The Hoop Review Evaluation/Workout Program is being held at Slam Academy in Hayward. Here is our report on the players who participated in the session on Tuesday, July 28.

6’3 G/W Aden Cury of Santa Cruz HS (2023)

Cury is strong and hard-working guard/wing who gets a lot of things accomplished. He displays a unique ability to score in the post with a nice turnaround shot. And he shoots it fairly well with 3-point range and a lot of confidence.

Cury is a very consistent rebounder who pursues the ball at both ends. He makes a real effort as an individual defender.

He has a high IQ and is a bonafide competitor who defines the word hustler. Curry could help himself by increasing his athleticism. But he does show some real promise for the next level.

6’1 SG Evin Goodwin of Salesian Prep (2023)

Goodman is a fairly athletic two guard with a real nice all-around game offensively. He can score in every way possible.

He handles and passes it well and does a nice job finishing in transition. He has a solid pull-up game in the half court.

Goodwin is a nice 3-point shooter who also is effective getting to the basket on the drive. And quite impressively (for a guard), he has a real nice turnaround shot on the block.

He does need to do more at the defensive end of the floor, but Goodwin is a legitimate college prospect with a bright future.

6’3 SG Lucky Hampton of Salesian Prep (2021)

Hampton is a real athletic two guard with nice burst. He goes to the basket like a man and can finish with authority. He’s definitely a big-time driver who can absorb contact and complete the play.

Hampton is effective going coast to coast in transition. When he gets a full head of steam he is very hard to stop

He moves well without the ball and he is an ok set shooter with 3-point range.

He is a good rebounder who has the athleticism to consistently get to the ball. He is a capable on-ball defender and can guard any position on the perimeter.

Most significantly, Hampton has a nice motor that is always running. He will play at the next level and be successful.

6’1 SG Yuval Hod of Mountain View HS (2021)

Hod must be watching tapes of Rip Hamilton and Reggie Miller because he is outstanding moving without the ball.

He is an energetic shooting guard who IS in constant motion. He can handle the ball and he is a good passer who can find the open man and is very unselfish.

Hod is a solid driver with a sneaky first step and he has a clever floater in the lane. He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Hod will make the effort at the defensive end on a consistent basis.

If you are a college coach who is looking for a true team guy that is not afraid of a challenge, then you might want to put Hod on your radar.

6’1 SG Juwelle Jack of Vallejo HS (2021)

Jack is an athletic two guard who has a pretty complete all-around game. He brings a lot to the table at both ends.

He has an impressive pull-up game in the mid-range. He is a good passer who is unselfish and can find the open man. Jack is an excellent driver who goes strong to the hoop and has a nice hesitation move.

He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter. And his biggest need is to move without the ball, as he has a tendency to stand when he does not have it.

Jack is a good rebounder and defender who can make a difference at that end.

He has a consistent motor and he competes. He is the type of player who can help a college program be successful.

6’0 CG Tariq Johnson of St. Patrick-St Vincent HS (2022)

Johnson is athletic combo guard with a solid skill set who stepped it up with his performance in this session.

He’s a confident ball handler and passer who makes good decisions with the ball in his hands. He has the ability to score or facilitate as needed. And he is comfortable playing off the ball as well.

Johnson has a good-looking pull up game in a half court setting. He is a solid 3-point shooter and a very effective driver with a nice first step.

He is a capable on-ball defender but could show a little more consistency at it.

Equally important, Johnson is a high-level student (with a 3.7 GPA). Colleges should be very comfortable recruiting this young prospect.

5’8 PG Kingston Matin of St Joseph’s Notre Dame HS (2022)

There is a saying that goes “its not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog” Well, this dog has some fight in him. He is afraid of nobody and plays with a lot of competitiveness.

Matin is a confident ball handler and willing passer who can run a team. He is quite effective pulling up from 3-land in transition. He can shoot it with range and believes every shot he takes is going in.

Martin is thin and needs to develop some bulk/strength to prepare for the physical nature of the next level. But he is a hustler who provides a spark for his team. College coaches will be attracted to that.

6’4 SF Alex Miazga of Drake HS (2021)

Miazga is a three man with long arms who has a pretty good understanding of how to play. He does not make a lot of mistakes and always plays within himself.

He does a good job moving without the ball and will burn the defense if they are not alert and focused. His best asset is probably his ability to put it down and drive. Miazga could show more consistency as a perimeter shooter.

He is a capable rebounder and a willing defender. He could help himself by increasing his athleticism. But the biggest need for Miazga is to be more vocal on the court. He is quietly efficient but needs to talk.

Miazga will be a solid contributor who will fit in nicely in a college program that values substance and not style.

6’5 SF/PF Mikey Pierce of American Canyon HS (2022)

Pierce is a long and fairly athletic combo forward who is more effective on the perimeter than inside. He is on the slender side and could do well to increase his bulk/strength to be able to “mix it up” more in the paint.

Pierce is a capable ball handler who brings it up the court in transition regularly. He can rebound the ball and does have the ability to go coast to coast. He has a nice floater at the end of the break.

Pierce does a solid job playing without the ball. He does need to prove himself as an outside shooter and show some consistency at the defensive end.

But there is definitely upside with this kid. And with continued hard work he has a bright future….

6’6 Derek Sangster of Archbishop Mitty HS (2023)

Sangster is a long and athletic four man who is a VERY intriguing prospect who shows a lot of promise.

He’s a decent ball handler who has a pull up game in the half court. He is effective beating the defender with the one-bounce face-up drive. Sangster does have some ability as a post-up player. His bread and butter move is a nice turnaround shot.

Sangster is a good rebounder with the length and athleticism to get to the ball. He is also a capable defender.

His biggest need is to get bigger and stronger to do physical battle in the trenches.

Sangster is a legitimate prospect for the next level. College coaches don’t wait – put him on your radar now.

6’1 SG Zion Wells of Archbishop Riordan HS (2023)

Wells is an athletic two guard with talent and an understanding of how to play. He is a team player who does a nice job trying to fit in.

He’s a solid ball handler and a real nice passer who is unselfish. He sees the court and can find the open man. Wells can put it down and get to the basket on the drive.

He is a good rebounder and defender who is willing and able to make a consistent contribution in those areas.

Wells will do whatever the team needs and is a bright young prospect who belongs on the recruiting radar.