Report on 2019 So Cal Spring Tip-Off

The 4th annual So Cal Spring Tip Off was held April 13-14 at the American Sports Center in Anaheim. 200 teams from the western United States participated. Here is a report on the 17 U Division at the event.

Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’7 W Nick Abbot of Santa Clara HS 2019 (Cali Stars 17U Black)

– Solid wing with great length. Runs the floor well and quickly. Athletic. Gets up quick and has a good second jump… D2


*6’9 F Sami Abdelahad of Canyon HS 2019 (OC Pride 17U Red)

– Mobile big that defends well. Holds his ground and doesn’t bite on any fakes. Finishes around the rim with great touch. Understands the game well and is always in the right spots… D2

6’7 F Chigozie Achara of Alemany HS 2019 (BBC Elite 17U)

Raw big man that has size and athleticism you can’t teach.  Good body.  Decent read on the boards but needs to learn how to grab the rebound at a higher point. Needs JUCO to develop a mid-range and polish up on skill sets.

6’4 SF Josh Adoh of St. John’s Bosco HS 2019 (Cali Stars 17 Platinum)

-Thick physical wing who likes getting downhill to score. Can hit 3’s off the catch with deep range. Plays hard in the open court and uses his body to muscle his way in.

6’2 PG Aiden Alcraz of Alta Loma HS 2020 (IEBP 17U Team Dandridge)

– Strong lead guard that rebounds. Can get into the paint and has crafty finishes. Can shoot it well off the catch and off the dribble. Plays with good pace… D3

*6’0 G Laird Anderson Jr. of Mark Keppel HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Very strong and poised point guard. Unselfish player with great court vision. Can get in the paint and to the basket very well. High IQ with great feel and could play at different paces. Tough overall defender… D2/D3

*5’11 G Tyler Antrobius of Mira Costa HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Very gritty guard that will do all the dirty work. Extremely disruptive defensively and chases down boards. Rim runs hard in transition and will finish around the basket. Very good at speeding up the pace and controlling when needed… D3/NAIA


*6’6 W KC Anuluoha of Crespi HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17U Select)

Super bouncy and athletic guy that runs the floor hard on the break.  Finishes strong above the rim and plays hard.  Can guard multiple positions and moves well laterally.  Needs to develop more offensively on the wing.  Good shot blocker from the weak side.  D1/D2 prospect.


5’8 PG Lucas Bagsik of St. Genevieve HS 2021 (Hooptown 17U)

– Quick guard that uses a nice change of speed to get by the defender. Great understanding of the game. Quick trigger. Solid handle. Needs to get stronger… D3


*5’10 G Adrian Banuelos of Desert Edge HS 2021 (Team Ohana 17U)

– Shifty and quick guard that makes good decisions. Nice touch on floaters and makes great timely passes to the shooters. Moves his feet very well on defense and is extremely active… D2/D3

6’9 C/PF Ethan Berks of Santa Monica HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

-Skilled big man who scores it efficiently in the paint. Boxes out for rebounds and is fairly athletic. Good IQ and plays hard.

6’8 C Gichairo Berika of Salesian HS 2020 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17)

-5-man who excels as a rebounder in his area. Can face-up to elbow and in and runs court well. Nice drop step move and one-bounce drive. Is active.


5’10 PG Kale Bishop of Lynwood HS 2020 (The Truth 17 Elite)

Real athletic on man with nice burst. Good ball handler and passer, shoots it fairly well with 3 range.


*6’6 PF Myles Blackman of La Salle HS 2022 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17 Navy)

-Long young forward with high upside. Can create own shot off dribble. Handles the ball surprisingly well for a big. Can face-up to the 3pt line and rebounds well in area.


5’8 PG David Black of Bloomington HS 2020 (Triple Threat 17U)

Very undersized but strong ball handler and floor general.  Plays with head on a swivel.  High basketball IQ and good passer.  Has some range on jump shot.


6’5 SF Aidyn Blaylock of Sunrise Mountain HS 2020 (Arizona Rebels 2020)

-Long and skilled wing. Shooter to the 3pt line and sneaky bouncy to throw it down. Late bloomer seems to improve every month. Grew an inch in last few months or so and 2-3 inches in last year. Starting to get tougher and more confident.


6’2 SG Quinn Boomstra of AOSS 2021 (Veritas 17U Ronquillo)

-Thick downhill scorer who plays hard. Missed all of last year and is just getting his stamina back. Nice jumper, floater and deep shooter. Plays hard and is very strong.


5’7 PG Nic Breen of San Clemente HS 2021 (KBC/SC 17U)

-Skilled one-man who can shoot it with range. Consistent 3 ball and smart floor general. Pull-up off dribble.


5’9 PG Declan Bretz of St. Augustine HS 2020 (WCE 17 Gray- Strickland)

Smooth operator with a strong body. Solid ball handler, shoots it fairly well with 3-point range and gets to the basket on the drive.


*6’5 F Colby Brooks of Loyola HS 2020 (BTI Elite 17U)

Undersized for his position but plays very hard and very fast.  Explosive and athletic.  Very aggressive nature on both ends.  Good body and strong.  Hustles.  Needs some work on his handle and perimeter skill set.


6’4 SF James Burries of Moon Valley HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U White)

-Athletic downhill scorer with great length. Capable 3-point shooter and defends well in space. Good rebounder in area using athleticism/length.


6’5 F Bryce Calhoun of Village Christian HS 2020 (ARC Hustle 17U)

– Can shoot it from the mid-range. Has good size for his position. Advances the ball on the break. Rebounds well for his size. Needs to be more aggressive… NAIA


6’3 SG Gilbert Camacho of Maranatha HS 2020 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17)

-Sneaky athletic scoring guard. Good passer who plays with a high IQ. Drive/kick. Shooter with range. Driver who uses the euro step to his advantage. Good ball skills. Pull-up off dribble.


6’4 SF Tyree Campbell of Etiwanda HS 2020 (Prodigy 17U Elite)

-Athletic wing who can finish above rim. Great length to collects steals in the passing lanes. Capable shooter with range.


6’3 SG Peter Carney of JW North HS 2020 (IEBP 17U Team Marshall) 

-Catch and shoot guard with deep range. Smart floor game. Uses euro step and mid-range pull-up.

6’5 F Lucas Cencola of Saddleback Valley Christian HS 2020 (Team Nikos 17U White)

– High energy forward that will rim run for easy baskets. Will contest and aggressively rebound on both ends of the floor… NAIA/D3


6’7 F Monjov Claire of Liberty HS 2020 (3rd World Hoops 17U Blue)

– Strong big that rebounds well. Soft touch around the rim. Taps the ball out for second chance opportunities… NAIA


6’0 PG Jordan Clayton of Summit HS 2021 (Rancho Elite Basketball 17U Black)

– Shifty guard that reads ball-screens well. Gets downhill and has a soft touch on floaters. Can shoot it off the bounce… NAIA/D3

6’2 SG Austin Clark of Ayala HS 2021 (IEBP 17 Team Collison)

Legit shooter with 3 range. Has a solid floater and a pull up game. Can handle it.

6’4 SF London Coleman of Silverado HS 2020 (Las Vegas Punishers 17)

Athletic, wiry, who can turn the jets on. Finishes real well in transition. Competent ball handler and passer.


6’1 SG Myles Corey of Diamond Bar HS 2019 (BBC Elite 17)

Smooth ballhandler who finishes well, moves without the ball. Quick hands. Defensively.


6’5 SF Austin Cook of Damien HS 2020 (BTI Select 2020)

-Scoring threat from anywhere on the perimeter. Good shooter with range. Smart passer, good energy and high IQ. Competes hard on defense with thicker frame/build.


6’3 G/F William Cottle of Mira Costa HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Gritty defender with long arms. Can defend multiple positions. Plays very hard and good finishing around the rim. Will defend, rebound and rim run… NAIA

6’7 PF Kobe Craig of Fremont HS 2019 (ARC Wildcats 17U)

-Athletic physical forward with good speed. Capable shooter with range. Handles ball well and is a good passer. Good effort on defense. Will need to go to junior college.


6’7 F Nakial Cross of St. Augustine HS 2020 (West Coast Elite 17U Grey (Strickland)

– Super bouncy athlete that will attack the rim fiercely. A lot of great tools to work with playing around his athleticism. Boards well, pushes the ball, fills the lane well, can block shots, does have upside… D 1.


*5’10 PG Nico Dasca of Costa Mesa HS 2019 (OC Pride 17U Red)

– Quick guard that can light it up in a hurry. Very Shifty and changes speeds. Makes great passes in tight windows. Knock down shooter. Defends with great energy… D2

6’0 PG Stephen Davis of Santa Barbara HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SB 17U Hangtin)

– Quick one-man that likes to push the pace. Can shoot the ball and defend. Organizes his team. Makes good passes… D3


6’5 F Mikey Davidson of Impact of Vegas 2019 (Team Build Up)

Good instinctive defender. Plays the passing lanes and denies very well on the perimeter.  Strong rebounder and outlet passer.  D2/D3 prospect.

6’4 CG Deven Dahlke HS 2020 (West Coast Elite 17U Grey)

-Big lead guard who can shoot it with range. Good physical on-ball defender and cerebral playmaker. Drive and kick. Has a nice pull-up game. D2/lowD1.

6’2 SG Dillon Depina of Heritage Christian HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

-Thick two-guard who can shoot it with range. Strong frame/build to get downhill. Physical defender. Competes consistently.


*6’2 CG Trey Donaldson of Gilbert Christian HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Black)

-True combo guard who can score in bunches. Uber athletic in open court and plays above the rim. Pull-up from mid to the 3. Cuts off opponents beating them to the spot on defense.

6’1 G Lawrence Duru of Stockdale HS 2020 (3rd World Select 17U Blue)

– Strong guard that can shoot it. Comes off screens ready for the ball and has a good understanding of the game. Makes his decisions before the catch… NAIA


6’9 C Abraham Eagle of Chaminade HS 2020 (West Coast Elite LA 17U Marx)

-Highly skilled 5-man. Can step out and hit 3’s plus has a polished hook shot with either hand. Plays a smart game and rebounds well in his area.


6’2 G Luke Economou of Santa Monica HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17U Black)

– Solid guard that has good instincts. Takes care of the ball and has a great feel for the game. Makes the right passes. Plays the right way… D2/D3

6’1 G Ipreye Egbe of Garcés Memorial HS 2021 (3rd World Select 17U White)

– Good instincts. Defends. Plays hard and gets out in transition quickly. Makes the right plays and sees the floor well… D2


*6’1 PG Charles Erving of Sagerstrom HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SD 17U Keenan)

-Strong pure one-man who gets downhill quickly. Drive and kick. Crafty and strong near rim to finish through contact. Pitbull on-ball defender. Playing at around 50% due to strained MCL yet can still dunk it easily.


6’7 C/PF Roy Eze of Paradise Honors HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Black)

-Physical low post presence. High level rebounder and above the rim finisher with length. Strong interior defender who can move in space. Hook shots and face-up from 10-feet and in.


6’4 SF Tyler Fabisiak of Pacifica HS 2020 (Junior Hoops Academy 17U)

-Catch and shoot specialist. Rebounds well in area and moves smartly without the ball to locate to open space. Cerebral floor game/high IQ.


5’8 PG Sean Fajardo of Edison HS 2020 (OC Pride White Elite)

– Skilled PG that plays with great pace for his team. Sets the tone. Can change speeds to get by the defender. Makes the right plays and knows where the next pass will be ahead of time… D2/D3

6’2 CG Albert Fallas of Yeshiva University HS 2020 (BTI Premier 2020)

– Steady guard that likes to make his decisions before the catch. Hits corner threes at a very high clip. Consistent stroke and will play out of his jumper to get a nice one/two dribble pull-up. Sprints the floor to get easy opportunities and open corner threes… NAIA/D3

6’0 CG JD Feagles of Horizon HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U White)

-Deadeye shooter from deep. Quick shooting release and stronger frame. Smart ball handler who defends hard.


*6’2 SG Dennis Flowers of St. Francis HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Sacramento Prowse 2)

– Scoring guard who can heat up in a hurry. Can score at all 3 levels. Solid handle and makes the right plays on offense. Great leader and communicates well. Has deep range. Can play both ends of the floor… High D2. Recently committed to Carroll College.


5’11 CG Zach Foster of Millennium HS 2020 (Arizona Rebels 2020)

-Knockdown shooter with quick release. Cerebral floor game. Floater game. Can create some space and shoot it from mid-range. Under the rim player is a floor spacer.


6’5 C Asher Gardiner of San Clemente HS 2022 (KBC/SC 17U)

-Physical inside post presence. Good rebounder and shot blocker in area. Strong for age and likes the physicality.


5’10 CG Robert Giraldy of Portola HS 2020 (OGP HQ 17U Black)

– Can really shoot it from deep. Quick trigger. Solid handles when the pressure comes. Maneuvers his way through traffic and gets to his spots. Sprints in transition for open threes… D2/D3

6’2 PG Trent Griffin of Aliso Niguel HS 2020 (Team Nikos 17U White)

– Guard that plays with pace. Gets to the rim and is fundamental in his finishes. Crashes the glass to give his team extra opportunities. Defends hard and does a good job staying in front… D3


6’7 PF Anthony Giliberto of Paradise Valley HS 2020 (Arizona Rebels 2020)

-Highly skilled 4-man is slowly becoming more athletic. Shooter from mid to the 3pt line and has a left/right hook shot and an up and under move. Good rebounder in area and is starting to put the ball on the floor. Improving quickly.

6’3 CG Dominic Gonzalez of Ironwood HS 2020 (AZ Factory 17U)

Combo guard with a smooth game.  Nice range on jump shot with the ability to penetrate on defenses and make plays for open cutters and shooters.  Decent defender on the perimeter but could use some intensity.

6’1 PG Cross Granger of Santiago HS 2020 (OC Rain 17 Craig)

Versatile all- around players. Works hard defensively. Can finish in transition, shoots it ok with 3 range.


*6’2 PG Sheldon Grant of Aquinas HS 2021 (IEBP 17U Team Collison)

-Long and skinny lead guard with a scorer’s mentality. Changes speeds well and has the runner and floater game. Great off the pick and roll with deep 3pt range.

6’3 G William Grant of Knight HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

Bouncy guard that has a quick and shifty movement.  Aggressive but needs to slow the game down at times.  Can elevate and finish above the rim.  Good rebounder at the position and defends the passing lanes well.


6’6 PF TJ Green of Carl Hayden HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Black)

-Top-shelf above the rim athlete. One of the fastest forwards end to end. Shot blocker from weak side. Can face up from elbow and in. Rip through and finish in traffic. Multi-position defender.


6’4 SF Steven Gutierrez of El Toro HS 2020 (Team Hardwood 17U)

-Shooter with range off the catch. Quick release, good form and rebounds well in area.


6’5 G/F Caleb Hall of Peninsula HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Big guard that can shoot the ball. Can score in volumes and go on runs of his own. Great pick and pop guy, knows how to slip screens very well. Likes to go to a turnaround jumper… D2/D3

6’3 SF Ashton Hardaway of Bishop Montgomery HS 2023 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17 Navy)

-Son of Penny Hardaway is a long shooter who is developing his young game. Plays smartly and shows high upside.


5’8 PG Kian Hendricks of Diamond Ranch HS 2020 (Rancho Elite Basketball 17U National)

-Undersized pure one-man is fast. Quick and active hands to pester opponents. Can turn corner on defender. Drive and kick to find teammates. Speed is on display in open court.

6’7 F DeAndre Henry of Mountain Pointe HS 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

One of the better rebounders on the west coast.  Great body and a high motor.  Ex-football star who makes impact in so many areas.  Committed defender, runs the floor well and has sneaky bounce.  Needs to develop a midrange jump shot.  Mid-major prospect.


5’11 CG Noah Hernandez of Ridgeview HS 2021 (3rd World Select 17U White)

– Crafty finisher that has a nice touch. Good leader and has some elusiveness to his handle. Runs his team really well and gets them organized. Can shoot it well off the catch. Sprints to his spots and hunts for the best shots available… D3

*6’3 CG Keith Higgins of Chaminade HS 2021 (BTI Select 2020)

-Scoring combo guard who has deep 3pt range. Can get hot quickly with a fast trigger. Has a nice pull-up and floater game. Athleticism is improving and his defense.


6’0 G Sebastian Hochmuth of Long Beach Wilson HS 2020 (OC Pride White Elite)

– Solid guard that plays both ends of the floor. Spaces and attacks off the catch. Gets to the rim and will try to get to the line. Boxes out and makes contact with guys bigger than him… NAIA

*6’4 G Kiimani Holt of Rancho Solano Prep 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

Good body and elite level athleticism. Super bouncy.  Penetrates well, especially going baseline.  Needs to develop a jump shot from the outside to take him to the next level.  Decent defender but plays passing lanes well.  Mid-major prospect.

6’6 F Maurice Holmes of Helix HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SD 17U Keenan)

-Athletic face-up forward with shooting range to the 3. Multi-position defender who uses length and speed to get job done. Can rip through and play above rim. Very active.


5’10 CG Logan Howard of Brophy Prep 2020 (Team Ohana 17U)

– Solid ball handler that is unselfish on the break. Good shooter and will let it fly more often than not. Needs to get stronger with the ball so he doesn’t get bumped off of his route to the rim… NAIA

PG Bryce Howard of Westlake HS 2020 (BTI Select 2020)

Solid ball handler, finishes nicely in transition, has nice burst. Works hard on defense.


6’4 SG Alem Husenevich of Chaparral HS 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

Can really shoot it from 15-feet and out.  Very quick release and natural shooting motion.  Needs to work on lateral quickness guarding faster guards High basketball IQ and aggressive. Plays well without the ball.  Low major prospect.


*6’9 F Osasere Ighodaro of Desert Vista HS 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

Length is a difference on both ends of the floor.  Great rebounder and high basketball IQ. Can defend just about every position on the floor.  Needs to be more aggressive with the ball in his hands but he has some real tools and a nice upside.  High-major prospect.

6’5 SF Jerry Iliya of Paradise Honors HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Black)

-Track type athlete rim runner who plays above the rim on the break. Very strong scorer inside and capable perimeter shooter. Defends his position with good length and is a solid rebounder.

6’1 G Jonathan Jackson of Mira Costa HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Plays hard and is a great shooter. Runs floor and lanes very hard and quick trigger in transition. Consistent shooter and brings high energy on runs…D3/NAIA


6’2 G/F Abel Jimenez of Fairmont Prep 2020 (WE-R1 17U Premier)

– Plays hard and defends. Sprints lanes for easy transition opportunities. Understands the game, spaces the floor, makes the right passes, and plays off the catch. Would like to have seen him look to score a little bit more… NAIA/D3


6’3 PG Michael Joanou of Providence HS 2020 (BTI All-Stars)

Big guard with a good basketball IQ.  Rebounds well at the guard position.  Good passer.  Good feel for the game.  Needs some work on getting his release quicker but has a decent stroke.  Needs to work on getting a quicker first step.

6’3 G Sunday John of Willow Canyon HS (Arizona Factory 17U)

Bouncy guard that can finish above the rim aggressively.  Really good defender when engaged.  Plays within himself well but could use development on the perimeter to take him to the next level.

6’3 PG Azavier Johnson of Faith Lutheran HS 2021 (LV Punishers 17U)

A great passer, especially off penetration.  Finds cutters and open shooters with ease.  Decent shot from the outside but could use some polishing.  Has a nice, tight handle with some smooth moves.  Puts pressure on the defense.  Decent athlete and defender.


6’4 SG Jasper Johnson of Santa Barbara HS 2021 (West Coast Elite SB 17U Hangtin)

– Shooter who has range. Great off the catch. Defends well. Likes to sprint for easy threes and will play out of his jumper… Probable D2


6’8 F/C Reggie Johnson of Carson HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– High energy lanky big who rim runs every single possession. Incredible upside and blocks everything. Phenomenal athlete and will attempt to dunk everything. Raw talent with a lot of tools to work with… Low D1/D2


*6’4 G Jaren Johnson of Lynwood HS 2020 (The Truth 17U)

Has the ability to score from all three levels with a decent handle.  Needs to put on more weight to be able to finish through contact but has a good feel for the game. High academic mid major.

6’1 G Stacey Johnson of Oxnard HS 2020 (Team Build Up)

Very strong ball handler with a quick first step.  Plays downhill at all times with ball in his hands.  Very aggressive and keeps pressure on defender. D2/D3prospect.

*6’7 PF/SF David Jones of Sacramento Waldorf HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Prowse #1)

– Boards well and really gets after it. Good when he plays off the catch. Great upside and will continue to develop… LM/High D2

6’4 SG/W CJ Jones of Loyola HS 2019 (Prep in 2020) (BTI Elite 2020)

Smart, High IQ guy with a nice stroke from the outside.  Great passer.Has sold ball handling skills. Good catch and shoot shooter, moves well without the ball. Committed defender.  Nice, steady skill set with good size.  Good fundamentals.  Sneaky bounce. D2 prospect.

6’7 W/G Joshua Jones Jr. of Lynwood 2019 (The Truth 17U)

Needs to play within himself more but has some tools.  Good athlete with good ball skills.  Penetrates with craftiness and good footwork.  Uses length well.  Needs to get stronger and finish thru contact better.  Low-major prospect.

6’1 CG Jarod Jones of Carter HS 2020 (Relentless Nation 17U Black)

-Athletic on-ball defender. Great open court speed. Downhill scorer using quicks and tighter handle. Capable perimeter shooter.

*6’5 SF Makalani Kafele of St Paul HS 2019 (WCE LA 17 Marx)

Electrifying athlete-goes by and over opponents at will. Very good passer who sees the floor. Plays at a frenetic pace. Athletic wing who can score in many ways. He is more of an elbow and in player and likes the mid-range pull-up. Gets downhill quickly with long athletic strides. Can throw down above the rim and is a very good passer/playmaker. Defends at a high level and has good body control in traffic…D1 sleeper.

6’7 F Phoenix Katz of Sabino HS 2019 (AZ Dynasty 17U Elite)

Active forward who has the ability to defend multiple positions.  Good and tough rebounder.  Needs to work on his perimeter skills and shot from the outside.  D2/D3 prospect.

6’6 F R.J. Knibb of Orange Lutheran HS 2019 (Branch West 17U Select)

Bouncy, athletic kid that is active and runs the floor well.  Playing out of position but plays tough inside. Needs to be more aggressive but he has some tools in the shed.  Has a decent handle when he gets the chance to use it.  Needs to develop more on the wing.  Could use a year of JUCO to develop in that area.


6’2 PG Brain Lang of Cimarron HS 2019 (Las Vegas Punishers 17U Elite)

Bulldog of a point guard that plays downhill with the ability to knock it down from the outside, which keeps defenders honest.  Intense on-ball defender that plays fearless.  Built like a strong safety.  High level D2 prospect.


6’6 CF Tayvon Lathon of Santiago HS 2019 (OC Rain 17 Craig)

Solid all-around scorer from all three levels. Can be a difficult matchup.


6’0 PG Matt Lee of Village Christian HS 2020 (West Coast Elite LA 17U Martinez)

-Crafty pure PG with a great feel for the game. Understands how to change speeds and is great off the pick and roll. Makes great reads to teammates and can make 3’s with deep range. His IQ and savvy are very high.


6’5 F Myles Lofton of Taft HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Big body strong stretch forward that has great feel around the basket and can shoot the 3 ball. Does good job of staying on the ground and taking charges rather than shot blocking. Great with screening and slipping on and off ball… D3/NAIA


6’6 W Xzavier Lino of Sunnyslope HS 2020 (Arizona Factory 17U)

A big wing that has the ability to stretch a defense and has ability to take it off the bounce.  Nice shot, especially from the corners and a strong defender. Needs to finish through contact better and be more aggressive at times.


*6’4 SG/SF Jordan Lopez of Alvarez HS 2021 (Motiv8 Basketball Club 17U)

-Long shooter who is very consistent. Defends multiple positions and moves fluidly around the court. Rebounds well in area and is a good passer. One of the breakout players of the weekend.


6’6 CF Trevon Martin of Silverado HS 2020 (Las Vegas Punishers 17)

Athlete combo forward with long arms. Driving to the hoop is his best asset. Has a knack for rebounding.

*6’3 SF Jahmai Mashack of Etiwanda HS 2021 (Prodigy 17U Elite)

-Athletic wing who can defend multiple positions from point guard to power forward. High level rebounder for a wing with a strong frame. Capable perimeter shooter to the 3. Pull-up from mid-range. Shooting form keeps progressing. Elite motor with good ball skills.


6’5 PF Tanner Mayer of Sunrise Mountain HS 2020 (Arizona Rebels 2020)

-Strong face-up 4-man who is skilled. Shooter to the 3pt line and is sneaky bouncy. He is crafty inside to score it and knows how to use his body to create space.


6’8 PF Kameron Mayhan of Gardena HS 2019 (West Coast Elite LA 17U Marx)

-Active post player who is a very good rebounder in and out of his area. Moves smartly without ball and has a decent touch on the FT line. Motor, length and athleticism are impressive. True game is on his ability to defend in space and inside. Good upside for the future.


6’1 SG KeShon McCoy of Rialto HS 2020 (Team Fundamentals 17U)

-Athletic guard who has deep 3pt range. He can pull-up off the dribble and has good open court speed. He is quick laterally to defend.


6’3 G Carter Mahaney of Campolindo HS 2020 (West Coast Elite NorCal 17U Driscoll)

– Steady guard that controls the pace of the game. Does a great job organizing his team. Great teammate. Can shoot it. Gets everyone involved… high D2/low D1.

*6’3 G Max McCalla of Mira Costa HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Crafty and deceptive combo guard. Could run the lead and skilled at making plays in open court. Also a very good spot up shooter with some extended range. Looks to get others involved and plays off others…D3/NAIA

*5’9 PG Jaden McClanahan of Salesian College Prep 2019 (West Coast Elite Prowse #1)

– Gets after it. Dangerous out in transition. Stays in front of his man and has good instincts. Will find different ways to impact the game… D2/LM

*5’9 PG Jovon McClanahan of Salesian College Prep 2019 (West Coast Elite Prowse #1)

– Absolute dog. Will get into it with his matchup. Understands the game well and pushes the pace… D2/LM

6’3 PF Cyle McFadden of Sunrise Mountain HS 2020 (Arizona Rebels 17U)

-Pogo stick athlete who rebounds well in area. Efficient anywhere near basket and rim runner.


6’6 SF Quincy McGriff of Santa Monica HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

-Skill set is very high. Has a lot of tricks to score the ball. Step back is polished with deep range. Handles and makes great reads like a point forward. Reshaping body from the last year.

6’1 PG Kendall Mc Hugh of Santa Margarita HS 2019 (WCE LA 17 Mark)

Has a high IQ and is an efficient floor general. Creates opportunities for himself and others.


5’10 PG Darren Josh Montiano of Crespi HS 2022 (Hooptown 17U)

– Shifty guard that really gets after it. Displays great energy and controls the pace. Nice pull-up jumper. Sprints off of screens and gets his shot off quickly… D2/D3

6’4 G Troy Murphy Jr. of Rolling Hills Prep 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Athletic guard that can score the ball. Consistent perimeter shooter. Elevates around the basket and finishes over the top of defenders well. Can defend multiple positions and has all the tools to play division 1… LM/D2


6’2 PG Bilal Mikes of Washington Prep 2019 (UTU Gorillas 17U Circuit)

Lightning quick guard with a great handle and footwork in traffic.  Has a package of moves in his arsenal.  Needs to develop a consistent outside shot.  Good defender, especially on the ball.

6’0 PG Jayden Mingo of Mayfair HS 2020 (Relentless Nation 17U Black)

-Fast one-man who is very quick. Good burst in open court. Floater game and can drive and kick it out to open teammates.


*6’3 G/W Ronald Mitchell of Link Year Prep 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

Solid defender and rebounder. Consistently break down defenders on the drive. Has a good middle game. Low D1.

6’0 SG Christopher Morrison of St. Pius X HS 2020 (West Coast Elite LA 17U Martinez)

-Lanky scoring guard with good quickness. Can finish with either hand in traffic and is good off the catch from the 3pt line. Good on the ball defensively.


6’4 SG Jake Murphy of Arcadia HS 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U Black)

-Highly skilled shooter from mid to the 3. Quick release with a flawless rotation. One of the better shooters in the gym this weekend. Smart floor game and very competitive.

5’10 PG Jailen Nelson of Carlsbad HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SD 17U Keenan)

-Scoring lead guard who has a consistent stroke. Shooter with range. Good on-ball defender. Quick hands and feet. Can make plays for others. Open court speed.


*6’3 PG Evan Nelson of Salpointe Catholic HS 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

Puts pressure on defense with ball in his hands.  Scores from all three levels and a capable distributor. Finishes very well thru contact. Good handle. Good defender that plays passing lanes well.  High level mid-major prospect.

6’0 PG Neil Owens of Phillips Exeter 2020 (BTI Select 2020)

-Downhill 2019 lead guard who is prepping to 2020. Very consistent shooter off catch. Strong frame and competes hard on both sides of the court.


6’6 C Case Parsons of Scottsdale Basis 2020 (Powerhouse Hoops 17U White)

-Skilled small school 5-man who can step out to the 3pt line and in. Good hands, good motor and a quick second jumper. Can pass it out of the post and once he gets stronger, he will be more effective.


*6’1 PG Marvin Payero of Valley HS (Veritas 17 Int. Sanchez)

Skilled and athletic on man. Handles it, finishes on the break. Has a pull-up game in the half count. Can penetrate. Shoots it ok with 3 range. D1.


5’9 PG AJ Perry of Canyon HS 2019 (West Coast Elite LA 17U Moore)

– Lightning quick guard that gets wherever he wants on the court. Can shoot it from deep. Gets hot easily and is wired to score. When he gets comfortable he can start to pick teams apart with his passing… D2


5’9 PG Brandon Porter of Roosevelt HS 2020 (BBC Elite 17)

Stocky one-man who can run a team. Confident ball handler and effective penetrator.


6’4 SF Dion Porter of Los Altos HS 2020 (Junior Hoops Academy 17U)

-Long athletic downhill scoring wing with good first step. Active rebounder using length and athleticism.


6’3 PG Robert Power of Crespi HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Premier)

Solid all around skills set. Has the ability to make plays for himself and others.

*5’11 G Jonathan Phillips of Oak Ridge HS 2020 (Team Sacramento 17U Blue)

– Steady guard that can shoot it off the dribble and off the catch. Really patient around the rim. Will probe around with his dribble and pivot to use the rim for protection. Good vision. Dog on defense. Picks up full and sprints to cut off defenders… D2


*6’4 SG Aidan Prukop of Mater Dei HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

-One of the best shooters viewed on the weekend. Great feel for the game and can make plays for others with good ball skills. Can create separation from defender. Improving defender on the ball.


5’9 PG Mike Ramirez of Canyon HS 2021 (Team Hardwood 17U)

-Pure one-man who is good decision maker. Tough and cerebral competitor. Changes speeds smartly keeping defenders off balanced. Good passer in traffic.


6’0 CG Ben Ramirez of Beverly Hills HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Premier)

Confident ball handler and a very good passer. Shoots it well with 3 range. Effective penetrator/drive.

6’5” PF Elijah Randall of San Marcos HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SD 17U Keenan)

-High motored athlete. Rebounder in and out of area. Capable 3pt shooter. Great energy to the team and plays hard.


6’9 C Deiman Reyes of Veritas Prep 2021 (Team Veritas International)

Very raw big man that has some tools to work with.  Good frame and physical inside.  Good athlete.  Needs to work on flexibility and staying straight up on defense.  Low-Mid Major prospect.


5’8 PG Jimuel Reyes of A.B. Miller HS 2020 (Team Fundamentals 17U)

-Diminutive guard who scores it many ways. He can make tough shots in traffic despite his size. He can make the deep 3, hit the floater and is very crafty.


*6’5 SF Steven Richardson of Grant HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Prowse #1)

– Utility guy that can do different things on the floor. Great off the catch and off the bounce from the perimeter. Plays the right way and tries to make the right plays… High D2/low D1.


5’10 PG Daniel Romo of North Salinas HS 2021 (Motiv8 Basketball Club 17U)

-Consistent shooter with range. Floater game and smooth handle. Good control and pace. Euro step and pull-up from



*6’7 CF Carlos Rosario of Veritas Prep 2020 (Veritas 17 International Sanchez)

Long and athletic combo forward. Solid driver with an ok first step. Good 3-point shooter. Mid major.

*6’5 G Luis Riascos of San Gabriel Academy 2020 (Team Veritas International)

Great size and length.  Very active on-ball defender.  Pushes the ball well in transition. Great passer.  Good speed with ball in hands.  Decent handle with the ability to play downhill.  Needs work on finishing thru contact. Mid-major level prospect.

6’9 PF Makai Richards of Oak Park HS 2020 (BTI Elite 2020)

Good length.  Needs to add some more weight or get more explosive from the perimeter.  Moves well.  Challenges shots well and can pop out and guard multiple positions on switches.  Decent rebounder.

6’0 CG Julio Rodriguez of Veritas Prep 2020 (Veritas 17 International Sanchez)

Athletic combo guard, handles and passes it well. Pushes the break consistently. Can defend.

6’3 SG Uriyah Rojas of Los Osos HS 2021 (IEBP 17U Team Collison)

-Scorer from all three levels. Athletic with good speed and can hesitate to get his defender off balance to get into the lane. Shooter from mid to the 3.

6’9 C Hunter Ruck of Rancho Solano Prep 2020 (Powerhouse 17U UA Rise)

Solid big man with a good body and nice skill set.  Active on the boards and good fit.  Has the ability to finish on the block and stretch a defense with perimeter shooting.  Needs to be more aggressive on securing rebounds in traffic.  Mid-major prospect.


6’6 C Tai Rutledge of El Camino HS 2020 (BTI Elite 2020)

Strong and active five-man. A little raw offensively. Capable rebounder.


6’3 SG Cesar Saenz of Sabino HS 2020 (AZ Dynasty 17U Elite)

Streaky shooter that can get hot in a hurry.  Good at getting spacing for jump shot. Better defender than he looks.  Strong and has the ability to put smaller guards in the post.  Needs to tighten up handle some.  Good fundamentals and tough, mentally and physically.  D2/D3 prospect.


6’0 G Zionn Sandoval of Palo Verde 2019 (AZ Dynasty 17U Elite)

Very strong build and plays hard.  Athletic and sneaky bouncy.  Very aggressive with the ball in his hands and a great defender. Plays like a pit bull.  Undersized so needs to either become a true PG or develop outside shot.


5’11 PG DJ Sanders of Bonita Vista HS 2021 (OC Magic Elite 17U White)

-Fast and athletic one-man. Lefty penetrates and kicks it out to open shooters often. Quick on-ball defender. Polished floater.


6’0 CG Tanner Sausser of Malibu HS 2019 (Cali Stars 17U Black)

– Lanky guard that can shoot it from deep. Has nice touch on his shot. Will fire from way beyond the three-point line. Solid handle. Great off the catch… NAIA


5’7 PG Alex Severkoski of Cactus Shadows HS 2020 (Zone-6 17U)  

-Diminutive lead guard with some jets in the open court. Has good court vision and a smart player. Can turn the corner on his defender to get to hoop.


5’10 PG Adam Sevier of Poway HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SD 17U Keenan)

-Competitive undersized lead guard. Tough kid who can hit contested shots. Cerebral playmaker who has a high IQ.


6’8 W Nathaniel St. Claire of Garcés Memorial HS 2020 (3rd World Select 17U White)

– Bouncy wing who will try to dunk over the top of the defender. Gets out running quick and has long strides. Defends well, protects the rim…. D2


*6’3 CF Brantly Stevenson of Etiwanda HS 2020 (Prodigy 17U Elite)

-Knockdown deep shooter. Has good length to defend, real effective in transition, can rebound. Competitive on both ends of floor. Possible mid major.

6’3 G Joshua Sims of Pacifica Christian HS (OC Rain 17U Cuby)

Needs to develop on the perimeter given his height but has some smooth footwork and uses off-hand well.  Needs more lift but has a good frame.  Very active, good motor.

5’9 PG Antonio Singleton of Hesperia HS 2020 (BBC Elite 17U)

Very undersized but one of the best on-ball defenders you will find.  Applies pressure for 94-feet.  Puts pressure on the defense with ball in hands.  Finds cutters and open shooters well. Good passer.  Lightning quick with or without the ball. Great ball handler.


5’8 PG Morris Stokes of Bonita Vista HS 2021 (OC Magic Elite 17U White)

-Shot maker with range. Undersized but serious open court speed. Fast shooting trigger. Super quick to defend position.


6’3 PF Jack Strohman of Sage Hill HS 2020 (Team Nikos 17U Blue)

-Undersized 4-man is strong. Post player is good finisher in traffic. Decent touch from the free throw line. Plays hard throughout game.


*5’9 PG Anthony Tello of Cypress HS 2020 (WE-R1 17U Premier)

– Quick and elusive guard that gets to the rim and makes plays. Makes the right passes and will hit the open man after drawing two defenders. Needs to pressure the ball more. Would liked to have seen him use his quickness to disrupt the ball handler. Takes charges… D2/D3

6’5 CG Brandon Trajano of Chaminade HS 2020 (BTI Premier 2020)

– Solid strong guard that can rebound and hit open shots. Makes the right reads. Plays at his own pace offensively… NAIA/D3


5’10 G Jeffrey Thomas III of Palo Verde HS 2019 (AZ Dynasty 17U Elite)

Smart lead guard with the ability to penetrate and dish to go with a decent jumper.  Could use work from long range to maximize the use of his speed.  Good on-ball defender and often makes the right pass.  D2/D3 prospect

6’6 SF Zeke Thompson of Apollo HS 2020 (Arizona Factory 17U)

Fairly athletic wing who can get to the rack. Has a nice hesitation move. Is a real nice passer.


6’6 W Connor Torrell of San Luis Obispo HS 2019 (West Coast Elite Moore)

Super bouncy slasher that can elevate and finish above the rim.  Good body and moves well without the ball in his hand.  Good on the boards.  Needs to develop more of a skill set package.  Decent defender but could be a lot better with the tools he has.


*6’2 W Gyl Valbon of ASI Prep 2020 (OC Pride White Elite)

– Great slasher and always willing to make the right play. Uses his body well and will absorb contact for finishes. Would like to see him be more aggressive on the boards on both ends of the floor… D2/D3


6’4 PF David Watley of Bakersfield HS 2020 (3rd World Hoops 17U Blue)

-Undersized power forward with an elite motor. Great length to rebound the ball out of area. Quick second jumper and efficient finisher in the paint.



5’10 CG Issac Washington of Fairfield HS 2021 (The Truth 17 Elite)

Athletic combo guard. Up tempo is his forte. Solid rebounder. Tough.

6’8 PF Jabari Walker of Campbell Hall HS 2020 (BTI Select 2020)

Fairly athletic four-man with long arms. Can bock a shot and rebound. A fairly good (set) shooter with 3-point range.


6’5 G/F Harrison Wiese of Dana Hills HS 2020 (WCE 17u Martin)

– Long lanky wing with a knack for scoring. Could score at all three levels: good footwork inside and around basket, prefers the mid-range pull up, and could spot up for the 3 ball. Has tools to be a D1 player… LM/D2

5’7 PG Tookey Wigington of Sierra Canyon HS 2022 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17)

-Diminutive pure lead guard with incredible speed. High IQ, sees the court well and can split defenders and find a teammate. Downhill scorer and tough on-ball bulldog defender.

*6’0 PG Byron Wycoff of Copper Canyon HS 2019 (Team Ohana 17U)

– Strong lead guard that is creative around the rim. Puts his teammates in a position to score and will push the tempo. Rotates well on defense. Zips the ball to his teammates and hits them in their shooting pocket. Wish he pressured the ball more often… D2


6’5 F Travion Williams of Los Osos HS 2020 (IEBP 17U Team Collison)

-Quick twitched defender who can cover multiple positions. Capable standstill 3pt shooter and unreal motor.


*6’4 PG D’Maurian Williams of Westview HS 2019 (AZ Factory 17U)

Strong lead guard that can penetrate on anybody and distributes well to open cutters.  Has a really nice handle but needs to rely on opposite hand more. He is a reliable jump shot away from being a solid mid major guard. Strong on-ball defender.

6’4 SF Martel Williams of Silverado HS 2020 (Las Vegas Punishers 17)

Stocky wing who can finish with authority, both in transition and in the half court setting.

6’5 PF Jordan Williams of Yorba Linda HS 2020 (OC Rain 17 Craig)

Pursues the ball on the boards and has the length to got to it. Can shoot it mid-range. Probable D1.


5’11 PG Dominique Winbush of Taft HS 2019 (West Coast Elite 17U Moore)

Good elevation on his jump shot with a sweet stroke.  Very quick and shifty.  Good athlete.  Good handle and pushes the tempo well. Needs to improve on defensive end and stay engaged.

Names to Note: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’4 SF Owen Avdolovic of Vista Del Lago HS 2020 (Team Sacramento 17 Blue)

6’1 Kunal Bagga of Servite 2020 (OGP HQ 17U Black)

6’2 SG Kyle Braun of Calabasa HS 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Premier)

6’4 F Jorden Brown of Lynwood HS 2020 (The Truth 17 Elite)

*6’7 SF Dylan Cabs of Link Year Prep 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

6’2 SG Jeremiah Charles of Artesia HS 2020 (Relentless Nation 17 Black)

6’9 C Dallas James of Inglewood HS 2019 (The Truth 17 Elite)

6’8 C Christian Jones of San Luis Obispo HS 2021 (3Ball 17U)

5’10 PG Shaden Knight of Rancho Cucamonga HS 2019 (Prodigy 17 Elite)

6’4 SG Kyle Kychkelhahn of Aliso Niguel HS 2020 (Team Nikos 17U White)

*6’4 Robert McRae of Link Year Prep 2020 (Cali Stars 17 Elite)

*6’6 CF Ifeani Okeke of Damien HS 2019 (Prodigy 17 Elite)

5’10 PG Sean Oshay of Notre Dame HS 2021 (IEBP 17 Team Marshall)

6’3 F Amari Pouncey of Village Christian HS 2021 (ARC Hustle 17U)

5’11 G Drew Ramirez of Ventura HS 2020 (West Coast Elite SB 17U Hangtin)

6’6 C Park Hunt of Palm Springs HS 2020 (IEBP 17 Team Marshall)

6’9 C Makai Richards of Oak Park HS 2020 (BTI Select 2020)

6’6 F Jimmy Rodriguez of Bishop Amat HS 2019 (OC Pride 17U Red)

5’11 Nick Saccacio of Huntington Beach HS 2019 (OGP HQ 17U Black)

6’4 SF Emmanuel Seddoh of Sunny Hills HS  2020 (OC Rain 17 Craig)

6’2 SG Stone Sinek of Fullerton HS 2019 (OC Pride 17U Red)

*6’7 SF Caden Starr of Santa Clarita Christian HS 2020 (BIT Select 2020)

6’4 PF Justin Stanziano of Thousand Oaks HS 2020(WCE Santa Barbara 17 Hangtin)

6’0 G Josh Steinberg of Portola HS 2021 (OC Magic Elite 17U Black)

6’6 W Connor W. Torell of San Luis Obispo HS 2019 (West Coast Elite SB 17U Hangtin)

6’1 SG David Valencia of Salesian HS 2020 (Los Angeles Rockfish 17)

6’3 SG Jaden Ward of Heritage Christian HS 2020 (ARC Hustle 17U)

6’0 W Amos Werner of Calabasas HS 2020 (Hooptown 17U)

6’8 C Nykhai Williams of Oak Hills HS 2020 (IEBP 17 Team Collison)

*6’1 G Drew Yezback of Crean Lutheran HS 2020 (OC Pride 17U Red)

5’8 G Dereck Zeron of Upland HS 2020 (OGP HQ 17U Blue)