The Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout Program is being held at Slam Academy in Hayward. Here is a report on the players who participated in the session on Thursday July 16

6’0 G Kaleb Allison of Pinole Valley HS 2023

Allison is a real athletic guard who can score. He can handle it and has the ability to play on or off the ball. He attacks in transition consistently.

Allison is a good driver with an excellent first step who breaks down defenders routinely. He can shoot it ok with long range and he moves fairly well without it.

He is an effective rebounder from the guard position and he has the physical makeup to be a top-notch on-ball defender on the perimeter.

Allison is a very promising prospect who does have some upside.

6’2 SG/W Cameron Brown of Bishop O’Dowd HS 2022

Brown is an intelligent guard/wing who understands how to play and gets the most out of what he has. He has a high IQ and it clearly shows by the way he plays.

He can bounce it and he is an ok 3-point shooter. He moves without it and also shows some ability to set screens and get teammates open.

Brown does work hard at the defensive end and he is able to rebound in his area.

His biggest need is to improve his athleticism. If that happens Brown’s spot on the radar will shine brightly.

6’3 SG Aidan Burke of Archbishop Mitty HS 2023

Burke is a hard-working two guard who is placing himself on the radar with his performance. He is a very good-looking shooter with 3-point range. Definitely a guy you want taking the big shot.

He is a solid ball handler and an excellent passer who is unselfish and drops dimes consistently. He also has a very confident pull-up game in the half court.

Burke is a very competitive with a high IQ and maximizes what he has.

You’ve heard the saying about a coach being a player’s coach. Well, this kid is a coach’s player. He is somebody you want to go to battle with.

Burke is also a high level student and will have promising opportunities to play at play at the next level.

6’5 PF/SF Ron Jones of Oakland Tech HS 2022

Jones is a long and fairly athletic combo forward with some versatility to his game and is able to produce at both ends.

He can handle it some and has the ability to finish in transition. In the half court he has a slow release but he is a solid shooter with long range. And he can beat the defender on the face-up drive. He has a decent post-up game as well.

At the other end Jones can block a shot with his length and athleticism and is a good rebounder who can get to the ball on a pretty consistent basis.

Jones biggest need at this point to develop more conditioning. He tends to play a little tentative when gets tired.

But he is clearly a legit prospect for the next level.

5’11 CG Jordan Lee of Bishop O’Dowd HS 2023

Lee is another guy who has jumped firmly onto the radar with his performance. He is showing that he can play this game.

Lee is deceptively athletic and runs the floor well. He is comfortable playing on or off the ball. He’s a very confident ball handler who is excellent pulling up in transition.

He shoots the ball well (3 range) and with a lot of confidence. He has a sneaky first step on the drive and he is in perpetual motion without the ball.

And best of all he is a consistent competitor. He is earning a spot on the radar with his play.

6’6 PF/C Harry Nauci of Santa Clara HS 2021

Nauci is a strong-body combo postman who can be a force inside. He has pretty good hands and he can dribble operate on the block. He has a solid post-up game with a nice drop step as his go-to move. He also has a turnaround shot and a mini jump-hook.

Nauci is a solid rebounder in his box (area) and he can defend some in the post.

He passes the ball well and does a nice job dishing it off when he faces the double team.

The task for Nauci is to develop a little more conditioning and his skills outside of the post area.

He is a legitimate prospect for the next level who will continue to see his recruiting stock rise.

6’4 SF Caleb Oden of Dublin HS 2021

Oden is a long and fairy athletic three man who has a variety of skills. He’s an ok ball handler who can pass it and has some ability to finish in transition.

He can pull-up in the half court but is a little tentative with it. He has a nice hesitation move on the drive. Oden has a weird-looking rotation but he can shoot it ok (with 3-range).

He is a pretty good rebounder who has the length to get to the ball on a consistent basis.

Oden is a little thin and does need to develop some bulk/strength to prepare for the next level and he needs to learn to play with force on every possession. If he does that he is a prospect with Division I potential.

6’2 SG Elijah Palmer of St. Joseph-Notre Dame HS 2021

Palmer is a shooter guard with a versatile skill set. He handles it ok and passes it fairly well. He does shoot it with confidence from 3-point range. He needs to do a better job of moving without the ball and making himself harder to guard and driving to the basket more.

Palmer does work hard at the defensive end and has shown himself to be a capable rebounder. He is willing to do the dirty work.

He has a pretty good understanding of the game. He just needs to maximize his potential on a daily basis but he is certainly a college prospect.

5’10 PG Treyson Pleasant of Santa Clara HS 2021

Pleasant is a very athletic one man with real nice speed and quickness. He is a capable ball handler who has more of a scoring mentally. He does play off the ball and is comfortable doing so. He is in constant motion without it.

Pleasant has a nice mid-range pull-range game and he has a nice floater dive. His perimeter shot does need some refinement. He has an excellent first step and is able to drive and finish consistently. He can be a bit erratic at times.

Despite his lack of size he does show some ability to rebound and is not afraid to mix it up.

Pleasant does play in attack mode and is a competitor. How well his shot comes along will determine the level he end up at.

5’9 PG Darrien Russell of John Swett HS 2023

Russell is an athletic one man with an impressive skills set at the offensive end. He does bring a lot to the table. His best asset is his ability beat the defender on the drive with his real good first step and a nice hesitation move.

Russell is an ok set shooter with 3 range but he does have a show release. He has an efficient floater in the lane and he moves well without it.

Russell plays with confidence and will not back-down to anyone. This approach will give him a bonafide opportunity to be a legitimate future college prospect.