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Report on 2015 So Cal Senior Showcase

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The sixth annual Southern California Senior Showcase was held Sunday, March 29th, 2015 at Cerritos College in Norwalk.  Approximately 210 players in the class of 2015 participated.  Here is a report on the event.

Top prospects: (*indicates highest consideration for this category)

6’5” G Dakota Abbott of Valencia HS 2015 (So Cal Crush)

-Average athlete who plays hard, good shooter with deep range and quick trigger.

6’6” SF Jordan Alexander of Balboa City Prep HS 2015 (Balboa City Prep)

-Good athlete with really long arms, attack player from mid areas, gets to rim off bounce, ok 3pt shooter, active defender who gets hand on lots of balls and can block shots.

6’9” C Joseph Alverez of Glendora HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite Seniors)

-Project center with good hands and ok balance, good shot changer and competes on glass, needs to develop offensive game and needs strength.

6’8” C Leandro Amador of Cathedral HS 2015 (Middlebrooks Academy)

-Big body post, average lift, ok touch around the basket, can dribble operate on the block.

6’2” PG Jacob Aruta of St. Mary’s HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors White)

-Heady one man with good handle, pretty good athlete, good vision in the open court, good shooter from 3.

6’6” SF Brandon Barrett of Benicia HS 2015 (Independent #3)

-Tough forward who can score, runs hard, good shooter from 3, aggressive defender and rebounder.

6’3” G D’LanoBeckles of Lawndale HS 2015 (Rosecrans Rebels)

-Scoring guard who can get to rim off the dribble and can shoot the 3, good handle, attack defender who gets hands on lots of balls, good in transition.

6’6” G/F Chris Bene of Sequoia HS 2015 (Independent #4)

-Really long face up player, active without the ball, good sort driver, active on both ends of the glass, runs hard, good shot blocker, solid mid range shooter, will shoot 3.

6’7” F Justin Bessard of Calabasas HS 2015 (Independent #1)

-Big body, very physical player, likes contact and knows how to post up, good face up player, straight line driver, ok shooter with 3pt line, competes.

6’0” PG Marcus Booker of Balboa City Prep HS 2015 (Balboa City Prep)

-Quick guard who gets to rim quickly, finishes at the rim, good shooter from 3, has a floater, good ball defender.

6’1” G Brandon Boyd of Middlebrooks Academy 2015 (Middlebrooks Academy)

-Lightning quick guard who is really good in transition, good handle, good shooter from 3, good defender, can run a team.

6’6” F JT Branch of Antioch HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors White)

-Long forward, ok athlete, good short driver, hits the glass.

6’4” G Josiah Breda-Nixon of King Drew Magnet HS 2015 (Fastbreak Sports)

-Long, active player with a big motor, slasher that plays hard, really good touch around the rim, good short driver, rebounds hard, good overall skill set.

*6’9” C Justin Briggs of River City HS 2015 (Independent #5)

-Big body post, active player, good on the glass, runs well, ok hands, finishes around the basket, can block and change shots, offense needs development.

6’3” G Austin Butler of Buckley HS 2015 (So Cal Crush)

-Really long arms, good handle in open court, attack player who finishes with dunks, good passer, needs to work on perimeter shooting.

6’4” G Demetrius Campbell of Catalina Magnet HS (AZ) 2015 (Tucson Heat)

-Long athlete, defends hard, active on glass, good shooter, has 3pt range.

5’9” PG Gregory Carlyle of Gahr HS 2015 (Fastbreak Sports/Independent #4)

-Quick and heady guard, tough ball defender, aggressive to rim and finishes.

5’7” PG Christian Carson of Elite Prep Academy 2015 (Elite Prep Academy)

-Jet quick one man who can really push the ball, strong body and gets where he wants to on the court, nice pull up jumper, can really pass in the open court, good 3pt shooter, plays really hard, pesky ball defender.

*6’7” F Jason Carter of Elite Prep Academy 2015 (Elite Prep Academy)

-Ok athlete who moves without the ball, good finisher around the basket, uses body well, strong, good straight line driver, OK shooter from 3, solid rebounder.

*6’3” SG/W Gary Chivichyan of Middlebrooks Academy 2015 (Middlebrooks Academy)

-Has some strength, runs well, can bounce it, deceptive first step, shoots it ok with 3 range, can rebound.

6’6” SF Kevin Crosno of College Park HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors White)

-Hardworking, active, competes every play, good on the glass, good straight line driver, finishes around the basket, good shooter from 3.

6’4” F Steven Daily of College Park HS 2015 (Independent #4)

-Aggressive forward, good athlete, high motor, post up hard, good post game, good short driver, rebounds hard.

6’2” PG/G Chris Daniels of Highland HS 2015 (Independent #3)

-Long arms, thin body, tough to rim, really knows how to push the ball in transition, good finisher to left only, good passer off the bounce, ok shooter from 3.

*6’7” G/SF Roman Davis of Winward HS 2015 (Rosecrans Rebels)

-Long and athletic wing, rebounds above the rim and goes get it, good handle in the half court, good pull up shooter, can hit standstill 3’s, good defender who changes shots.  Best player in the event.

6’0” PG/SG Tyus Dennis of Ontario Christian HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite)

-Pulls up in transition and half court, can handle it, decent shooter with 3 range, thin-needs some bulk/strength.

6’3” G Kevin Dent of West Campus HS 2015 (Independent #1)

-Ok athlete who slashes to the rim well, good handle, attacks the rim and is effective finishers, ok pull up.

*6’8” F/C Damon Dubots of Vista Murrieta HS 2015 (Independent #2/ Prodigy)

-Good athlete who can finish with either hand around the rim, good post up game with hooks (footwork needs polishing), runs the floor hard and has good hands, good defender who can block and change shots.

*6’2” G Phil Edwards of Saddleback Valley Christian HS 2015 (NOC)

-Quick combo guard with good handle, get to rim and finishes, good passer and IQ, ok shooter from 3, has a nice hesitation move, pulls up half court.

6’4” G Darae Elliot of Inglewood HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

-Active and very athletic, really good short driver, good mid range shooter, aggressive defender.

6’8” F Marko Fillipovics of Prolific Prep 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

-Big body, euro game, ok off the dribble, shoots the 3, below average athlete.

6’2” Khalil Flowers of Elite Prep Academy 2015 (Elite Prep Academy)

-Strong guard who is shifty to the rim, bouncy athlete who finishes at the rim, always on attack.

6’1” PG Khamel Grant of Crenshaw HS 2015 (City Hoops)

-Jet quick point guard who attacks in transition, heady, good defender.

6’2” G Andre Green II of Bear River HS 2015 (Independent #2)

-Athletic guard who plays hard, good defender with long arms, good shooter from 3, good passer, can play one.

6’4” SF Tal Gewta of Calabasas HS 2015 (Independent #1)

-Active player with high bball IQ, moves without the ball, good straight line driver, good shooter from 3.

6’8” C Ryan Heiligenthal of Santiago HS 2015 (Independent #4)

-Strong and tough, average athlete and foot speed, good post up skill, 12’-15’ range, rebounds really hard.

6’2” PG Malik Huff of Drake HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors White)

-Really quick and athletic, fast in open court, can really rebound, great passer, good ball skills, tends to get airborne, needs to improve perimeter shooting.

*6’0” PG Kiree Hutchings of Santa Cruz HS 2015 (Tucson Heat)

-Smart and heady guard, good passer, scores around the rim, good handle, god open shooter from 3.

6’1” PG Brae Ivey of Edison HS 2015 (Independent #2)

-Solid one man with high bball IQ, Good handle with some quickness, good and willing passer, head is always up in transition, long arms and good defender, OK shooter from 3 (needs some work), sees the court.

6’3” G Delewis (DJ) Johnson of Etiwanda HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite Seniors)

-Power guard who is tough, strong short driver and can finish at rim, mid range shooter, good on glass.

*6’1” PG/G Kameron Johnson of Granada HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

-Strong guard, fast in transition, goes hard to the basket, can post up and score, really tough defender on the ball, has improved perimeter shooting.

6’3” G Keyon Johnson of Elite Prep Academy 2015 (Elite Prep Academy)

-Super quick guard who is very bouncy, attack the rim and knows how to finish at the rim, really good defender.

5’11” G Brandon Jones of Mission Prep HS 2015 (Independent #2)

-Solid one man, high IQ, plays really hard, really good shooter from 3 with deep range.

6’2” G Whitney Jones of Crenshaw HS 2015 (City Hoops)

-Active scorer who is a good shooter from 3, attacks in transition, good rebounder, can handle and pass.

6’5” G Erik Kinnebrew of St. Anthony’s HS 2015 (NOC)

-Big guard with good skill, good handle and attacks rim, good standstill 3pt shooter, works on glass, finishes in transition.

*6’6” G Bertram Mak of Mark Keppel HS 2015 (Blazers)

-Skilled wing with good handle, good passer, high IQ, good shooter off the dribble, nice touch around the rim, shoots the 3, runs the floor, plays hard.

5’11” PG, Owen Jake Manning of Notre Dames HS 2015 (Blazers)

-Consistent ball handler, fair athlete, runs the floor, shoots it with 3 range.

6’6” C Calvin Martin of Hill School Prep (LA Rockfish)

-Big, strong body, very physical, ok hands, finishes ok, average athlete, tough rebounder. 15’ range.

6’6” F Kendall McIntosh of Freedom HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

-Really long athlete, mature body, good handle in open court, does go coast to coast after rebounds, blocks and changes lots of shots, good short driver, finishes with dunks.

6’3” G Sam McMahon of Henry Foss HS (WA) 2015 (Independent #3)

-Solid and scrappy guard, plays hard, deceptively good athlete, good handle in half court, gets to rim and can finish, ok shooter from 3.

6’2” SG Kevin McNeal of Cajon HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite)

-Real athletic, effective in transition-pulls up and can finish, can drive-has a floater and a hesitation move, posts up a bit.

*6’9” C Daniel Melifonwu of Balboa City Prep HS 2015 (Balboa City Prep)

-Long arms center who is a good athlete, finishes around the rim with dunks, rebounds above the rim, good shot blocker, does not post or show post moves.

6’0” G Isaiah Milan of Balboa City Prep HS 2015 (Balboa City Prep)

-Very quick guard who is fast in transition, can get to the rim in open court, good shooter from 3 with feet set.

6’5” G/W Osi Nwachuwk of San Leandro HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

-Long and active, good handle, finishes in transition, good defender, does a lot of things to help you win, 15’ range.

5’11’ PG Devin Nunez of Sierra HS 2015 (Independent #1)

-Quick guard with high IQ, good passer, tough, good open shooter.

6’8” F Micheal Obindu of Cathedral HS 2015 (Middlebrooks Academy)

-Long and active forward, good around the rim, good defender.

*6’6” W Christian Oshita of Bishop Montgomery HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

-Skilled wing who can play 3 positions, high IQ, ok handle, good shooter from 3, very efficient player who doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, strong body.

5’10” G Jazz Parker of St. John Bosco HS 2015 (Fastbreak Sports)

-Heady guard, good passer, can run a team, good shooter from 3.

5’10” PG Thomas Pua of Millikan HS 2015 (Fastbreak Sports)

-Heady, tough one man, really pushes ball in transition, good shooter from 3, aggressive on-ball defender.

6’5” F Brandon Rice of Diamond Bar HS 2015 (NOC)

-Tough forward who plays bigger than he is, aggressive around the rim, good shooter from 3.

*5’10” PG Adrian Rico of Berkeley HS 2015 (NBBA Smith)

-Lighting fast guard who gets anywhere on the floor he wants to, excellent in transition, finishes well, good passer off penetration, high level ball defender, can get out of control at time, must improve perimeter shooting.

*6’9” C Kardell Robertson of Inglewood HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

-Very athletic, long arms, runs the floor well, finishes at rim, 15’ range, good shot blocker and rebounder, can short drive.

6’3 G Brian Ross of Washington HS 2015 (Rosecrans Rebels)

-Power guard who attacks the rim and can finish, good on glass.

6’2” G Alex Sanchez of Valencia HS 2015 (So Cal Crush)

-Crafty guard who can really shoot it, solid ball handler.

6’8” F Marcos Soto-Esparza of Lawrenceville Prep (NJ) 2015 (LA Rockfish)

-Long, pick and pop player, smart, good shooter from 3, ok short driver.

6’2” G Blake Staggs of Sahuaro HS (AZ) 2015 (Tucson Heat)

-Attack player who loves to shoot, good shooter from 3, can pull up, shifty to rim, shot selection is questionable.

6’2” G Khalil Stevenson of Roosevelt HS 2015 (Independent #3)

-Active, energy guy, good athlete, good straight line driver, finishes at rim, good rebounder from the guard position.

6’3” G Peyton Terry of Glendora HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite Seniors)

-Bouncy athlete who attacks the rim, good short driver, active defender.

6’4” G/F Clark Thomas of Bellarmine Jefferson HS 2015 (Blazers)

-Big body, good handle in half court, attacks rim and finishes with contact, good on both ends of the glass.

6’0” PG Brandon Tillis of Crossroads HS 2015 (Rosecrans Rebels)

-Smart, crafty one man with high IQ, quick defender, good passer and shooter from 3, does see the floor.

*6’1” PG Aren Ulmer of St. Mary’s Berkeley 2015 (NBBA Smith)

-Really fast one man, pushes the ball and get to rim, really good passer off the bounce, 15’ range, good ball defender, makes plays in transition.

6’8” C Jonah Underwood of Willow Glen HS 2015 (Independent #3)

-Long and athletic, strong body, good team defender and shot blocker, runs the floor well, need work offensively.

*6’2” G Sequan Walker of Long Beach Cabrillo HS 2015 (LA Elite)

-Solid guard who plays under control, good shooter from 3, good passer, pulls up in the half court, can rebound.

6’4” G O’Shae Williams of Pioneer HS 2015 (LA Elite)

-Attack guard who is very athletic, energy player who is good in transition and can finish at the rim, good handle, tough ball defender.

6’4” G Ben Wood of Las Lomas HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

-Football strong body, high motor, good shooter from 3.

Names to Note: (*Indicates highest consideration for this category)


6’3” G Jalen Abney of Clovis West HS 2015 (Independent #4)

6’5”SF Terrance Branch of Morningside HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

6’3” G Aaron Byrne of Home Schooled 2015 (NOC)

5’8” G Matt Canalin of Encinal HS 2015 (NBBA Smith)

5’9” PG Jeremy Carlyle of Gahr HS 2015 (Fastbreak Sports/Independent #4)

6’5” G/F Franky Calcaterra of Marin Catholic HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

5’11” SG Kyle Currie of Crescenta Valley HS 2015 (So Cal Crush)

5’10” PG Tyler Davis of Servite HS 2015 (NOC)

6’1” G Aaron Edison of Crenshaw HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

6’2” G Will English of Millikan HS 2015 (LA Elite)

6’7” F Sasha French of Prolific Prep 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors White)

6’0” G Tyler Ginyard of Diamond Bar HS 2015 (Prodigy Elite Seniors)

5’8” PG Khamal Grant of Westchester HS 2015 (City Hoops)

5’7” PG La-Quan Hawkins of Quest Prep (NV) 2015 (Independent #5)

*6’0” PG Daniel Hernandez of Villa Park HS 2015 (Independent #3)

6’1” PF Joey Hewitt of Acalanes HS 2015 (Lakeshow Seniors Black)

6’2” G Christian Jackson of West Torrance HS 2015 (Rosecrans Rebels)

6’4” SF Bryce Knox of Dublin HS 2015 (NBBA Smith)

6’5” F Leo Mena of Salesian HS 2015 (LA Elite)

6’6” G/F Alex Mitchell of Chino HS  2015 (Independent #2)

6’2” G Marcus Muccular of West Campus HS 2015 (Independent #5)

6’6” G/F Igor S Mpoual Mpoual of Renaissance Academy 2015 (Blazers)

6’3” G Melvin Lucas of Crenshaw HS 2015 (City Hoops)

6’4” F Joe Raff of Jefferson Academy (CO) 2015 (Independent #5)

6’7” C Gavin Reagan of Mira Costa HS 2015 (LA Rockfish)

5’11” SG Jordan Siragusa of Otay Ranch HS 2015 (Independent #1)

6’3” F Alex Smith of St. Mary’s Stockton HS 2015 (NBBA Smith)

6’4” G/F Darnell Smith of Pete Knight HS 2015 (So Cal Crush)

*5’11” G Malik Smith of Gahr HS 2015 (Independent #3)

6’3” SG Chandler Solis of Millenium HS (AZ) 2015 (Independent #2)

6’4” G Chad Wilcox of Impact Academy 2015 (Independent #1)

6’0” PG Weije Zang of Army-Navy Academy 2015 (Independent #2)

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