So Cal Senior Showcase Game Schedule – Sunday March 25
Cerritos College
Sunday Ct. 1 Ct. 2 Ct. 3
11:30 AM Middlebrooks vs Lakeshow Hillcrest and Friends vs Team Superstar BBC vs

Salt Lake Rebels

12:30 PM Middlebrooks vs Oakland Soldiers Independent 1 vs Independent 3 MW Premier vs Independent 2
1:30 PM Team Superstar vs

Salt Lake Rebels

WCE Diamond vs Lakeshow BBC vs

Hillcrest and Friends

2:30 PM ASI vs

Independent 1

Prodigy vs

Oakland Soldiers

Beach City Select vs

MW Premier

3:30 PM Independent 2 vs Independent 3 WCE Platinum vs

Team Eleate

Cal Supreme vs

ARC Wildcats East

4:30 PM ASI vs

Team Prep

Hard Work vs

Beach City Select

WCE Diamond vs Prodigy
5:30 PM Hard Work vs

Team Prep

WCE Platinum vs

Cal Supreme

ARC Wildcats East vs Team Eleate
6:30 PM