Here is a look at the players who participated in the Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout program at Slam Academy in Hayward on Thursday July 30.

6’2 CG Luke Buddie of Woodside HS (2022)

Buddie is an energetic combo guard who plays with a lot of effort on a consistent basis at both ends. He defines the meaning of the word hustler.

He is a competent ball handler but seems to prefer playing off the ball. He is an excellent passer who is very unselfish. He also can put it down and get to the basket on the drive.

Buddie moves well without the ball and is in constant motion. He runs the floor well on every possession. He is a capable rebounder who goes after the ball and is a willing defender.

Buddie will meet every challenge head on. College coaches need to understand this is a guy you want to go to battle with.

6’2 SG Aidan Burke of Archbishop Mitty HS (2022)

Burke is a hard-working two guard who has developed a reputation as a good shooter (with 3 range). This is obviously the case.

But quiet impressively, he is proving that he is much more than a shooter and that he has a solid all-around game. He is very comfortable handling the ball and he is a pin-point passer. Burke sees the court and he will find the open man.

He makes the effort at the defensive end and plays good position defense, keeping the ball in front of him. And significantly for a guard, he is a high-volume rebounder.

Combine his all-around game with a high IQ and high level academics, it is a sure thing he will be a coveted recruit for college coaches.

6’3 G/W Dominic D’Augusta of Los Altos HS (2021)

D’Augusta is a versatile guard/wing who brings a lot to the table and plays with a lot of energy. He is a competent ball handler and a good passer and impressively, he shows the ability to score from all three levels.

D’Augusta shoots it ok from the perimeter, has a pull-up game in the mid-range and he can get to the basket on the drive. And he moves well without the ball. He can be matchup problems for the opponent in a lot of ways.

D’Augusta is also consistent rebounder and a hard-working defender.

This is a player who gives a consistent effort and has a competitive spark. He will attract the attention of coaches at the next level.

6’3 G/W Nico D’Augusta of Los Altos HS (2022)

D’Augusta (young brother of Dominic) is a guard/wing with a nice combination of skills and effort. He is a hard worker for sure, with consistent effort and hustle. But he does have ability as well.

He runs the floor hard and creates open opportunities because of it. He shoots it fairly well with 3 range and he shows some toughness with his ability to finish with contact on the drive.

D’ Augusta works hard at the defensive end guarding the ball and he is also a competent rebounder.

He is a promising prospect for the next level. Coaches will like what they see in him.

6’0 G Isaiah Frazier of Wilcox HS (2021)

In this modern world of position-less basketball, Frazier is a player without a true position. But he is a player who truly gets a lot of things done.

He is fairly athletic and a confident ball handler. He has a nice ability to finish in transition and is an impressive driver in the half court with a nice hesitation move. He is also an ok 3-point shooter and has a decent floater in the lane.

Frazier definitely has ability at the defensive end but could be a little more consistent.

He is a prospect for the next level for sure-just don’t get caught up in labeling him into a specific position.

5’11 CG Nate Jim of Andrew Hill HS (2021)

Jim is a competitive combo guard who goes about his business in an efficient manner. Whatever the team needs is what he is willing to do, which is a nice compliment.

Jim is a solid ball handler who can distribute and facilitate on the offensive end. He doesn’t worry about scoring unless he needs to-he plays with or without the ball and never misses a beat.

Impressively, Jim gets in a stance and guards the ball at the defensive end and takes pride in stopping the opponent.

Don’t sell this kid short if you want a real team guy who will do everything you ask of him.

6’9 C Calvin Kapral of Woodside HS (2021)

Kapral is a true five-man (which is unusual) with some versatility to his game.

He is a good and willing passer and he shows a little ability to handle it. He can put it down on the one-bounce drive and get to the basket and he even has a decent floater. Kapral is a fairly good mid-range shooter who shoots it with confidence.

His biggest need at this point is to develop a more consistent post-up game and a go-to move on the block.

Kapral is a consistent rebounder in his area and who does pursue the ball. If he gets his hands on the ball it is his and he outlets it well to start the break.

This kid is a very legitimate college prospect who will get a lot interest from coaches at the next level.

6’0 CG Josh Kendra of Pioneer HS (2021)

Kendra is a competitive one-man who makes a lot of effort plays and definitely maximizes what he has. He is fundamentally sound and he is a hustler who can make contributions in a lot of areas.

He handles and passes it fairly well and has some ability to finish in transition. Kendra shoots it ok with 3 range and he is a solid driver.

Significantly, he works very hard at the defensive end and is capable on-ball defender.

Kendra is one of those max-effort kind of players that any coach at any level will appreciate.

6’1 CG Colin Mc Mahon of Bishop O’Dowd (2022)

Mc Mahon is an athletic combo guard who plays with a lot of energy at both ends consistently and is very confident in himself.

He can handle the ball capably and he has the ability to find the open man as a passer. He can get to the basket on the drive pretty well. Mc Mahon does need to develop more consistency on his perimeter shot.

The bread and butter for this kid is his ability to defend on the ball. He makes things uncomfortable for his opponent and he is also a capable rebounder from the guard position.

Mc Mahon is a guy who will find ways to make contributions to his team, which is very appealing for any coach.

6’3 G/W Isaiah Minor of Foothill HS (2022)

Minor is a fairly athletic combo guard who is a high-volume scorer and this presents a lot of problems for the opposing defense.

He has solid ball handler and passing skills and he has the ability to finish in transition. He has a very nice pull up game in the mid- range. Minor can shoot it from long range but his shot selection is a little suspect at times. He has a nice floater and he can drive the ball well.

Most importantly for Minor, he needs to make a consistent effort and have proper focus no matter what the circumstances are. If he learns to do that then good things will happen for him in the future.

6’4 SF Alijah Washington of Piedmont Hills HS (2021)

Washington is a fairly athletic wing with a lot of tools. And if he uses what he has on a consistent basis the opponent is in real trouble.

He can score in a lot of ways and he has confidence in himself to do so. He just needs to play in attack mode on every possession and then he can be a nightmare matchup.

Washington can rebound the ball and he has the potential to be a high-level defender. His most important need at this point is to be more vocal on the court.

There are some real possibilities for him as a prospect for the next level for sure.

6’2 SG Nick Weitzel of St. Francis HS (2021)

Weitzel is a competitive two guard who “gets it” as coaches are fond of saying about a player who understand how to play this game. And he has a pretty good package of all-around skills.

He can handle it and he is a good passer. He has an impressive pull-up game- both in transition and in the half court. Weitzel moves without the ball and has a lot of energy. He is a solid driver who goes hard to the hoop. He probably needs to do a little more to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Weitzel is a pretty consistent performer who college coaches would feel most comfortable with.