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Report on 2014 Premier College Exposure Showcase

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Report On 2014 Premier College Exposure Showcase

The first annual Premier College Exposure Showcase was held Sunday, November 2 at Eastmoreland Courts in Portland, Oregon under the direction of Greg Dundon from the Elite 24 AAU program. There were 110 participants. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects:


6'6 PF/SF Alphonso Anderson of Wilson HS (WA) 2016

Anderson is a strong-bodied combo forward who is an ok athlete with fairly long arms. He is a versatile player who shoots it ok with three-point range, works hard on defense and is a solid rebounder. Anderson is a low major prospect at this point.


6'0 PG TJ Mickelson of Black Hills HS (WA) 2017

Mickelson is a skilled one man who handles and passes it well. He sees the court well and makes plays in transition consistently, for himself and others. Mickelson is a sure-fire Division I prospect- it's just a question of what level he ultimately ends up at.


6'1 SG Trevion Brown of Lincoln HS (WA) 2016

Brown is an athletic two guard who can really run. He can handle and pass it and pulls up well in transition. He can also pull up in the half court. He is a good driver with a very nice hesitation move. He is just a fair shooter who could use some improvement in this regard. Brown looks to be an upper level low major prospect if his shot comes along.


6'1 PG Devante Moffitt of Spanaway HS (WA) 2018

Moffitt was one of the more impressive young players in the event. He's an athletic one man who can handle and pass it well. He does a solid job making decisions in transition and gets people the ball in the places. He is a good driver in the half court with an impressive first step and a nice hesitation move. Moffitt is definitely a Division I prospect who belongs high on the 2018 radar.


6'0 SG Aushanti Potts-Woods of Curtis HS (WA) 2016

Potts-Woods is an athletic two guard who can score a lot of different ways. He finishes well in transition and can also pull up in the half court. He has a nice first step on the drive, can shoot it ok with 3-point range and has a nice floater shot. He is a lefty who shows some ability to use his right hand. Potts-Woods projects to be a low major prospect.


6'10 C Joseph Smoyer of Franklin HS (OR) 2016

Smoyer was one of the pleasant surprises of the event. He demonstrated some genuine ability to post up and score. He can dribble operate effectively on the block, has a solid no-jump hook and a very nice up and under move. He can rebound the ball in his box, using his long arms to secure the ball. Smoyer does need to develop some bulk/strength to prepare for the next level. He is a low major at this point but certainly could go higher with continued development.


Other Prospects To Consider:


6'7 C Ben Borja of Southridge HS (OR) 2016

Fair athlete, runs ok, dribble operates ok on the block, has a jump hook, can use his left hand, has an ok one-bounce drive, capable rebounder.


5'10 PG Pierre Crockrell of Homeschool (WA) 2019

Athletic, good ball handler, does see the floor, ok shooter with 3 range, has a floater, can drive-nice hesitation move.

5'9 PG Tearale Dempsey of Lincoln HS (OR) 2015

Fairly athletic-has some burst, handles it well, capable in transition (can pull up and can finish), solid driver with a nice first step.


6'5 SF/PF Gabe Garrett of Jefferson HS (OR) 2015

Fairly athletic, decent ball handler, can pass, pulls up in the half court, has a turnaround shot on the block, solid rebounder.


5'11 PG John Hansberry of Evergreen HS (WA) 2017

Average/fair athlete, can handle, good passer, capable in transition, decent half court pull up, moves well without the ball, ok shooter with three-point range, has a floater, consistent penetrator.


6'0 PG Kazuma Lane of Valley Catholic HS (OR) 2015

Average athlete, confident ball handler and passer, sees the floor, can pull up in the half court, shoots it well with 3 range, runs a team, knows how to play.


6'1 SG/SF Ryan Lockman of Columbia HS (WA) 2105

Average athlete, ok ball handler, can pass, decent half court pull up, drives it well, shoots it ok with 3-point range, ok rebounder, does compete.


6'8 C/PF William Luckett of Inglemoor HS (WA) 2015

Ok athlete, decent ball handler, ok one-bounce drive, can rebound (outlets ok), needs to impact the game more consistently.


6'9 C  Nick Mack of Marist HS (OR) 2015

Average athlete, ok mid-range shooter, has a decent one-bounce drive, has an ok no-jump hook, can rebound in his box.


6'4 SG/SF Dario Papa-Vicente of Jefferson HS (OR) 2015

Athletic, has some burst, can handle and pass, effective in transition-finishes and can pull up, can shoot it some with 3 range, fairly good driver, capable rebounder.


6'3 SG Denio Papa-Vicente of Jefferson HS (OR) 2015

Fairly athletic-runs well, can handle, ok play-maker in transition, shoots it ok with 3 range, can rebound.


6'1 SF LaBrandon Price of River Ridge HS (WA) 2016

Ok athlete, can handle and pass, solid play maker in transition, good driver, solid rebounder.


6'7 C Harnoor Sangha of Tamawanis Secondary (Canada) 2017

Average athlete, fairly good hands, has a decent one-bounce pull up, can dribble operate on the block.


6'4 PF Andrew Vickers of Columbia River HS(WA)  2016

Fairly athletic, can run, ok ball handler, fair shooter, fairly good rebounder.


6'5 SF Zach Walton of Morton HS (WA) 2015

Fairly good athlete, can handle, good passer, solid in transition, fair shooter, solid driver, can rebound.


Names To Note: (*indicates highest consideration for this category)


5'10 PG Blake Anderson of Lakeridge HS (OR) 2018- good ball handler and passer

6'3 SF David Baglai of Valley Catholic HS (OR) 2015- shoots it ok with 3-point range

6'5 SF Nikolas Bevins of Westview HS (OR) 2016- can handle/pass, shoots it fairly well with 3 range

6'2 PG/SG Joey Braun of Valley Catholic HS (OR) 2017- does see the floor, can pull up half court

6'7 C Miles Brown of Sandy HS (OR) 2015- can dribble operate on the block, does work hard

5'5 PG Tashon Brown of Lincoln HS (WA) 2017- has a nice burst

5'11 PG Noah Cheney of West Albany HS (OR) 2016- pulls up very well half court

6'1 SG Sage Drollinger of Inglemoor HS (WA) 2015- has all-around skills

5'9 PG Michael Hadeed of West Linn HS (OR) 2017- solid ball handler

5'10 SG/PG Jake Hansel of Camas HS (WA) 2017- can handle, ok shooter

6'5 PF/SF Mekhi Hughes of Clover Park HS (WA) 2016- solid driver with a nice first step

6'0 PG Daitrell Johnson of Benson HS (OR) 2015- ok shooter with 3 range

5'11 PG/SG Dante Johnson of Bethel HS (WA) 2015- has skills, does attack

*6'3 SG Avery Jones of Valley Catholic HS (OR) 2016- goes hard in transition

*6'4 SF Dylan Jordan of Wilsonville HS (OR) 2016- pulls up well half court

6'7 C Vlad Katin of Valley Catholic HS (OR) 2017- has a jump hook, ok mid-range shooter

5'10 PG Jeremiah Morriss of Clover Park HS (WA) 2017- finishes well in transition

6'5 PF/SF Chukwudi Onwumere of Graham-Kapowsin HS (WA) 2015- solid rebounder

6'0 SG Alexander Reid of Tualatin HS (OR) 2015- finds a way to get things done

*6'0 PG Cody Starr of Reynolds HS (OR) 2015- sees the floor well in transition

6'2 SG Zeb Stock of Franklin HS (OR) 2016- capable in transition, ok driver

*6'0 SG Nathan Whitaker of Zillah HS (WA) 2017- has burst (deceptive)

6'2 SF Jeremiah Wood of Lincoln HS (OR) 2016- can handle, shoots it ok with 3 range

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