Report on 2018 Southern California Spring Senior Showcase

The ninth annual Southern California Spring Senior Showcase was held Sunday, March 25th at Cerritos College. Approximately 200 players participated. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)


*6’4” SF David Agba of Roosevelt HS 2018 (Hillcrest & Friends)                                                                             -Okay athlete with good size and length, finishes around the rim and is capable shooter from 15ft. Pulls up fairly well half court, can rebound, makes things happen.


6’4” SF Pharoh Allen of St. Genevieve HS 2018 (Team Prep)                                                                                 -Quick with good motor and strength. Gets to front of the rim and makes plays at the basket.  Can defend multiple positions and pursues the ball on the offensive glass.


*6’5” WF Tim Andreolli of Royal HS 2018 (Hard Work Basketball)                                                                        -Decent ball handler, moves ok without the ball, nice shooting stroke and gets good elevation on his shot.  Capable defender, decent rebounder.


5’10” PG Alex Atkins of Inglewood HS 2018 (Cal Supreme)                                                                                  -Quick with decent ball handling skills and gets downhill and creates for others and can really defend.  Streaky scorer, finishes in transition.

6’6” PF Tasson Aubry of Middlebrooks Academy 2018 (Middlebrooks Academy/MW Premier)                                               -Strong, physical and has good shoulders. Okay athleticism with good hands and feet.  Has ability to switch defensively on perimeter and slide feet. Rebounds the ball at rim level and in his area.  Makes plays around the basket offensively.


6’5 G/W Gabriel Ajemian of Middlebrooks Academy 2018 (Middlebrooks Academy)

Ok athlete with long arms and a strong body. Can shoot it with long 3-point range, gets to the basket on the drive consistently, capable rebounder.


6’8” F Daelyn Bams of Villa Park HS 2017 (Prodigy Seniors)                                                                                  -Long with a good frame and shoulders, can run the floor effectively and has good athleticism.  Rebounds the ball above the rim and has a decent shooting stroke from 10ft.


*6’4” W Jamario Bibbs of El Cerrito HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers 2018)                                                                   -Good athlete with length and size, has quickness to guard at a high level. Has good dribble attack moves and can get to basket and finish over length. Can shoot it ok with 3 range.


6’2” CG Jamaal Barnes of Bonita HS 2018 (BBC Seniors)                                                                                     -Athletic wing, decent ball handler with ability to dribble operate and distribute the ball effectively.  Improved shooting stroke, pulls up well in the half court.


6’5” SF Kae’Jon Barnes of San Bernardino HS 2018 (MW Premier)                                                                      -Long-athletic with decent motor, quick off the floor and rebounds above rim. Can defend multiple positions.

6’3” W Prince Sean Burford of Leuzinger HS 2018 (ARC Wildcats East)                                                               -Quick with ball and plays downhill and can finish over length.  A natural scorer.


5’10 PG D’ Shaun Barrett of Twenty-Nine Palms HS 2018 (Team Eleate)

Athletic one-man, handles it confidently, can pass it. Has some ability to finish in transition, can shoot it fairly well with 3 range.


*6’6” WF Chris Cagle of Woodcreek HS 2018 (Independent #1)                                                                              -Physical, tough and plays with moxie, above average shooting stroke from “3”. Capable ball handler with good feel for the game and is a solid passer.  Needs to work on lateral quickness and foot speed.


*6’1 CG Juan Canahuate of Army-Navy Academy 2018 (Independent #3)

Athletic and skilled combo guard. Plays with energy. Shoots it well with range, solid ball handler, effective transition playmaker.


*6’2” G Marquis Davidson of Vanden HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)                                                                      -Long-wiry with good quickness, burst and athleticism.  Can score at multiple levels, creates off the dribble, has a nice hesitation move and has a nice mid-range game. Can elevate and score in paint, fairly good 3-point shooter.  Good on ball defender.


*6’3” W Jonathan Daniels of Camarillo HS 2018 (Hard Work Basketball)                                                        –Strong, physical with good athleticism.  Uses the dribble well and understands straight lines and angles.  Has a nice shooting stroke.


6’8” PF Soloman Dodd of LB Milikan HS 2018 (Cal Supreme)                                                                              -Big body with decent hands and feet.  Rebounds ball at rim level and keeps ball high and finishes around basket.  Capable shooter from 15ft.


6’5” WF Kevin Ebiriekwe of Crenshaw HS 2018 (Beach City Select)                                                                             -Decent motor, has good timing to block shots.  Has playmaking skills to attack basket and ability to shoot ball from 18ft and in.  


6’5” WMelvinEly of Edison HS 2018 (Team Superstar)           –Long with above average athleticism and has decent ballhandling skills.  Likes to score in transition and go make plays at rim level.


6’0 PG Sinai Enoch of West Jordan HS 2018 (Salt Lake Rebels)

Fairly athletic, confident ball handler. Shoots it well with long range, has a nice hesitation move, pulls up in the half court.


6’6” F Andre Fields of Warren HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)                                                                    -Long and effective rebounder who keeps ball high and can finish around basket.  Has decent back to the basket moves. Capable shooter from 12ft.


6’7” F Jay Gilson of Summit Academy 2018 (Salt Lake Rebels)                                                                             -Good feel for the game, nice shooting touch and good with his back to basket. Ok driver.


6’8 C Eric Grajales of St Genevieve HS 2018 (Team Prep)

Fairly athletic with long arms. Has a decent ball handling skills and an ok one- bounce drive. Can post up some, ok rebounder.


6’9 Billy Hollman of Soledad HS 2018 (Independent #2)

Ok athlete with a strong body. Has a short pull up jump hook, shoots it ok mid range. Solid rebounder and defender.


6’9” F  Willy Isiani of ASI Prep Academy 2018 (ASI Prep Academy)                                                             –Big body, okay athleticism and a capable ballhandler who can shoot the ball from distance and likes to pick and pop for “3”.


*6’4” SF Brandon Jackson of St. Bernard HS 2018 (Independent #1)                                                                         -Lefty, has strength and athleticism and a motor, who plays with physicality. Capable ballhandler with ability to get to basket and score the ball, plays bigger than size indicates.  Can face-up and shoot the “3” ball. NAIA/D2 Schools take notice.


6’5” SF Nick Klarman of Clayton Valley HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)                                                                   -Deceptive athleticism with physicality and strength who runs the floor and can shoot the basketball from distance. Good understanding of how to play within a team concept.     


6’1 CG Trevon Kiner of Executive Prep 2018 (ARC Wildcats East)

Fairly athletic, capable ball handler, passes it well, pulls up ok in transition, shoots it ok with 3-point range.


*6’7 SF Zack Kroker of Rancho Mirage HS 2018 (Team Eleate)

Nice all-around scorer. Capable ball handler, pulls up in the half court, fairly good shooter, ok driver. Plays without it.


6’7” SF Sean Larimore of Paraclete HS 2018 (Team Superstar)               –Average athleticism with decent quickness and has ability to handle the ball with poise.  Has a knack for scoring the ball with a variety of ways from the mid-post to 3pt line and is decent passer.  Defensively, slides feet laterally pretty well. Sleeper


*6’2” SG Colin McCarthy of Serra HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)                                                                               -Heady with decent ball handling ability, moves well without the ball and has a good feel for the game.  Can shoot the ball with consistency from “3”. Sleeper


6’6” SF Marquis Moore of Woodstock Academy 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)                                              -Good shoulders with a decent motor, can defend multiple positions.  Rebounds the ball at rim level.

*6’9” F Malik Muhammad of Narbonne HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)                                                      -Explosive and athletic, elevates and finishes through contact and has multiple efforts on the offensive glass.  Can score with back to basket or facing up from 15ft.


6’6” WF Jonathan Ned of Heritage HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers 2018)                                                                   -Long and wiry, decent ball handler and has above average shooting stroke from “3”.   Has a nice 1-2 dribble pull up move and rises up and elevates over defenders. Must get tougher.


*6’8 Boe Nguidjol of Middlebrooks Academy 2018 (Middlebrooks Academy)

Strong, athletic and active. Decent ball handler who has a one-bounce drive, can shoot it ok with 3 range. Excellent rebounder who goes after the ball.


6’6” SF Tyriq Perry of San Bernardino HS 2018 (MW Premier)                                                                             -Long-athletic and runs the floor effectively, rebounds and blocks shots with passion.  Needs to improve on offensive skills.


6’5” SF Tyler Ridley of Leuzinger HS 2018 (Independent #2)                                                                                -Long arms with average athleticism, okay ball handler who can straight line drive to the basket and finish. Can make plays in transition, ok driver.


6’2” CG Jalen Riley of Spire Prep Academy HS 2018 (Team Prep)

-Strong with good ball handling skills, creates for himself and scores.  Decent shooting stroke.


*6’6” F Orlando Robinson Jr of Middlebrooks Academy 2018 (Middlebrooks Academy)                                     -Long with decent athleticism, rebounds in his area and has ability to score in paint over defenders.  Capable ball handler and can dribble operate on perimeter. Needs to improve on shooting. Can block shots.     


6’2” G John Staggers Jr of Cyfair Learning Center 2018 (Cal Supreme)                                                                 -Good ball handler with good change pace and ability to create off the dribble and score through traffic.  Plays with moxie.


6’0 PG Julian Smith of Millikan HS 2018 (Beach City Select)

Athletic one man, attacks in transition and makes plays, see the floor well. shoots it fairly well with 3 range, has a nice floater, penetrates effectively.


6’0 SG Kristopher Smith of Inglewood HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)

Fairly athletic, capable ball handler. Has a nice pull-up game. Shoots it well with 3 range.


6’7 CF Jalen Townsell of Spanish Springs HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)

Athletic with nice bounce. Has a nice jump hook and is a solid driver. Can shoot it with 3 range.

High volume rebounder. Sleeper.


6’0” PG Melvin “Deuce” Walker of JW North HS 2018 (Team Eleate)                                                                   -Decent quickness, above average ballhandling skills, who can see the floor and distribute the ball. Can shoot it with 3-point range, has a solid floater. Good on ball defender.

6’4” SG Gary Williams of Compton Dominguez HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)                                        -Scorer, who uses physicality well and can create off the dribble and has good hesitation and change pace. Effectively passer and can get to front rim and score.


6’7” PF Jared Williams of Roosevelt HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)                                                           -Mobile and compact with good strength, plays with chip on shoulder. Has ability to shoot ball from 3point line and in. Can dribble operate on the block, solid rebounder.   


6’10” PF Jeff Yan of Capistrano Valley Christian HS 2018 (Independent #3)                                                                  -Big body with wide shoulders, rebounds ball in his area.  Offensively, he has a nice touch around basket and finishes through contact.  


6’2 PG Levelle Zeigler of Ridgeview HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)

Real athletic and energetic. Handles and passes it well, makes plays in transition. Effective penetrator, has a motor.


Names to Note:

6’2    SG Marcell Acevedo of Adelanto HS 2018 (Team Eleate)

6’3    SG Malcolm Bray of St. Bernard’s HS 2018 (Cal Supreme)

6’4    SF Ali Betts of Dorsey HS 2018 (Cal Supreme)

6’5    PG Kyle Brown of Dublin HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

6’5    SF Adam Bell of Twenty-Nine Palms HS 2018 (Team Eleate)

6’4    SG Dalton Clevenger of ASI Prep 2018

6’4    PF Stephen Colvard of Valencia HS 2018 (ARC Wildcats East)

6’1    SG Aaunya Clark of Eisenhower HS 2018 (Independent #3)

6’2    CG Cyle Carter of Redondo Union HS 2018 (Independent #3)

6’5    CF Jalen Chandler of De Anza HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

6’3    SG Luis Cervantes of Oxnard HS 2018 (Independent #1)

5’9    PG Coa Chatman of St Anthony’s HS 2018 (Prodigy Seniors)

6’0    CG Kylyn Dirks of Price HS 2018 (Beach City Select)

6’3    G/W Dylan Gaines of Etiwanda HS 2018 (Prodigy Seniors)

6’4    SG Jordan Griffin of Narbonne HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Diamond)

6’4    CF Oliver Hamilton of Hayward HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers 2018)

6’0    CG Asrin Hackett of Edison HS 2018 (Team Superstar)

6’0    CG Disone Hughes of University HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)

6’2    SG Ethan Iibgou of Skyridge HS 2018 (Salt Lake Rebels)

6’2    SG Mehki Kimble of Fairfax HS 2018 (Cal Supreme)

6’2    SG Mikmail Land of Prep School 2017 (BBC Seniors)

6’3    G/W Damani Lewis of Serra HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)

5’11  PG Tiyon Martin of John Muir HS 2018 (MW Premier)

6’2    G/F Jayvonnte Moore of Cerritos HS 2018 (Beach City Select)

5’11  SG Brian Mendoza of Hillcrest HS 2018 (Hillcrest and Friends)

5’7    PG Osman Mansary of Hillcrest HS 2018 (Hillcrest and Friends)

6’6    G/W JT Mc Dermott of Foothill HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

6’1    SG Brad Morato of Cardinal Newman HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers 2018)

6’4    G/W Eli McCloud of Manuel Arts HS 2018 (Team Prep)

5’8    PG Luis Nunez of Pacifica HS, 2018 (Independent #2)

6’9    C Victor Ohia Obioha of Hillcrest HS 2018 (Hillcrest and Friends)

6’1    SG Toby Okwuokei of Etiwanda HS 2018 (Prodigy Seniors)

6’2    PG Jacob Smith of El Cerrito HS 2018 (Lakeshow Seniors)

5’10  PG Kameron Small of St Pius-St.Matthias HS 2018 (Team Superstar)

6’2    PG Simaine Stewart Jr of Muir HS 2018 (West Coast Elite Platinum)

6’2    CG Monterrey Torry of ASI Prep 2018

6’5    SF Jacob Williams of Heritage HS 2018 (Oakland Soldiers 2018)

6’5    G/W Cameron Wilson of Central HS 2018 (Team Superstar)