Report on the 2021 Arizona Hoop Summit  

The Arizona Hoop Summit was held Friday-Sunday April 30/May 1-2 at the Phhacility and the Arizona Grand Resort Hotel. 110 teams participated in the event. Here is a look at the prospectwho caught our attention. 

Top Prospects: (*) indicates highest consideration for this category) 

6’5 W/F Luke Aden of Sabino HS (AZ) 2023 (Apex Athletix 23)
A long slender player still has some growing to do. He has a good shot from the 3 in the corner. He runs the court ok and will help on the boards. His passing was solid. He has good shooting form and becoming a more consistent shooter will help. 

6’2 G Jared Anderson of Green Canyon HS (UT) 2024 (Select Purple 15u) 

The high IQ guard is very poised and he broke several press breaks and traps on his own. He has a nice floater to his game. 

6’3 CG Luke Arrington of Shadow Ridge HS (AZ) 2022 (Just Hoop 17u) 

A knockdown shooter who has a high IQ. He can create for himself and his teammates. He is an underrated passer. 


5’10 PG Trayce Atkins of Ferris HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U)
A good ball handling guard with good quickness and some shiftiness to his game. He’s fearless on the drive, has a good mid-range jumper and has good court awareness. He can guard on ball at the other end. D2/D3. 


6’8 PF/C Jacob Barker of Resurrection Christian HS (CO) 2024 (CO Premier 15U Felix) 

A long post with good hands that runs the floor. Very fundamentally sound and clogs the paint. Blocked several shots throughout the weekend. 

6’5 W Dillan Baker of Salpointe Catholic HS (AZ) 2022 (Apex Athletic 2022 Black) 

A long wing who plays bigger than he is. A good 3point shooter who can put it on the floor. A good 3 and D prospect. He’s a solid playmaker in transition who can really pass the ball. 

6’6 F Wes Ball of Marana HS (AZ) 2022 (Apex Athletic 2022 Black) 

Face up four man with nice footwork and midrange pull up. Uses a ton of ball fakes to score and create for teammates. 


*5’9 PG Nate Barlow of Mountain Point HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15U Jerrica)
A speedy guard with slick handles keeps the big boys off balance when he goes into the paint. He had several off handed finishes for buckets, including a floater. He can hit the 3 and can guard on the ball with his foot speed. 


*6’2 CG Broyce Batchan of De Anza HS (CA) 2022 (Arsenal 17U Elite)
A good combo guard who may be transitioning into the one spot right now. He has the handles and good strength to protect the ball. He’s showing patience and improved passing as he looks to involve others. He can get into the paint for his shot, handle the contact and finish most often He has 3point range and will defend. A Division I Prospect low to midmajor at this point 

5’10 G Tre Bell of Heritage Maricopa HS (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select 17u Tobie) 

A quick scrappy guard who has a great pull up jumper, has a great motor and scores in bunches. 

6’8 Andrew Best of Northwest Christian HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17u James) 

A back to the basket type post with good hands and footwork. Very crafty around the rim. 



6’7 F/C Conrad Bippes of University HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U)
He has a good frame on him and will probably add a few more inches. More bulk will help too. He’ll make his shots around the basket, hit 3’s from the corner. He’ll set good screens for cutters and shooters. He’s not fast, but he’ll get up and down the court. Division I prospect low to mid. 


6’1 CG Johnathan Bradford of Williams Field HS (AZ) 2023 (Dreams Become Reality 16U) 

Has a crazy motor to attack the rim and score. He can shoot the ball and knockdown 3’s and midranges when he’s open. He is crafty in his offensive game. He’s got good athleticism and he runs the floor well.  He plays very aggressive on both ends. He’s got 3 level scoring and plays hardnose D. 

*6’1 PG Pierce Brazil of PHH Prep HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
A facilitator, plays with good pace, and knows how to run an offense. He has the vision, and the passing skills to deliver. He’ll penetrate and kick or lob it to a big. He executes the pick and roll and will stick the jumper for those who slack off. Division I consideration, D2. 


6’3 Hayden Brewer of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ BallN 17) 

He was really impressive in his performance. He attacks and finish with ease consistently. He is very coachable. His IQ allows him to make the right plays and can shoot the 3pointer. He has an explode handle that allows him to get to the rim like he don’t who’s in his way. 


6’3 G Fisher Brown of Fergus HS (MT) 2024 (Select Purple 15u) 

No moment is too big for Brown. He hit several clutch shots throughout the weekend. A confident shooter who is able to put it on the floor and create for his teammates. 


*6’0 PG Mark Brown of Mountain Pointe HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16U UAA)
A solid bodied point guard with the skill set to properly run an offense. His handles, speed and toughness add to his ability to penetrate and dish or finish through contact. His mid-range shot goes down. He pushes the break and defends other speedy handlers. Division I low to mid. 

5’7 G Nolan Brown of San Tan JR High (AZ) 2025 (Uptempo Hoops Elite 2025) 

He is a true floor general. Has the speed and handles and beat defenders with his change of pace.  


*6’6 W Trey Brown of Phhoenix Prep (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16 UAA)
A long armed active prospect who makes an impact, whether it’s on the defensive end, going after rebounds, or running the court in transition. His offense is a little behind but nevertheless he’s a solid contributor. Division I considerations low to mid. 


6’5 W Reama Brownslee of Phoenix Prep (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17u Armstrong) 

A long wing that can get to the cup, plays the passing lane, is sneaky athletic and is best in transition. 


6’1 G Keagan Bunker Queen Creek HS (AZ) (AZ Gremlins 17u) 

He had a standout performance at the event. He is shifty, change of speed to attack the basket and finish. He’s got to pull up in transition and knockdown shots. He plays aggressive and scores 3 levels. He’s got nice handle and he is strong with the ball. He always looks for opportunities to score or make plays for his teammates. He can anticipate the passing lane with his wingspan.  


6’0 G Liam Bunker Queen Creek HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Gremlins 16u Black): 

He plays really tough and stays locked in. He scores at all 3 levels. He showed that he can be aggressive and make plays with the ball. He also shows that he’s got vision to pass to his open teammates. He can shoot and knockdown 3’s. He plays smart to shift the defense to get an open attack to the rim. 


5’10 G Steven Burgess Jr of Coeur d’ Alene HS (ID) 2023 (Couer d’Alene Basketball Club)  

A stocky guard who makes the right play every time. Can pass with either hand and does a great job at changing speeds. He shoots it ok with long range. He plays the passing lanes really well on defense. 




5’7 PG Davion Butler McClintock HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16U Wilson): 

He is one of the fastest guards in the gym. He’s got a dog mentality and is a relentless hard worker. And he’s got a skill set. He can shoot the three. He can be real shifty and has quickness to get by his man. He is also a lockdown defender, one of his best strengths. He is willing to be a leader. This young player can cause a lot of problems for the opponent. 

5’10 G Armani Carraway of Pueblo HS (AZ) 2023 (Team RHJ 17u) 

A shifty guard who is great at changing levels and gets by his defenders using an array of moves. Has a nice pull up jumper and can hit the 3 ball. His burst of speed allows him to get by defenders consistently. 

6’0 PG Cash Callaway of Chiawana HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite Black 17s) 

One of the most confident shooters at the event. Has a quick release and is a streaky shooter off the dribble and is effective at catch and shoot. He handles it with a lot of confidence. 


6’5 W/F Conner Chalich of Sumner HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U)
A big body player who can play out on the wings because he can make shots and has the wide body to mix it up inside. He has a good medium range jumper, he sets good screens, and will rebound and run the court. Low DI, D2 


*6’4 G Patrick Chew of Brophy Prep (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
Chew has established himself as a really sound player who will defend at a high level, rebound at a good rate and make contributions offensively. With his strong body he can get to the hoop and score inside. He can rebound, push it with vision and is decisive passing it. Division I player with the level to be determined 


*7’0 F/C Momo Cisse of Hillcrest Prep (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
A long square shouldered rim protector who has the presence to block, change and alter shots regularly. He has good length and moves well going up and down the court. He has a set of moves in the post area that will make him a scoring threat. He’s stepping out and hitting the 3 on occasion. Division I, high major considerations. 


6’1 G Ted Coleman of Ronan HS (MT) 2024 (Select Bronze 15) 

He played really well at the event. He made good decision and handled the ball and embraced pressure. He’s got confidence to pull up on his shot and knock it down. He will distribute the ball and shift with it to go by his man. 


6’5 PF Cameron Cope of Coeur d’ Alene HS (ID) 2022 (Coeur d’ Alene Basketball Club) 

He’s a productive four man with long arms who can run the floor. He has some lift and some strength and he is very active and aggressive. He can beat the defender on the face-up drive and he is a consistent rebounder.  


5’10 G Carlos Coronado of Coolidge HS (AZ) 2024 (Arizona Saints 16U) 

He’s an athletic guard with a nice all-around skill set. He has solid ball handling and passing skills and does a nice job finishing in transition. In the half court he can shoot it with 3 range and does a nice job getting to the basket on the drive. 


6’5 SF Manuel Coronado of Wasatch Academy (UT) 2022 (Do It Better) 

Coronado is a strong-bodied three man with long arms and some lift. He can handle it and he shows the ability to go coast to coast after a rebound. He’s a good shooter with range from 3 and he has a competent floater. Solid D2 guy. 


6’5 C Brendan Crispe of Arapahoe HS (CO) 2024 CO Premier U15 Boys White (Felix)
young post prospect who’s more than likely to grow a few more inches. He’s a deliberate worker, who doesn’t possess a lot of speed, but continued development in his footwork and post skills could see him become a productive player in the post in the coming seasons. 



*6’6 W Jakai Cupton of Success Prep (CA2023 (Team Harden 17U Black)
Cupton brings a bit of excitement when he’s out on the wings. He has an improving skill set, playing on the perimeter. He showed he can get to the basket with several good attacks going baseline and from the wings. He’ll hit the corner 3. He’s a bit thin, but the lanky player has potential. He has big feet so continued growth is possible. Low to mid DI.

5’10 G Tyler Curvy of Jesuit HS (OR) 2024 (Rose City Rebels) 

A high IQ guard who has a great feel for the game. Rebounds very well for his position and impacts the game with his motor. 

6’3 W/F Vitorio Dante of Castle View HS (CO) 2024 (CO Premier U15 Boys White (Felix)
A promising young prospect who has a developing inside out game. He has long arms and a reach to finish inside and grab rebounds. He sets up well on the perimeter where he has a good shot from behind the 3. He showed he could put it on the floor and get inside. 


*6’8 F Tristan Davis of Wilsonville HS (OR) 2023 (Elite 24- 16U)
A big body that has a versatile game. As of now he’s not dominant but is effective in what he brings to the court. His size and strength allow him to be a scorer inside. He has the mobility and movement to play on the perimeter. He’ll make jumpers from mid-range out to 3’s. His skill set needs some work and his consistency and scoring inside need to improve. Division I prospect low to mid. Also a high-level football prospect. 


6’9 C Michael Day of Middleton HS (ID) 2023 (Select Red 16U) 

He’s a true five man with long arms and some strength. He shows promise on the block with good hands, a decent jump hook and quick-to-the-hoop turnaround shot. He is still developing but the potential is there. Projects to be D 2 guy. 

5’10 G Aidan Degretto of Grandview HS (CO) 2024 (CO Premier u15 Felix) 

High IQ guard who picks up 94 feet and has the ball on a string. Really excels in the pick and roll and has a great floater to his game. 


*6’1 CG Vincent Delano of Bella Vista Prep (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16U UAA)
A consistent shot maker from mid-range out to the 3point line. Though his handles could use some sharpening, he’s capable of playing the one spot. He can get into the lane and finish high off the glass over long defenders. DI prospect in the mid-range at this point, worth a higher look. 


6’7 PF/SF Moses Demalek of Paradise Valley HS (AZ) 2021 (Zone 6 Open) 

He is a versatile combo forward who finds different ways to score on a consistent basis. He can be a problem matchup for the opponent and can be effective inside and outside. 


*6’7 PF Petia Dogale of (TX) 2022 (Dreams Become Reality (DBR) 17U)
A strong inside player who works best in the post playing below the rim, though he can throw it down when the opportunity presents itself. He’s tough to handle with his strength and physicalness inside. He has a good touch around the rim. He can hit the mid-range jumper as well. Low DI, DII.

6’6 PF Will Dubuc of Desert Mountain HS (AZ) 2022 (Arizona Dream) 

He is a consistently productive four man who finds ways to get things done. He moves well without the ball, he has a decent face-up drive and he is very active on the glass. His shot looks weird but he can knock some down. He’s a good guy to have on your side. 

6’2 SG Ethan Eckard of Lakeridge HS (OR) 2024 (Northwest Lighting)  

Has one of the purest looking jump shots. Consistently made deep 3s for his team and has a nice floater to his game. 




6’3 G Barret Fernandez of Owyhee (ID) HS 2023 (Select Green 16U)
A shooting guard with good fundamental skills. His handles need polishing but he can lead in transition with good passes up the court.  He’ll finish off two inside with good balance. His best quality right now is his shooting from 3point land. D2. 

5’10 G Ben Fried of West Valley HS (WA) 2024 (Eastern Washing Elite Blue) 

A tough guard who can get to the paint with ease and uses great body control to finish with either hand. 


*6’6 F Anthony Garza of PHH Prep (AZ) 2021 (Team Build Up 17U)
A long and energetic player who effects the game with his play. He’s effective 15ft and in. He does good work around the basket on both ends. He works well from the high post with a good jumper and moves to get him closer to the rim. He can defend on the wing, but usually holds his own against players in the post. He’ll rebound and sprint the court. Low DI worth a higher look. 


*6’2 PG Nait George of Dream City Christian (AZ) 2023 (Zone 6 16U) 

He’s an impressive looking one man who gets a lot of things done. He has solid ball handling skills and attacks consistently in transition. He shoots it well with 3 range. He showed that he is a bona-fide D1 prospect. 


5’9 G David Ghetie of Lakeridge HS (OR) 2025 (Northwest Lighting) 

One of the most skilled guards in the event. Uses an array of shot fakes and advanced footwork to create for himself. Has a knack of getting to the rim. 


5’11 G Nicholas Gleason of Highlands Ranch HS (CO) 2024 (CO Premier U15 Boys White (Felix)
A good combo guard who plays at a good pace. He understands the game at a young age. His handles could use some polishing, but he pushes it and passes up the court. He had good drives from the wings to the basket. He’s one to keep an eye on.  


5’10 G Jaxon Grable of Holy Family HS (CO) 2024 (Colorado Titans 15 Gold) 

Jaxon consistently finds a way to get to the rim and finds a way to finish around the rim.  He also does a great job defending at a high level. 

5’10 PG Archie Graves 2025 (JusHoop/AZ Storm 15u) 

Dynamic guard who can score in a variety of ways and is an elite floor general. One of the best PG prospects in his class. 


6’2 G Jesse Graves North Valley Christian Academy (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15– Robinson) 

He’s is very fearless. He will play hard defense with his long arms. He’s got a strong handle and can create his shot. He’s willing to hustle and make a sacrifice by taking charges. He’s smart on defense and plays aggressive. He’s got sneaky bounce and can take his man to the rim and finish. He is a workhorse in his game. 


6’1 SG Davon Griffin of Antelope Valley HS (CA) 2024 (Team Harden 17 Premier) 

He’s an athletic two guard who runs the floor well. He is a capable ball handler with a solid pull up game in the half court. He can shoot the ball fairly well with long range. And he finds ways to come up with rebounds from the guard position. He definitely belongs on the 2024 radar. 

5’10 PG Edmond Griffin of Horizon HS (CO) 2022 (Colorado Titans 17 Gold) 

High IQ guard with excellent vision and poise. Hit some big 3s off the catch. He can run a team and has solid ball handling and passing skills. 


*6’5 G Jesse Gustar of Lakeridge HS (OR) 2023 (Elite 24- 16U)
A big sized ball handler who handles it a lot on top. He has good vision and sees the court because of his size. He handles ball pressure and does a good job of running the team in half court sets. He can get into the lane for floaters and shoot over most defenders. Low DI prospect low/D2. 


6’0 CG Weston Haebig of Sabino HS (AZ) 2023 (Apex Athletix 23)
A combo guard that can shoot the 3, but a little hesitant at times. He has a good first step, but his handles could use some sharpening. He has a motor and plays in attack mode. D2/D3. 


6’1 PG Trace Harrison of Vallivue HS (ID) 2021 (Select Graphite 17u) 

High IQ guard who can break down his defender, create for himself and teammates and is best at going downhill. 


6’8 F Jackson Harty of West Valley HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U)
A long player with a frame to add muscle. He has good inside presence with a long reach to change some shots, a good post defender. He has a nice jumper in the key and showed he can step out and shoot the 3. He sets good screens to free up teammates. He’ll box out and he hedges ball screens well. Low DI prospect. 


6’11 Brady Henige of Cactus HS (AZ) 2024 (D1 Nation Arizona 15u) 

A thick forward who alters shots with his size. Runs the floor and is always in good position to rebound the ball. Has a soft touch around the rim. Has a decent face-up dive and a solid drop step. Will play Division I basketball at some level. 


6’2 G/W Jarom Heuseveldt of Teton HS (ID) 2023 (Select Green 16U)
He’s a hustle guy, he plays good denial defense, will help out on the boards and will run the court hard filling the lanes. He works well in the open court finishing with several controlled drives including the Euro Step. He has a good jab step, then drive. D2 


*6’9 C Myles Hersha of Salpointe Catholic HS (AZ) 2021 (Apex Athletix 2021 Unsigned) 

Hersha is an interesting prospect at five position. He has long arms and runs the floor well. He’s a decent ball handler, shoots it ok with 3 range and he has a jump hook on the block. He does a solid job rebounding at both ends. He merits D1 consideration.  

5’9 PG Kohen Hill of Highland Prep (AZ) 2024 (D1 Nation Arizona 15s) 

A fearless guard who plays poised at all times. Was able to switch 1-5 and has a nice quick first step that allowed him to finish over taller defenders. 


6’2 G Terrence Hill Jr of Roosevelt HS (OR) 2024 (Rose City Rebels 15u) 

A really confident guard who is a pest on defense. The dynamic player has great body control on his drive and finishes with either hand. 


6’2 PG Dylan Hollywood of Sabino HS (AZ) 2023 (Apex Athletix 23)
A decent ball handler who doesn’t mind running the offense. A good passer looking for teammates cutting and slashing to the basket. He’ll make good passes into the post. He cuts and moves well without the ball looking to shoot his shot when the opportunity arises. He plays good on ball defense. D2 


6’5 G Cameron Holmes of Millennium HS (AZ) 2025 (Zone 6 15u) 

A true 3 level scorer who has ultimate confidence on the offensive end. Uses his length and athleticism on the defensive end to alter shots and get steals. Has great vision and is always looking to get his teammates involved. 


6’7 F Cade Holzman of Bowie HS (TX) 2022 (Dreams Become Reality (DBR) 17U)
A good athlete with plenty of bounce, he’s the guy they look to for the lob dunk. He can shoot it some mid-range and has a turnaround shot on the block. He’ll score with rebound put backs working the offensive boards. He will defend aggressively in the paint and go after blocks. 


6’3 F Quinn Howard of Corona Del Sol HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam 14U
Strong for his age with a solid body. He’s a good ball handler on the wings, he’ll rebound and push in transition with good solid passes up court. He’ll fill the lanes in transition and will shoot the 3 ball. 



*6’4 SG Alex Hurr of Mountain View HS (CO) 2021 (Rocky Mountain Select 17U)
Hurr is not shy about putting up shots from long range. He’s a volume shooter and when he’s making his shot he’s the most productive player on the court. He’ll shoot 3’s from the corners, wings, as well as in transition. He’ll mix it up and throw in some hard drives and a few floaters to the basket as well as the dribble drive pull up jumper. A sleeper who is a high D2/low D1. 


6’7 SF Uyi-Osa Irowa of Sandra Day O’Connor HS (AZ) 2021 (Zone 6 Open) 

He’s an athletic wing who is an effective scorer both in transition and in the half court. He can score from all three levels and he is an accomplished passer as well. 

6’3 W Ryan Jackson of Desert Ridge HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15u Aby) 

A stocky wing who plays under control. Uses his frame to finish around the basket and uses an array of moves to get by defenders. 


6’7 F D’Mari Johnson of PHH Prep HS 2022 AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
A strong wide body player with good movement for a player his size. He’s best when he’s working inside bumping and banging other post players. He goes up strong inside and has a couple of go to moves in the post and coming from the baseline. Possible DI prospect... 


6’0 CG Demetrus Johnson of San Tan Charter HS (AZ) 2022 (Dreams Become Reality (DBR) 17U)  
A combo guard who may be more suited for the point guard later. He’s dribbler who shows patience and can effectively facilitate a team in half court sets. He’s a quality on ball defender who can navigate his way through picks and screens. He has a pull up jumper off the dribble. Low DI, D2. 


6’2 G Malakia Johnson of Desert Vista HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Williams) 

A dynamic guard who can score from all 3 levels. A pesky defender on the defensive end. Uses his length to play the passing the lanes. 

6’5 W Jonah Jones of Millennium HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Williams)  

A long wing that can score and create for others. Has a huge upside and is one to watch. 


6’2 G Anthony Kangah Mountain Ridge HS (AZ) 2022 (Zone 6 17u): 

He’s really good talented and skilled combo guard with a high IQ. He’s very fast and can run the floor to get open for layups. He can shoot and plays dog defense. He shows his vision to intimidate the defense by using his fakes to get the basket and score. He is a pure scorer.  

6’2 SG Kaleel Kelly of Canyon Ridge HS (AZ) 2025 (JusHoop/Az Storm 15u) 

He has a ball on string and does a great job at getting to his spots. He can score with the best of them and can hit the 3 ball consistently. 


5’11 PG Jayce King Fort Collins HS (CO) 2024 (Rocky Mountain Select 16U 

He is talented and fearless young guard. He sets the tone for his team. He’s got great feel to pull up for his shot and knock it down. He is tough as nails. He’s got good athleticism and he can score from all 3 levels. He goes hard and is aggressive.  


6’6 SF/PF Javonte King of Blackfoot HS (ID) 2023 (SEI Wolves) 

King is an intriguing prospect who was a nice “discovery” at this event. He’s a fairly athletic combo forward who is a solid all-around scorer from all three levels (perimeter, pull-up mid-range and at the rim). He is a capable rebounder who does pursue the ball on the glass consistently. He’s a sleeper who looks to be low major prospect. 


6’4 F David Kludt of Kamiah (ID) MS 2025 (Select Gold 14U)
Kludt is an active forward who goes hard and aggressive around the basket. With this age group he was dominant on the boards. He works well from the high post with his passing, pick and roll activity and a jumper he can hit. He runs the court. He has good awareness and anticipates well. A future DI prospect. 


5’8 P/G Zoran LaFrombois of St. Ignatius HS (MT) 2023 (Select Green 16U)
Another tough and feisty point guard under 6’0, who’s as important to the team success as any player on the court. He can run the team offense. He has all the tools needed to be an effective player maker with the ball in his hands. He knows when to pass and when to shoot. He’s a key bucket getter late in the game. D2, D3, NAIA. 


6’0 G Preston Lee of Corona Del Sol HS (AZ) 2024 (Team Harder 15 Black) 

A stocky lead guard with great vision. Loves to get to his midrange and excels in the pick and roll. 


6’0 G Brandt Lenz of Canada 2021 (AZ Select 17u Armstrong) 

He was one of the best shooters at the event. He has a pure looking release and is best at coming off screens and relocating to open spots. But he is not one-dimensional. He can handle it with confidence, has a nice floater and a sneaky first step on the drive. Best of all he is a tough competitor. 


6’5 W Max Lightfoot of Gilbert Christian HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select- Wilson) 

He’s got an impressive motor on both ends of the floor. He can block shots and rebounds. Max plays hard and aggressive defense that can mess up guards. He is long and athletic. He’s got an IQ to make the right cuts. He can also shoot the three.  


6’7 G Amir Locus of PHH Prep (AZ) 2022 (Zone 6 17u) 

Amir is a very intense guard with crazy athleticism. He is 3level scorer, High IQ, shot blocker and he shows his vision to help his teammates to get open shots. He’s has nice size for a guard and can defend multiple positions. He’s a bright prospect with a nice future. 


6’2 G Kolby Luna of Bonner’s Ferry HS (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite-Grey 16U)
A determined guard who can have an impact on the game with his play. He has the ability to score in different ways when he gets it going. He can be overly aggressive at times and pick up useless fouls at times, but is a tough competitor. D2, D3, NAIA.  


6’4 G/W John Lustig of Colfax HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U)
A tough and determined player usually the first one to the floor on loose balls. The lefty standing at 6’4 brings a mixture of things he does well on the court. He’s a good defender of multiple positions, on the wings and in the post at times. He’s a good shooter who spots up well and moves to get open for shots. He’s a hard driver to the basket coming from the baseline. And he is a bona-fide competitor. Low DI/high DII. 


*6’7 W/F Arman Madi of Brophy College Prep 2023 (AZ Select 16U UAA)
He continues to be a productive player and have impact on the game. At 6’7 he’s a skilled player who knows what he can do on the court. He handles the ball away from the basket, his passing is good, he’ll finish in the open court. He can hit 3’s, get inside for jumpers and other finishes as well. DI low to mid.  


*6’7 SF Mathiang Maker of Dream City Christian (AZ) 2023 (Zone 6 16U) 

Maker was very impressive at this event and proved he belongs high on the radar in the 2023 class. He’s long and athletic and can impact the game in a lot of ways at both ends. He shoots it ok with 3 range and gets to the hoop on the drive consistently. He is a high-volumne rebounder and he can block shots. He projects to be a mid plus prospect worth higher consideration. 


*6’4 G Mekhi Mason of AZ Compass HS 2022 (AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
A strong and athletic player who can defend multiple positions on the court. He is a reliable offensive player with an effective mid-range jumper, a 3 he can hit in the corner and an ability to be an effective scorer inside. Committed to Rice. 


5’10 PG Ahmaree McCullough of St. Joseph-Notre Dame HS (CA) 2023 (Arsenal Elite 17U)
He seems to have a better understanding of his role as a pass first point guard. He showed more patience in running half court sets. He was good at penetrating and kicking it out to shooters, he found the post players on the dump pass. He showed a nice hesitation move on the drive and hit the mid-range jumper. Has a nice motor and works hard defending on-ball. 

6’3 W Aidan McGarvin of Bishop Kelly (ID) 2022 (Select Steele 17u) 

A thicker wing who uses his body to get in the paint. Very crafty with the ball and uses ball fakes to create for his teammates. 


6’0 G Jayce McGuirk of Desert Ridge (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15u Aby) 

A scrappy guard who fights for positioning on every rebound. Can shoot off the dribble and is a great passer in transition. 


6’7 PF/C Tyler Medaris of Middleton HS (ID) 2022 (Select Black 17U) 

He is an active combo post man who can run the floor. He is very clever around the basket and finds ways to score including a nice jump hook. He shoots it ok with 3 range but has a very slow release. 


6’2 G Carson Moore of Sabino HS (AZ) 2023 (Apex Athletix 2023)
He has a good jab step move and he takes it hard to the basket from the wing. He’s effective in the open court. He has a good shot from mid-range and 3 but is hesitant at times to shoot. He moves well without the ball. D3/NAIA  


6’7 F Jaromy Morgan of Thompson Valley HS (CO) 2021 (Rocky Mountain Select 17U)
A solid body with a long wingspanHe has a good dribble drive pull up in the paint. He uses the jump stop effective inside and he has a solid jump hook. He is also a good passer. He will shoot 3’s in the corner and the wings. He runs the court well and is a real good rebounder at both ends. D2. 

6’3 CG Sean Murphy of Skyview HS (ID) 2022 (Select Grey 17u) 

Long guard who gets to his spots, has a good midrange pull up and uses his length on the defensive end. 


*6’5 F Britt Murray of Harrisburg HS (OR) 2022 (Incline Sports 16U Silver)
Murray has a good inside game with various moves on the block. He has a turnaround jumper and jump hook in the key. He must develop the lefthanded finish around the basket. He passes to cutters from the high post and can drive from there. He is very active on the glass and pursues every rebound. D2/D3 


6’3 PG Miles Nash of Brophy Prep (AZ) 2022 (Team Harden 17U Black)
A dribbling point guard who can run the offense. He loves to penetrate into the lane, sometimes too much. He has a pass first mentality but can get his own shot when he gets into the paint. A floater and jump stop in the paint works for him. He is a decent shooter with long range but has a slow release. He needs to develop more conditioning. 


6’4 W/F Luke Navarre of Zillah HS (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite-Grey 16U)
A versatile player with a good all-around skill set. At 6’4 and growing, he’s an aggressive player when in the post using a turnaround jumper and jump hook to score. He’ll rebound and lead the break, his still developing handles are good, he attacks the rim hard coming from the wings and baseline. Not real fast but will work hard on the defensive end. Low Division I consideration/D2. 


6’2 PG Riles Neff of St. Bonaventure HS (CA) 2021 (Team Build Up 17U)
A savvy point guard who shows quality handles and patience running the team offense. He’s a pass first guard but is more than capable of scoring when the opportunity presents itself. He can spot up for jumpers when playing off the ball. He has recently committed to Menlo College. 


6’5 W Javonne Nesbit of Froid HS (MT) 2022 Select Silver 17u 

A tough wing who never stops running. Impacts the game in a variety of ways. Gets his hands in the passing lanes, has elite vision and gets to the rim. Fights for every 50/50 ball. Can shoot it with range and is a real nice passer. 


6’1 CG Tony Njia of San Marcos HS (CA) 2021 (Team Build UP 17U)
A thick combo guard who can handle the contact on the drive. He’s a physical player who’ll force his way in at times, and finish strong off two feet. He can run an offense, spot up in the corner for 3’s when playing off the ball. He’ll defend bigger players. Low DI, D2.  


6’1 G Adam Nike of Eduprize (AZ) 2024 (Team Hardern 15 Black) 

A dynamic lead guard who can change directions at a moment notice. Has really great body control in the air and can finish with either hand. 


6’7 F Mike Noulowe of Brewster Academy Prep (NH) 2021 (Team Build Up 17U)
A long and strong forward who’s a good rebounder and can defend in the post. He’ll finish shots around the basket. He’ll attack the offensive boards to generate put backs. He showed he can pass from the high post area, hit the short jumper and step out on occasion for a 3. His best work is done 12ft and in. D2, D3.  


*6’3 CG DeOtis Nunn of Ironwood HS (AZ) 2022 (Team Harden 17U Black)
A confident and athletic combo guard who feels he can score anytime he wants to. He does get into the lane often for buckets with and without balance. He has a god mid-range game and can hit the transition pullup jumper. Low D1 prospect. 


 6’2 CG Dylan O’Neil of Oxnard HS (CA) 2022 (Team Build Up 17u)
He’s kind of crafty with his dribble, he takes good care of the ball, moves it well when he doesn’t have a good look at the basket. He’s a shot maker from 3point land in the corners and wings. He’ll run the lanes and can hit transition jumpers mid-range and 3. Low DI, D2, D3. 


6’3 SG Paul Oscislawski of Chaparral HS (AZ) 2023 (Quantum Elite 17) 

He is a special sharpshooter with a high IQ. He can score from 3 levels. He utilizes his physicality to score in the low post. He is willing to raise his teammates to get better. He brings energy and effort to the court. He’s a really good prospect to watch. 


6’2 G Iyayi Osunde of Dream City Christian (AZ) 2025 (Zone 6 15u) 

One of the most athletic players in his class. The anchor of the press break and gets downhill with ease.  

6’3 SG Tanner Pate of Mountain Pointe HS (AZ) 2022 (NME) 

One of the events best shooters. Can get hot from 3 really quick and is usually money when his feet are set. Has good size and length for his position. 


6’3 CG Chase Pavey of Sunrise Mountain HS (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select 17u James) 

The stocky combo guard has his hands involved in every play. He never gets tired and uses his size and handles to score on defenders. Rebounds well for his position. 


*6’6 SF Jaion Pitt of Dream City Christian (AZ) 2025 (Zone 6 16U) 

Remember this name. He will be heard from in a big way moving forward. He is an athletic and very talented small forward who is an extremely difficult match up. He can score in bunches, both in transition and in the half court. He’s also a real nice passer and a solid rebounder. High-level prospect indeed. 


6’1 Kameron Pender-Bay of Desert Vista HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam)
A muscular athlete who has the look of an aggressive downhill scorer attacking the basket. He lights up when he has the ball in the open court. He has good strength to finish through physical play. He’ll shoot dribble drive pull ups and 3’s in transition. He can defend.   


6’3 W Dougie Peoples of Butte Central HS (MT) 2023 (Select Red 16u) 

He was one of the best wings that performed in the 16u Gold. He is shifty, quick, displayed his skill, makes good decisions for his teammates and runs the floor well. He’s willing to attack hard and finish with his length. He’s finds ways to affect the game. He’s got really good IQ. 

5’10 G Cory Perry of Peoria HS (AZ) 2021 (Pal Elite) 

Quick guard who excels in transition has a great pull up jumper and plays with a chip on his shoulder. 





5’11 PG Brennan Peterson Home School (AZ) 2025 (Zone 6 16U) 

One of the elite shooters from the event. He was very impressive in his performance. He’s got really good IQ, he’s getting tougher by attacking the rim hard. He’s very skilled and got good looks for his teammates. He’s going to be a really good future stud. 


*6’8 W/F Trey Phillips of Eduprize Prep (AZ) 2022 (Team Harden 17U Black)
He has a solid set of skills but needs to get stronger so he can execute them. He has good size and length and he runs the court. He has good moves when he’s in the post area. He can elevate and finish. He’s a good rebounder and a willing defender. Getting stronger will raise his stock. Possible mid major prospect. 


*6’3 G Nate Pickens of AZ Compass Prep 2022 (AZ Select 17UAA (Capriotti)
An athletic player who’s effective on both sides of the ball. He can defend both guard positions, his strength and his lateral movement keeps him close to hound defenders up court. He has the skill set to play multiple spots on offense. He’ll score in transition, off the drive, he has a good jumper and is strong inside going up off two. Division I prospect, low to mid. 

5’11 G Gabe Pickens of Millennium HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15u UAA Brad) 

A stocky guard who is a pest on defense and excels in transition. Also a very good passer and is a floor general. 


6’4 W/F Michael Rafko Chaparral HS (AZ) 2022 (Quantum Elite 17) 

He performed like he was a difference maker. His mentality changes to be a dog on the court and he brought the effort. He used his skill to score, rebounded and made put backs. He changes his pace for the offense to be faster. He’s got potential to be college player and he’s a high academic student. 

6’8 PF Eric Ramirez of Cibola HS (AZ) 2021 (Pal Elite 20211) 

Long forward who runs the floor and can score from all 3 levels. He can dribble operate and is willing to bang down low. He can switch onto smaller guards on defense. 

6’4 G Easton Reagan of Desert Mountain HS (AZ) 2022 (Arizona Dream) 

He is a high IQ guard who can shoot lights out, is fearless and affects the game each possession. He has sneaky athleticism and seems to be in the right spot at the right time. 


6’8 C Rhett Reynolds of Shelby HS (MT) 2022 (Select Black 17U) 

Reynolds is a fundamentally sound five man with long arms and some lift. He passes it well, he’s a decent mid-range shooter and has a drop step on the block and he is a capable rebounder. He has committed to Montana. 

6’2 G Kade Rice of Bishop Kelly HS (ID) 2022 (Select Steele 17u) 

A knockdown shooter when his feet are set. A willing passer on the drive and uses his IQ on the defensive end. Maximizes what he has. 


6’1 G Lyle Robinson of Desert Vista HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam 14U)
Robinson is a long guard with good fundamental skills. He’ll get stronger and add more inches in time. He has a good shot and will make jumpers. He’s kind of a glider as he makes his way to the basket for finishes around the hoop. He’s a good floor runner, plays under control and makes good passes.  


5’10 PG Leonard Romayor Brophy Prep (AZ) 2023 (Quantum Elite 17) 

He is one of the gifted underrated guards that live to work hard every day. He can explode and push it fast to beat the defense down the floor. He’s a high character player and he’s coachable. He’s becoming a better shooter on a consistent basis. He clutched the game winner by attacking the basket and finished the layup with full confidence. He goes hard and aggressive at both ends of the floor. He’s been building up his game and will continue to push his passion to show that he is college prospect. He’s been very impressive with his performance. He’s a high academic student with a 4.0 GPA. 



5’6 G Miles Sadler of Dream City Christian (AZ) 2026 (Zone 6 15U) 

Played 2 years up and was never rattled. A confident ball handler who made several highlight plays and made some bigtime shots. 


5’9 PG Kai Sadler of Mountain Pointe HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15 Jerrica)
A solid fundamental player with a good understanding of the game. He has a good feel for the game and doesn’t force things. He’s got a good shot from 3, he uses a floater to get his shot off inside. He’s a good ball mover and doesn’t waste his dribbles. 

6’1 G Cameron Saldona of Santa Cruz HS (CA) 2022 Arsenal 17u National 

Has good size for a PG. Rebounds well for his position, is never out of control and has a great change of pace on the run. 


6’4 G EJ Scroggins of McClintock HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16 UAA)
A muscular and thick off guard looks more like a full back playing hoop. A player with hops who uses his body to absorb the hit on his way to the basket for dunks or other finishing moves. He’ll rebound from the guard spot and finish in transition. His mid-range jumper could use some improvement. Low DI/D2 


*6’4 SG Oziyah Sellers of So Cal Academy (CA) 2022 (Arsenal 17U Elite)
Sellers has helped himself by becoming a player who can knock down mid-range jumpers and 3point shots with some consistency. He’s learned how to utilize screens set for him. He can handle the ball and use his dribble for pull up jumpers. He’s an improved defender. Mid to High prospect. 


5’11 PG Luke Shaw of ASU Prep Digital (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15 – Biale) 

He is a highly coachable young player. He’s got long arms to disrupt passing lanes. He can shoot the really well. He can also create his own shot. He is good passer. He’s got really good energy and assertive on offense and goes hard consistently. 

6’7 F Garrison Sherman of Scottsdale Christian Academy (AZ) 2022 AZ Dream 

A true stretch 4 with range, has a high IQ and plays with a chip on his shoulder. 

6’2 G Alex Shields of Post Falls HS (ID) 2024 (Select Yellow 15u) 

He is an athletic wing that can really defend and make plays at the rim.  


6’3 F Toate Sika of Rincon HS (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select Tucson 2021 17U)
He’s an undersized forward at 6’3 that more than held his own going up against bigger post players. He has long arms, good hops and strength going up inside with high finishes off the back board. He is a decent mid-range shooter and he can finish in transition. D2 prospect. 


*6’4 W/F Deandre Sims of Corona Del Sol HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Jerrica)
A rising prospect in the 2024 class. He’s an active body on the court, still developing his skill set. He gave a good effort rebounding for his team. He scored many of his points inside, he made shots from behind the 3 and handled the ball in transition. He defended on the perimeter as well as the post. Future DI considerations. 


6’3 G/W Johnny Simmons of Mountain View HS (AZ) 2023 (Tucson Trojans)
A long arm defender did a good job defending in the post against taller players in the 16U division. He used good footwork moving from one side to the other. He’s a good rebounder and has a good shot from 3. He is a capable ball handler and passer as well. D2, D3, NAIA 


6’9 C Kohl Sinai of Westview HS (OR) 2023 (Elite 24- 16U)
A long post player who’s still developing his post skills. He’s going to have to bulk up a bit. He did block and change some shots inside. He gave good effort defending in the post and he runs the court. He has a turnaround jumper and a jump hook in the paint. He’ll rebound in his space. D2 


6’2 Dylan Skaife of Ferris HS (WA) 2024 (Eastern Washington Elite Flight) 

A 6’2 guard who plays bigger than what he is. Sees the play before it happens and is a pesty defender who can score from all 3 levels. 


*6’9 F Pejan Slater of Santa Clarita Christian HS (AZ) 2022 (Team Harden 17U Black)
The 6’9 forward has a good shot from behind the 3pt line. He can put it on the floor at times using the baseline to get inside, he had some success scoring inside. He likes to shoot 3’s from the corner. He’s got good strength to defend and disrupt in the paint on defense. He needs to increase his athleticism. DI low to mid. 

6’0 SG KJ Smith of Legacy HS (AZ) 2025 (Uptempo Hoops Elite 2025) 

A scrappy defender who can score in bunches. Uses his athleticism to create for himself and teammates. 


6’5 W/G Kobe Smith of Ferris HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite Black 17U) 

Smith is versatile and can play any position on the perimeter. He has solid all-around offensive skills. He can handle, pass and shoot and get to the hoop on the drive. He also has a nice floater and a mid-range pull up. He plays in attack mode from start to finish. 


6’8 C Chaz Storm of Santiam HS (OR) 2022 (All Around Players) 

Storm is a five man with a high IQ who can impact the game at both ends. He shoots it fairly well (with  range), moves well without it and is a decent handler and a good passer. He hedges the ball screen real well on defense and he can block shots. He’s a solid D2 prospect. 


5’9 PG Montez Taylor of Williams Field HS (AZ) 2021 (Dreams Become Reality (DBR) 17U)
An exciting point guard with all the necessary tools to succeed at the position. His slick handles coupled with speed, and confidence makes him a tough one to deal with anywhere on the court, whether it’s in half or full court he’s nightmare to deal with. He hits 3’s, pull up jumpers and can readily blow by defenders to get into the paint. A good on ball defender who’ll navigate his way through screens.  


6’2 G Talon Taylor of Hillcrest HS (ID) 2024 (Select Yellow 15u) 

Taylor is a knockdown shooter who uses an array of shot fakes to get open. 


6’2 G Charles Temple of Williams Field HS (AZ) 2022 (Dreams Become Reality 17U)
An explosive scoring guard with plenty of strength, and hops to dunk over you if you get in the way when he takes off. He has a nice mid-range jumper in transition. He can handle well enough to create his own shot. Low DI  


*6’7 W/F Jaylen Thompson of So Cal Academy (CA) 2022 (Arsenal Elite 17U)  

Thompson continues to develop his game from the outside in. He’s improved his ball handling, his jump shot is looking better, though it’s not consistent yet, it is improved. He’s always been an effective player using the baseline to get inside and finish strong off two feet. He’s long, will get stronger, and is capable of defending multiple positions. High level prospect. 


6’5 F Jacob Thompson of Gonzaga Prep (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite-Grey 16U)
He has good fundamentals he boxes out regularly before going for rebounds. He has a nice turnaround jumper in the paint, he uses a pump fake to get defenders off balance. D2/D3.  


5’8 PG Steven Tippit PHH Prep (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15– Aby) 

He was one of the top underclass guards from the event. He is specialist shooter from any spot and can shoot from dribbling or off a screen. He’s got a good pace and can play aggressive hard nose D. He is quick and shifty with handle to beat his man down the floor. He’s got self-confidence and plays really hard with a lot of heart. He is also a high-level academic student. He will build his game to become a high level player. 


6’1 G Justin Townsend of Broomfield HS (CO) 2024 (Colorado Titans 15 Gold) 

Justin is a great perimeter shooter and puts himself in great positions to be a scorer off the ball.  


*6’7 PF Robert Vaihola of Riordan HS (CA) 2021 (Arsenal Elite 17U)  

A forward who has improved his game across the board. He has the vision in the post area to spot cutters and shooters. His ability to score in the paint because of strength is noticeable. His improved handles allow him to dribble into the paint and by defenders. He can hit the outside shot and can dominate the boards at times. He recently committed to Fresno State. 


*6’0 CG Christian Von Bruck of Post Falls MS (ID) 2025 (Select Gold 14U)
The lefty has a long body and is sure to grow a few more inches. He stands out with his good fundamentals and understanding of the how to play the game, and his position. He uses good body control on the penetration and kick out. He can finish in traffic with either hand around the basket. He has active hands and feet. Future DI prospect.  


*6’5 G/W Roosevelt “Tru” Washington of Mountain Pointe HS 2023 (AZ) Select 16U UAA
An athletic G/W type player who has good hops, and strength around the rim. He has a good 2nd jump and will rebound. His handles can use some polishing but he’s still a player that can get to his spots for short pull up jumpers. He’s trouble going towards the rim in the open court. A solid body who’ll mix it up on the boards. Shoots it well from the perimeter. DI prospect in mid to high range. 

6’1 G Justin Watson of Shadow Mountain HS (AZ) 2022 (Just Hoop 17u) 

A pesky defender who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Has his head on a swivel and is always looking to create for his teammates. He has a nice pull up jumper. He has a sneaky first step and is a consistent drive/penetrator. 


*6’6 F Kodey Weary of Weston Ranch HS (CA) 2023 (Arsenal Elite 17U) (CA)
He has square shoulders, a good frameand a long wingspan. He’ll have to get stronger and continue to develop his skill set. He can defend on the wings, change, and block shots in the post. Strength and continued development will see his stock rise. DI prospect low to mid if he plays with consistent effort. 


6’4 W Micah Wilkerson of Mountain Ridge HS (AZ) 2022 (Zone 6 17u) 

He shows aggressiveness on the defensive end. He’s got full confidence of always looking for an opportunity to attack. He’s got long arms that can disrupt passes. He’s got insane athleticism and he’s got an IQ. He’s only been playing basketball for a year and he’s been talking NAIA and JUCO. He does have a chance to go D1 or D2. 


6’3 PG Emery Young of Centennial HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16U UAA)
A quality point guard with the tools to be an effective facilitator. He has a good body, tight handles and he plays with confidence and patience. He controls the pace at times. He has a good mid-range jumper and can get into the paint for kick outs. A good on ball defender. DI low to mid.   


5’8 PG Ashton Zettle of West Valley HS (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite- Grey 16U)
An under 6’0 point guard with good handles and vision to deliver solid passes to the post and to shooters spotting up for 3’s in the corner and wings. He can penetrate the middle and finish with floaters or pull up jumpers. He’ll push and pass it up in transition. He can stay in front of other speedy guards. D2, D3, NAIA. 





Names to Note: (*) indicates highest consideration for this category) 


*6’6 SF Mayowa Akinsipe of Deer Valley HS (AZ) 2021 (Zone 6 Open) 

6’3 W Riley Allen of Sentinel HS (MT) 2024 (Select Bronze 15U) 

*5’9 PG Christian Amos of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ BallN 15) 

6’2 G Bryce Anderson of Deer Valley HS (AZ) 2024 (Grind Time Basketball) 

*6’2 G Cole Anderson Ironwood Ridge HS (AZ) 2022 (Oro Valley Basketball 17U) 

5’11 G/W Devin Antone of Baboquivari HS (AZ) 2024 (Apex Athletix 2024 Black) 

5’10 CG Silas Arvizu of Mountain View HS (AZ) (Tucson Trojans) 

6’1 SG Nick Basson of Mead HS (CO) 2023 (Rocky Mountain Select 17U)  

6’2 SG Jackson Bernardo of Great Oak HS (CA) 2022 (Do It Better) 

6’3 G Titus Bailey of Owyhee HS (ID) 2023 (Select Blue 16U) 

*6’3 F Tyras Blake of Middleton MS (ID) 2025 (Select Gold 14U) 

5’10 PG Cody Blumenthal of Catalina Foothills HS (AZ) 2021 (Apex Athletix 2021 Unsigned) 

*5’10 G Anderson Brendle of Mullen HS (CO) 2024 (CO Premier U15 Boys White (Felix) 

*6’0 F Landon Brewer of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ BallN 15U) 

6’7 SF James Burries of Hillcrest Prep (AZ) 2021 (Inspire) 

5’7 PG Joey Castillo of Gallego Intermediate MS (AZ) 2025 (AZ Select Tucson 14 Red) 

6’2 SG Owen Caudle of Sherwood HS (OR) 2022 (Elite 24 17U Volt) 

 5’10 G David Cayetano of Wilson MS (AZ) 2025 (AZ Tucson 14U Red) 

6’5 F Jake Clapper of Desert Ridge HS (AZ) (2021 AZ Select 17U Paynes) 

5’10 PG Tajohn Cook of Sabino HS (AZ) 2022 (Apex Athletic 2022 Red) 

5’9 PG Cooper Crawford Ironwood Ridge HS (AZ) 2022 (Oro Valley Basketball 17U) 

6’4 F Makai Daniels of Shadow Park MS (WA) 2025 (Eastern Washington Elite-Green 14U) 

*6’1 G Dylan Darling of Central Valley HS ((WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite Red 17U) 

*6’5 F Gabe Emerson of McClintock HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15U Jerrica) 

6’4 F La Marrien East of Desert Vista HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam 14U) 

*5’11 G Luke Fenn of Mountain Vista HS (CO) 2023 (Colorado Premier U16 Red) 

6’0 G Elijah Fulford of De Anza HS (CA) 2021 (Ascending Life) 

5’9 CG Te’Shawn Gamble of Oakland HS (CA) 2023 (Arsenal 16U) 

6’2 PG Aiden Gentry of Barlow HS (OR) 2022 (Elite 24 17U Volt) 

6’6 SF/PF of St. Maries HS (ID) 2022 (Select White 17U) 

5’10 PG Greg Giles of Deer valley HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17 Chaney) 

6’0 PG Wyatt Gordon of Buena HS (AZ) 2022 (Apex Athletix 2022 Red) 

5’11 CG DJ Green of McCall Donnely HS (ID) 2022 (Select Black 17U) 

6’2 SG Dylan Hadley of Catalina Foothills HS (AZ) 2022 (Apex Athletix 2022 Black) 

6’4 SF Kayan Hargrave of Erie HS (CO) 2022 (Colorado Titans 17 Gold) 

6’0 PG Brock Heywood of Heritage Prep (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17U Paynes) 

6’0 PG Logen Howard of Hillcrest Prep (AZ) 2021 (Inspire 17U) 

6’1 G Trenton Hinckley of Owyhee HS (ID) 2023 (Select Green 16U) 

6’3 SG Amarei Hunter of Desert Edge HS (AZ) 2021 (PAL Elite 2021) 

6’1 SG Ty Huse of Bozeman HS (MT) 2022 (Select Silver 17U) 

6’4 SF Brock Jackson of Sabino HS (AZ) 2021 (Apex Athletix 2021 Unsigned) 

5’11 G Bennett Kaup of Perry HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Gremlins 15U) 

6’2 W/F Jack Keeley of Butte Central Catholic HS (MT) 2024 (Select Royal 15U) 

*6’2 PG Cooper Kessler of Hillcrest HS (ID) 2022 (Select White 17U) 

6’3 G Kobe Kessler of Hillcrest HS (ID) 2023 (Select Red 16U) 

6’6 PF/SF Peyton Knowles of Ridgeline HS (UT) 2022 (Select White 17U) 

6’0 G Charlie Kosta of Palma HS (CA) 2023 (Arsenal 16U)  

*6’2 W/F Jacob La Bounty Thurston HS (OR) 2022 (Incline Sports-17U) 

6’0 CG Hayden Laessig of Legend HS (CO) 2023 (CO Premier 16U Red) 

6’6 PF/C Jayson Lewis of Smoky Hill HS (CO) (CO Premier 16U Black) 

6’0 PG Benny Loh of Wasatch Academy (UT) 2022 (Do It Better) 

6’3 SG Lane Love of Skyview HS (MT) 2023 (Select Maroon 16U) 

6’1 PG Caden Luna of Tucson HS (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select Tucson 2021) 

6’0 G Seth Lustig of Colfax HS (WA) 2024 (Eastern Washington Elite 14u Green) 

5’10 G Cory Manago of Sheldon HS (OR) 2023 (Incline Sports 16U Silver) 

6’3 SG Max Majerle of Arcadia HS (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select 17UAA Capriotti) 

6’0 G Javier Martinez of Nogales M(AZ) 2024 (Apex Athletix 2024 Red) 

*6’10 C Darian Masi of Eduprize Prep (AZ) 2021 (Team Harden 17U Black) 

5’7 PG Jackson Mathews of Mountain Park HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam 14U) 

6’0 G Lincoln Mathis of Ambrose MS (ID) 2025 (Select Gold 14U) 

6’1 PG Jaycob McBath of Desert Valley Prep HS (AZ) 2022 (Team Harden 17U Black) 

6’5 F Tucker Mills of Lyons HS (CO) 2023 (Rocky Mountain Select 17U) 

6’2 F Tony Mottola of Marcos De Niza HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15U Jerrica) 

5’10 G Jacob Newborn of Pusch Ridge MS (AZ) 2025 (Apex Athletix 2024 Red) 

6’7 F/C John Nowland of St. George’s HS (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite Grey 16U) 

5’7 PG Zac Ollie of Corona Del Sol HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select Sam 14U) 

6’5 W/F Michael Orr of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ BallN 17) 

5’8 PG Michael Pacheco of Marcos De Niza HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ Select 15U Jerrica) 

6’5 F Daniel Paskewitz of Borah HS (ID) 2024 (Select Bronze 15U) 

6’3 PG Ryan Payne of Pocatello HS (ID) 2022 (Select White 17U) 

6’3 G Jayson Petty of Centennial HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17U-Paynes) 

5’10 G Espn Polanski of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ BallN 17) 

5’8 PG Simeon Powell of De Anza HS (CA) 2023 (Arsenal 16U) 

6’5 SF Tennessee Rainwater of Davenport HS (WA) 2023 (Eastern Washington Elite Black 17U) 

5’11 PG Ju Rhodes of Shadow Mountain HS (AZ) 2022 (Just Hoop 17U) 

6’1 CG Kellen Sande of Cascade HS (OR) 2022 (All Around Players) 

5’8 G Jeremiah Sibley of University HS (WA) 2022 (Eastern Washington Elite-Red 17U) 

6’6 PF Austin Sladek of Western Christian School (OR) 2022 (All Around Players) 

*6’2 G/W Nate Stiffler of Thurston HS (OR) 2025 (Incline Sports- 16U Silver) 

6’0 G Reece Strawn of Salt Lake MS (WA) 2025 (Eastern Washington Elite Green 14U) 

6’0 SG Matin Strong of Valley Vista HS (AZ) 2022 (AZ Select 17U James) 

*6’1 F Reed Sytle of Coeur d’ Alene MS (WA) 2025 (Eastern Washington Elite Green 14U) 

6’5 F Jace Taylor of Madison HS (ID) 2023 (Select Green 16U) 

*6’5 F Jake Ten Berge of PHH Prep (AZ) 2021 (AZ Select 17U- Paynes) 

6’4 SF/PF Will Tenore of Mead HS (CO) 2022 (Colorado Titans 17 Gold) 

5’10 G Kade Thompson of Boise MS (ID) 2025 (Select Orange 14U) 

5’10 PG Quinn Thorne of Corona Del Sol HS (AZ) 2022 (N.M.E.) 

*6’2 F Sawyer Todd of Boulder Creek HS (AZ) 2024 (AZ BallN 15U)  

6’5 F Brandon Trilli of Desert Vista HS (AZ) 2023 (AZ Select 16 UAA) 

6’0 PG Jermaine Vincent of Cherokee Trail HS (CO) 2021 (Colorado premier 17U Black) 

6’3 G/W Ty Weiskind of Churchill HS (OR) 2022 (Elite 24 17U Volt) 

6’5 SF/PF Jayden Wright of Highland HS (ID) 2023 (SEI Wolves) 

6’7 F Andrew Yeahon of San Tan Charter (AZ) 2021 (Dreams Become Reality 17U)  

6’2 PG Titus Yearout of Lapwai HS (ID) 2022 (Select Black 17U) 

6’0 PG Bryson Zanto of Bozeman HS (MT) 2022 (Select Silver 17U)