On Sunday August 9th at Slam Academy in Hayward there was a highly competitive event between University High and St. Ignatius Prep, two of the top high school programs in San Francisco. Here is a look at the players who participated.

University High

6’4 SF Zach Beischer (2021)

Beischer is a strong and hard-working three man who gives it his all and maxes out of what he has.

He can handle it some and get to the basket on the one-bounce drive. He plays without it and is in constant motion. Beischer probably needs to prove himself as a perimeter shooter a little more.

He does understand team defense and he can rebound the ball.

This is a player who will come to play everyday and do all the little things to help a team win.

6’1 SG Dom Brugioni (2021)

Brugioni is one of those “glue guy” type of players and he is willing to fulfill any role the team needs.

He can handle the ball and he is an excellent and willing passer who will find the open man. He can put it down and get to the hoop ok.

Brugioni is a very solid rebounder from the guard position and he has a bit of lift to go get the ball.

This is the kind of player who understands how to play and will do whatever the coach needs for the teams’ sake.

6’1 SG Vinny Brugioni (2022)

Brugioni (younger brother of Dom) is a tremendous effort kind of player. He runs the floor hard on EVERY possession to both ends of the floor.

He moves well without the ball and gets open shots because of that. Clearly his best asset is his ability to shoot the ball. And he has long range.

One thing is certain for Brugioni- nobody will outwork him. If he comes along in other areas then there are some real possibilities for him in the future.

5’10 PG Raki Cabrera-Scarlatta (2021)

Cabrera -Scarlatta is a real competitive one-man who attacks on the break aggressively on every possession. He is a confident ball handler and a good passer who sees the court and can make plays in transition, including a nice pull up shot of his own and he also has the ability to finish.

In the half court Cabrera-Scarlatta drives very hard to the hoop and he has a nice hesitation move. He is a confident shooter with long 3-point range.

He is scrappy defender who will work hard pressuring the ball.

Most importantly, this kid is a hustler with a real nice motor.

6’6 PF/C Joey Kennedy (2023)

Certain players tend to catch your eye and raise your eyebrows when you watch them play. Joey Kennedy is one of those guys.

He is a combo postman who can play inside and outside and is effective at both. He can dribble operate on the block and has a solid drop step move. Kennedy is a good (set) shooter with 3-point range who can stretch the defense. And he moves fairly well without it.

He is a pretty good rebounder in his box (area) and he outlets it well to initiate the fast break.

Kennedy projects to be a Division I prospect and has a bright future.

6’0 CG Grant Lyon (2022)

Lyon is a combo guard with a lot of hustle. He has excellent court vision and makes good decisions. You do want the ball in his hands and you can count on him to make the right play at the right time, And Lyon plays unselfishly almost to a fault.

He has the ability to get to the basket and finish, both in transition and in the half court. And he has a pretty nice hesitation move. Lyon does not look for his perimeter shot that much.

If you are a college coach looking for effort and consistency this is a guy who belongs on your radar in the 2022 class.

6’1 SG Ren Zanze (20210

Zanze is a hard-working two-guard with a solid all-around game who runs the floor hard.

He is a capable ball handler who does get some things done on the break.

While he does have somewhat of a slow release, his best assets is his ability to shoot the ball (with 3 range). He moves ok without the ball and he can get to the basket on the drive.

Zanze is not the most athletic player but he is a willing defender and also a capable rebounder.

He is a team player all the way and can fit in well.

St. Ignatius Prep

6’0 SG Quinn Broderick (2021)

Broderick is an active two -guard with a nice all-around offensive game.

His ball handling and passing skills are solid and he is a capable playmaker in transition. He is a real nice long-range shooter with a lot of confidence.

Broderick moves without it pretty well and he can shoot it off the dribble or catch and shoot.

He probably does need to show more at the defensive end of the floor.

Broderick does have some possibilities for the next level.

6’1 PG Ryan Conroy (2022)

Conroy is a confident one-man with a solid all-around package. He does a lot of things to help the team.

He’s a very confident ball handler who passes it well. He does push the break and put immediate pressure on the defense.

In the half court Conroy is a sneaky driver who seems to find a way to get to the hoop. And he has a clever floater shot. He probably needs to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Conroy is a willing on-ball defender who tries to make it difficult for his opponent.

He is a prospect in the class of 2022 that college coaches need to have on their radar.

6’5 PF/C Ethan Jew (2021)

Jew is a relentless hard-working big-body combo post-up man. He will battle non-stop

While he’s a little methodical he is a solid post-up player. He has a nice mini jump hook and a drop step. And he can use his left hand a little.

Jew passes it well and he can shoot it ok with 3-range, forcing the defense to come out and guard.

He does need to work on getting his body better and a nit more athletic.

But there is a place for him at the next level.

6’4 SF Rory Kenneally (2022)

Kenneally was very impressive in this event and showed a solid all-around game.

He can handle the ball and does push it in transition and can finish at the end of the break. He moves without it and is in constant motion.

Kenneally drives it well and also has a very nice floater shot. He can shoot it with 3 range but his shot selection is a bit shaky at times.

He is a very solid prospect in the class of 2022 with Division I potential.

6’4 SF Carson Mills (2021)

Mills is an active three-man with long arms who can run the floor. He is a little on the thin side and needs to develop some bulk/strength.

He understands how to play and makes a lot of effort plays. Not a lot of flash with him, just substance.

Mills can handle it and he play without it and can get to the basket on the drive.

This is a player who shows how to be efficient with his play and that is a valuable thing.

6’3 CG Gian Carlo Toledo Rivera (2022)

Toledo Rivera is a competitive combo guard who plays with a ton of confidence.

He is a competent ball handler and passer who is a pretty effective scorer in the half court. He is a nice long-range shooter who believes every shot is going in. Toledo-Rivera also has a solid floater shot and a capable hesitation move.

He does play in attack mode on offense and needs to show that approach at the defensive end.

There is a place for this player at the next level.