and will play in college at some level.

6’3 SG Omar Staples of Oakland Technical HS (2023)

Staples is a shooting guard who can make contributions at both ends of the floor.

He can bounce it and get to the basket on the drive. He’s a good passer who does play unselfishly. His perimeter shot is a question mark at this point.

Staples is a capable rebounder and a willing defender who is not afraid to do the dirty work.

He is a young prospect who belongs on the 2023 radar and merits consideration.

6’6 W Rahsaan Young-Jones of Oakland Technical HS (2021)

Young-Jones was most impressive at this event and proved that he is a legitimate prospect.

He’s an athletic wing who can really run the floor on the fast break. And he does a nice job finishing at the end.

Young-Jones has a solid pull-up game in the half court. He can impressively elevate and finish on the drive. He has clearly proven that he is a legitimate shooter with 3 range.

He is a consistent scorer that does it within the flow of the team and it’s clear he is a hard matchup to contend with.

Young-Jones is a bona fide college prospect. Don’t sleep on him coaches!

6’2 CG Robel Zemmo of Oakland Technical HS (2022)

Zemmo is a real athletic “jack of all trades” combo guard who gets a lot of things done. He plays with a lot of energy and he has a really nice burst.

He attacks on the fast break and pushes the ball aggressively. He does a nice job of finishing at the end. He passes it well and can find the open man.

Zemmo moves very well without it and also has a nice pull-up game in the half court. He breaks down defenders one on one on the drive quite well. He can shoot it ok (3 range) and he has an effective floater.

He is a good on-ball defender who can harass the opponent and is a solid rebounder from the guard position.

Zemmo is an impressive 2023 prospect that college coaches need to get involved with.