Here is the report on the Hoop Review evaluation/workout from Tuesday August 4th at Slam Academy in Hayward. (Participants not in this report are attending Thursday August 6th and will be included in that report.)

6’3 G/W Christian Carter of De La Salle HS (2021)

Carter is competitive guard/wing with a solid and consistent approach to the game. He understands how to play and makes very few mistakes.

And he has a solid skill set. He can bounce it and he is a good passer who sees the count. He shoots it ok with 3 range and he has a nice floater in the lane. Carter can also put it down and get to the basket on the drive.

He is a solid rebounder and he works hard at the defensive end. His biggest need at this point is to work on increasing his athleticism.

Carter is a player who any coach will have a lot of faith and trust in.

6’2 G/W Cebrian Carter of De La Salles HS (2022)

Carter (younger brother of Christian) is a hard-working guard/wing who makes a ton of effort plays. He gets things done by force of will.

He will battle consistently and is not afraid to do the “dirty work”. There is not much flash with this guy, just substance. He is a willing defender and a capable rebounder. And he can hit open shots and make the right pass. He does need to increase his athleticism.

Carter will fill whatever role the team needs selflessly and does what he can for the team’s sake. How could any coach not like that?

5’10 PG Jett Chong of Mira Loma HS (2021)

Chong is an energetic one-man who plays with a lot of energy at both ends of the floor. He never seems to get tired and plays with a lot of hustle. And he runs the floor hard on every transition to both ends.

Chong is a confident ball handler and a willing passer who is unselfish. His best asset is his ability to get to the basket on the drive.

Chong is a competent on-ball defender who will stay in the stance and pressure the opponent and make it difficult for him.

This is a player who is a real nice fit and is a true team guy all the way.

6’4 SF Isaiah Hinds of Heritage HS (2021)

Hinds is an athletic and talented wing who has a pretty complete all-around package. He impacts the game in a lot of ways.

He is a capable ball handler with a solid pull-up game in the half court. He passes it fairly well and can find the open man. Hinds moves well without the ball and is in constant motion.

He is a fairly good 3-point shooter and he consistently gets to the basket on the drive.

Significantly, Hinds is a solid on-ball defender and a good rebounder.

He has an impressive repertoire and he is a legitimate college prospect.

6’1 SG Amos Hodgson of Bishop O’Dowd HS (2023)

Hodgson is a real athletic two guard with a nice skill set. He can be a difficult matchup with the different ways he is able to score.

He is a capable ball handler who pulls up well in transition and also in the half court. He is a solid driver who can break down defenders one on one. Uniquely for a guard, Hodgson has a capable post up game (with a nice turnaround shot on the block). He does need to prove himself as a perimeter shooter.

Another nugget for him is that he pursues rebounds well and that he has the athleticism to elevate and secure the ball.

Hodgson is an intriguing prospect who belong on the 2023 radar.

6’0 SG Isaih King of Moreau Catholic HS (2022)

King is an energetic two guard who plays with lots of enthusiasm. He makes a consistent effort and never takes a play off. He is active and aggressive.

He can handle it and he drives to the hoop fairly well. And he is confident long-range shooter who takes good shots. King also moves fairly well without the ball.

He is a capable rebounder and shows some ability as an on-ball defender.

King biggest need is to be more vocal on the court. But he is a guy college coaches should take a look at.

6’2 SG TJ Meagher of Dublin HS (2021)

Meagher is a competitive two-guard who combines a high IQ with a solid skill set. He knows how to play and he has some ability as well.

He can shoot it with long range confidently and has good shot selectin. He has a sneaky first step and can get to the basket on the drive. Meagher can pass it and does play unselfishly.

He is also a capable rebounder and a willing defender.

Meagher “gets it” as they say and is a solid college prospect who coaches will be impressed with. He checks a lot of boxes…