This report takes a look at the prospects who participated in the Hoop Review Evaluation Workout on Thursday October 15 at Slam Academy in Hayward.

6’1 SG Demarrii Araujo of Vallejo HS (2021)

Araujo is in a word — legit! He’s a real athletic shooting guard with a nice burst who is an impossible matchup. He attacks aggressively in transition and finishes well. He is a very good passer who drops dimes consistently. And he is an effective driver/penetrator with a blistering first step.

If you look up “hard to guard” in the dictionary you will see his picture.

5’8 PG Jalen Brown of Alvarez HS (2023)

Brown is a point guard with nice athleticism with a solid skill set. He is a confident ball handler who pushes the break consistently. He’s an ok 3-point shooter and a solid driver with a good first step.

He is an above-average rebounder for a guard without size and a decent on-ball defender.

6’2 PF Bishop Evans of American Canyon HS (2021)

Evans is an active power forward who can score both inside and outside. He can dribble operate on the block comfortably. He just needs a consistent go-to move. He can finish the short one-bounce drive and he does shoot it ok from 3 range to stretch out the defense.

5’10 CG Aaron Garibay of Palma HS (2021)

Garibay is an active combo guard who can really fill it up from long range. He shoots it with a lot of confidence and his bread and butter is a transition pull up. He can also get to the basket on the drive.

He does need some work at the defensive end- he needs to attack at that end like he does on offense.

6’3 W Eric Green of Alvarez HS (2022)

Green is an athletic wing with a pretty solid all-around package. He can handle and pass it, shoots it ok (with 3 range) and is a competent driver/penetrator.

He shows some ability as an on-ball defender. He is too quiet on the floor and needs to learn to compete on every play.

6’0 G/W Julian Hampton of Vallejo HS (2021)

Hampton is a guard/wing who creates matchup problems for the opponent in different ways. He shows some ability to score with a mid-range shot, a pull up game and a floater drive.

He is also a solid rebounder who goes after the ball. He has potential defensively but needs to maximize it.

5’11 SG Sean Kennedy of Half Moon Bay HS (2021)

This kid is a very competitive shooting guard who can fire away with a lot of confidence from downtown. He runs the floor very hard and can pull up or finish at the end of the break.

He needs to be more vocal and move more without it but he does provide a spark for his team.

5’9 CG Lavel Lemmons of Vallejo HS (2021)

Lemmons is an athletic combo guard who can get out and go in transition and does a real nice job finishing at the end of the break. He does play in attack mode on every possession.

He can shoot it some with long range and does a nice job breaking down defenders on the one on one drive.

5’10 PG Nate Pierre of Palma HS (2021)

Pierre is an athletic one-man who really pushes the envelope on the fast break and has the ability to go coast to coast. He does play in attack mode. He’s a good passer who can find the open man pretty well. He is an impactful driver/penetrator.

He works hard on the defensive end and can pressure the ball pretty consistently.

5’8 G Damien Saiyad of Vallejo HS (2021)

Saiyad is an energetic guard with a motor that is always running on the break and in the half court. He can bounce it and make plays and he shoots it ok with a long range.

He can help his cause by showing more at the defensive end.

5’9 CG Jaron Thomas of San Leandro HS (2021)

Thomas is a combo guard who works hard and plays with a purpose at both ends. He will battle consistently on every possession and never give in.

He is a solid on-ball defender who can really pressure the ball and is a high-volume rebounder from the guard position.

Offensively he has an outstanding floater shot that he can make with both hands.

6’4 PF Saige Vasser of American Canyon HS (2021)

Vasser is a four-man with some strength and athleticism who does some damage in the paint area. He’s a decent post-up player and can get to the hoop on the short one-bounce drive.

He’s a consistent rebounder who owns it if he gets his hands on it.

6’0 CG Tyson Weatherbee of Turlock HS (2021)

Weatherbee is a tough-minded two guard who “gets it” as they say. He’s effective making plays on the fast break pretty consistently. In the half court he moves well without it and gets to the basket on the drive pretty well. He does need a little work on his perimeter shot. He is a good passer who is unselfish.

He will compete and get after you at the defensive end.