The first annual So Cal Fall Senior Showcase was held on Sunday October 8th at Cerritos College in Norwalk. Here is a report on the event (based on performance in this event).

Top Prospects:

6’6 F AguirAgau of Middlebrooks Academy 2019

Agau is a real athletic and active combo guard with long arms. He has a mid-range game and a perimeter shot and an aggressive slasher. He is also a solid rebounder who pursues the ball. Agau is a sure-fire Division I prospect with high-level potential.

6’8 PF Alex Cartwright of Murrieta Valley HS 2018 (IEBP)

Cartwright is an active four man with long arms and a solid skill set. He has a jump hook on the block and he can shoot it ok with 3-point range. He also does a solid job pursuing rebounds.

6’3 CG Jordan Caruso of Middlebrooks Academy 2019

Caruso is a very athletic combo guard who runs and jumps. He is a solid ball handler with good curt vision and a high IQ. He’s an effective playmaker in transition from the guard position. Caruso is an elite student with interest from academic Division I schools.

6’9 PF Quinn Collins of Redondo Union HS 2018 (Redondo Beach)

Collinsis an inside outside four man with long arms who has a nice skill set. He clearly demonstrated his face-up shooting ability by consistently hitting 3-pointers in this event. He can also dribble operate on the block and he does an ok job rebounding in his box. Collins’ biggest need is to develop physical strength to prepare for the next level.

6’0 CG Tyler Goodlow of Cooper Academy 2018

Goodlow is an athletic combo guard with a good first step. He has high level ball handling skills and shoots it fairly well with 3-point range. Goodlow finishes ok in transition and has a real nice pull up game in the half court.

6’3 G/W Zach Hawkins of Valencia HS 2018 (EVO Kings)

Hawkins has a very solid all-around performance displaying a variety of offensive skills. He’s a confident ball handler and passer who is effective making plays in transition and in the half court. He shoots it well with long 3-point range and has a nice hesitation drive.

6’2 Isaiah Knox of Rancho Christian HS 2018 (Independent #1)

Knox is a strong-bodied one-man with long arms. He is a solid ball handler but does have a tendency to over dribble. He can shoot it ok with 3 range, can pull up some and also get to the rim on the drive. Knox is also a capable rebounder from the guard position.

6’2 SG Bernardo Moller of ASI Prep Academy 2018

Moller is an impressive shooter with deep 3-point range. He’s a capable ball handler who can play some at point guard. He’s a decent driver with an ok hesitation move. He moves fairly well without the ball and can get shots within a system.

6’8 BoeNguidjol of Middlebrooks Academy 2019

Nguidjol is an impressive physical specimen. He can face up and handle the ball, is an ok driver and has a decent jump hook. He’s a prime-time rebounder and shot blocker as well. Nguidjol is a Division I prospect with some real upside.

6’9 C Victor OhiaObioha of Hillcrest HS 2018 (Independent #1)

Obioha had a very impressive performance! He’s a very athletic five man with wiry strength who can really run and jump. He has a hard to guard jump hook and a turnaround shot on the block, a nice one-bounce drive and he shoots it ok mid-range. He passes it well and sees the court from the post. He is also a good rebounder and a shot blocker. Obioha is an intriguing sleeper Division I prospect with TREMENDOUS upside.

6’7 F Emmanuel Oulai of ASI Prep Academy 2018

Oulai had an impressive performance at this event showing the ability to score in different ways. He is a capable ball handler and passer who has a nice one-bounce drive from the elbow area. He has a funny release but is a decent shooter with 3 range. He’s also very effective around the rim. Oulai is a consistent rebounder who goes after the ball. He looks to be a Division I prospect.

6’3 G/W Deontre Posey of Soledad Charter HS 2018 (Independent #1)

Posey is an excellent athlete with big-time speed. He finishes well in transition (consistently) and is a real good driver with a nice first step. He is a decent shooter with 3 range (shot looks a little funny) and a capable rebounder. Posey is a sleeper who is very active and makes a lot of things happen.

7’1 C Roman Silva of Cooper Academy 2018

Silva is a five man with intriguing potential. He has good hands and a soft touch around the rim. He passes well out of a double team and does not force the issue. He has a drop step and a turnaround shot on the block. He has made strides in improving/developing his body and needs to continue to do so. Silva is a Division I prospect. Time will tell what level.

6’2 PG Kash Wilson of Etiwanda HS 2018 (IEBP)

Wilson is an athletic one man who makes a lot of plays with the ball in his hands. He’s a solid driver/penetrator and he is also effective distributing the ball to others. He has a nice middle game and a solid floater shot.

Other Prospects to Consider: (* indicates highest consideration)

*5’11 G Jermaine Bennett of Antelope Valley HS 2018 (Skywalkers)

Athletic, solid handler, pushes the break, pulls up in transition and half court, has a deep 3-point shooting range.

6’3 CG Cameron Browne of Cajon HS 2018 (IEBP)

Good athlete, can handle and pass it (but over dribbles some), shoots it ok with 3 range, good driver with a nice hesitation move, ok rebounder, active defensively.

*6’2 CG Mark Burns of Colony HS 2018 (IEBP)

Athletic, can shoot it with deep 3-point range (catch and shoot), has an excellent floater shot.

6’0 PG Kyle Carter of Redondo Union HS 2018 (Redondo Beach)

Capable ball handling skills, smart and active, has a pull up game, solid diver with a hesitation move and a first step.

6’4 SF Kyrese Cox of California City HS 2018 (BGC Elite/Crush)

High energy, runs the floor in transition, can finish at the rim, pursues rebounds aggressively.

6’3 SG Jonathan Damon of Reno, NV HS 2018 (Independent #1)

Average/fair athlete, ok ball handler, passes fairly well, capable driver with a deceptive first step.

6’5 SF Kalyn Floyd-Brinkley of Sherman Oaks CES 2018 (Pasadena Blazers)

Is athletic, long arms, a little thin, has an ok turnaround shot on the block, shoots it fairly well mid-range, capable driver, ok rebounder.

6’0 PG Alijah Gammage of Desert Vista HS, AZ 2018 (Independent #1)

Good athlete, handles it fairly well, nice passer, ok transition playmaker, pulls up well half court, can defend on ball.

5’11 PG Tommy Garrett of Antelope Valley HS 2018 (Skywalkers)

Athletic, can handle, ok shooter with 3 range, decent floater, nice hesitation move, can penetrate.

5’8 PG Anthony Godinez of South Torrance HS 2018 (Independent #2)

Fair athlete, capable ball handler and passer, sees the floor, shoots it ok with 3-point range.

6’8 C Josh Griffith of Pacifica Christian HS 2018 (Independent #2)

Big wide body, fairly long arms, decent one-bounce drive, good touch around the rim, can shoot it mid-range, ok rebounder in his box, needs to develop better conditioning.

6’5 CF Dorian Harris of Cerritos HS 2018 (Independent #2)

Fairly athletic, ok ball handler, can pull up in the half court, shoots it ok with 3-point range, decent driver.

*6’2 SG Malakhi Jensen of San Gabriel Academy 2018

Fairly good athlete, ok ball handler, passes it well, finishes in transition, ok shooter with 3-point range, has a floater, can drive it.

5’9 PG Jayvon Lewis of Legacy HS, NV 2018 (Independent #2)

Fairly athletic, solid ball handling skills, sees the floor well in transition, has a pull up game half court, shoots it ok with 3-point range.

6’2 G/W Zekiah Lovett of Redondo Union HS 2018 (Redondo Beach)

All-around scorer from all three levels, does attack aggressively, makes plays defensively.

*6’0 PG Claude McKesey of Middlebrooks Academy 2019

Is athletic, pulls up effectively in transition and half court, fairly good shooter with 3-point range, ok driver.

6’2 PG Jaylin Moore of Westchester HS 2018 (Independent #1)

Real athletic, can finish in transition, has a floater, solid defender.

6’2 CG KevellSockwellof Highland HS 2018 (BGC Crush/Elite)

Fairly good athlete, solid ball handler, pulls up well in transition and half court, finishes well, can shoot it with 3 range, ok rebounder.

6’2 SG Jason Stimson of Highland HS 2018 (BGC Crush/Elite)

Athletic, high motor, runs the floor well, capable ball handler, passes it well, pullsup ok in transition, has an ok hesitation move.

6’3 CG Josh Tawhiao of Mater Dei Catholic HS 2018 (Independent #2)

Average athlete, capable ball handler, pulls up fairly well in the half court, very good-looking shooter with 3-point range, decent driver.

6’8 C McKale Williams of Redlands East Valley HS 2018 (IEBP)

Average athlete, fairly big body, long arms, ok one-bounce drive, decent mid-range shooter, decent rebounder.

Names to Note: (*indicates highest consideration)

5’5 PG Brice Archie of Antelope Valley HS 2018 (Skywalkers)

6’3 SG Ahmad Chambers of Cooper Academy 2018

6’4 CF Dalton Clevenger of ASI Prep Academy 2018

*6’4 SG Kody Clouet of San Marcos HS 2018 (Independent #2)

6’0 SG Isaiah Collins of Antelope Valley HS 2018 (Skywalkers)

6’3 SG CJ Finley of Valencia HS 2018 (EVO Kings)

6’3 SG Christian Finney of Cooper Academy 2018

5’9 CG Ben Grant of Valencia HS 2018 (EVO Kings)

6’0 PG Max Medearis of Eagle Rock HS 2018 (Pasadena Blazers)

6’0 CG Blake Motoyasu of Valencia HS 2018 (EVO Kings)

6’2 CG Brandhon Thomas of Cooper Academy 2018

6’2 CG Monterey Torry of ASI Prep Academy 2018

*6’1 CG Anthony Vuong of Salesian HS 2018 (Pasadena Blazers)

6’0 SG Darrick Webb of Redondo Union HS 2018 (Redondo Beach)

5’10 PG Bill Williams of Gahr HS 2018 (Independent #1)

6’4 SF Dante Williams of Opportunity for Learning HS 2018 (BGC Crush/Elite)

5’10 PG Trent Worden of Williamsfield HS, AZ 2018 (Independent #1)